Javascript for kids a playful introduction to programming

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JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming Nick Morgan

Published by No Starch Press

To Philly (and Pancake)

About the Author

Nick Morgan is a frontend engineer at Twitter. He loves all programming languages but has a particular soft spot for JavaScript. Nick lives in San Francisco (the foggy part) with his fianc?e and their fluffy dog, Pancake. He blogs at

About the Illustrator

Miran Lipovaca is the author of Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!. He enjoys boxing, playing bass guitar, and, of course, drawing. He has a fascination with dancing skeletons and the number 71, and when he walks through automatic doors he pretends that he's actually opening them with his mind.

About the Technical Reviewer

Angus Croll is the author of If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript, and he is obsessed with JavaScript and literature in equal measure. He works on Twitter's UI framework team, where he co-authored the Flight framework. He writes the influential JavaScript, JavaScript blog and speaks at conferences worldwide. He tweets at @angustweets.

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