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Jaws of the Sarlacc

Episode x of Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance



Rodney Thompson


Ray Vallese


Ray Vallese, Gary M. Sarli


Chad Laske


Corey Macourek

Lucas Licensing Editors Leland Chee, Frank Parisi

Design Manager

Christopher Perkins

Director of RPG R&D

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Jaws of the Sarlacc is the tenth and final adventure in the Dawn of Defiance campaign, which should take heroes from 1st level through 20th level in a continuous storyline designed to give players and Gamemasters a complete Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition experience. This adventure sends the heroes to the Deep Core world of Byss, where the Sarlacc Project--the construction of a massive Super Star Destroyer prototype--is underway. The heroes should advance to 20th level by the end of the adventure. Over the course of this adventure, the heroes will have a chance to finally confront and defeat the traitorous Admiral Varth and the vile dark Inquisitor, Valin Draco. Jaws of the Sarlacc is the finale of the story arc that makes up the Dawn of Defiance campaign. After completing the adventure, the heroes will have saved the galaxy from an Imperial superweapon and paved the way for other rebellious elements to strike back at the Galactic Empire.

What Is Dawn of Defiance?

Dawn of Defiance is the name given to a series of 10 linked adventures that Gamemasters can use to create an entire campaign for their players. Set in the months after the events of Revenge of the Sith, the adventures in the Dawn of Defiance campaign are designed to provide players and GMs with the iconic Star Wars Roleplaying Game experience, set against the backdrop of the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. The Dawn of Defiance campaign takes the heroes all the way from 1st level up to 20th level and features an ongoing storyline that progresses over the course of the campaign. Each adventure can also be played individually and should provide the heroes with ample challenges to gain two levels per adventure. Gamemasters should feel free to use the Dawn of Defiance adventures either as an entire campaign or as fillers for their own home campaigns.

If you are a Gamemaster wishing to run the campaign, read the GM's Primer, which summarizes the overall plot of the campaign and the events of each adventure. The GM's Primer is available at the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Web site (starwars). The site also features other articles related to the Dawn of Defiance campaign, including the official campaign standards and an FAQ.

Warning! If you will be playing in a Dawn of Defiance campaign or in a campaign using its adventures, read no further.

Adventure Background

The entire Dawn of Defiance campaign has led up to this point. Having finally uncovered the truth about the Sarlacc Project and traveled to the Deep Core in pursuit of their ally, Jedi Master Denia, the heroes are poised to shut down the Empire's plans. Lady Alya Aldrete, an ally they made during a recent visit to Alderaan, has provided them with aid thus far. Now, she is ready to help them make their final push to stop the Empire from completing the construction of their first Super Star Destroyer.

Sadly, during their trip to Prakith in the ninth adventure, Sword of the Empire, the heroes suffered the loss of one of their staunchest allies, Master Denia. They are now truly their own masters, and others are looking to them as leaders of the fledgling rebellion. Lady Aldrete has summoned the heroes to rendezvous with her, and she will help fill them in on the plan to finally put an end to the Empire's Sarlacc Project.

Adventure Summary

The heroes are summoned to a rendezvous in the Deep Core, where they meet with Lady Aldrete and discover that she has summoned her entire fleet of smugglers and criminals. Combined with the remnants of the

battle group belonging to the Resurgence, these ships form a relatively impressive fleet, which Lady Aldrete and Bail Organa hope to use to stage a daring mission against the Sarlacc Project. After being briefed on the plan, the heroes set course for the planet Byss, the Emperor's secret throne world.

Once they arrive at Byss, the heroes must infiltrate a Golan Defense Platform and shut down its defense mechanisms. There, they confront Inquisitor Draco for the last time, only to discover that the traitorous Admiral Varth has taken command of the Super Star Destroyer. In a stunning move, he fires up the ship's engines and makes a short hyperspace jump to join the battle.

The heroes, along with the pilots of Blue Squadron, must brave the battle between the defenders of Byss and Lady Aldrete's fleet, fly into the superstructure of Super Star Destroyer, and blow up its main reactor. That is the only way to destroy the vessel and save what's left of Lady Alya's fleet.

Opening Crawl

If you wish to have an opening crawl before the adventure, consider using the boxed text below.


Episode X



The galaxy rests on a tipping point as the forces of evil have struck a devastating blow against the Alderaan Resistance.

Yet all is not lost, and even now the Alderaanian noble Lady Alya Aldrete has summoned allies and great heroes to take part in a daring attack on the Empire.

As the fate of the Resistance hangs in the balance, a small band of heroes has a chance to strike a blow that will echo through the ages,

and show others that even the mighty Empire can be defeated . . .

Part 1: A Bold Plan

After speaking with Bail Organa at the conclusion of the previous seize control of its weapon complement, and turn the weapons on the

adventure, the heroes are directed to meet up with Lady Alya Aldrete. Sarlacc Project. Undefended, it shouldn't take long for the Super Star

They find her at a rendezvous point in space, outside a massive gas cloud Destroyer to become so much debris drifting into the atmosphere of Byss.

where she has amassed a small armada of ships. The rendezvous point is The heroes and the smuggler fleet will then retreat and jump to

only two hours away via hyperspace, still well within the Deep Core lightspeed, leaving Byss far behind.

Security Zone, and Lady Aldrete's communications officer transmits a hyperspace route for the heroes to follow that will get them there safely.

The Calm Before

As the heroes approach the rendezvous point, describe the other vessels here as a rag-tag collection of tramp freighters, modified bulk haulers, a

the Storm

few Clone Wars-era capital ships, and an overall motley assortment of vessels that look vastly different from the pristine ships of the Empire.

Lady Alya invites the heroes to dock on her flagship, a heavily modified Corellian gunship. As the deck crew sets to refueling and restocking their ship (or ships), the heroes are shown to temporary quarters and allowed to refresh themselves. Once suitably rested and cleaned up, they are invited to join Lady Aldrete in the ship's command bridge to discuss the next step.

Of course, heroes being what they are, they might have some alternative plans they would like to enact. Lady Aldrete's plan is left somewhat vague intentionally, and if the players show some initiative, you should let them fill in the gaps or even rebuild the plan from the ground up. Of course, allowing them to do so will alter the way this adventure plays out, but given the fact that this is the climax of the Dawn of Defiance campaign, feel free to let the players concoct a better plan if they see fit.

The two most important parts of the plan, and the two events around

Lady Aldrete's Briefing

which this adventure is engineered, are taking control of the Golan Defense Platform and flying into the superstructure of the Super Star Destroyer to take out its main reactor. When the heroes are cooking up their plan, keep in mind that, in general, those two events need to

Lady Aldrete welcomes the heroes into her ship's command bridge, where happen, and they must take place in that order.

she and some other rough-looking ship captains are quietly talking next

Naturally, this adventure cannot cover every eventuality or plan that

to a holographic display that looks positively chaotic from a distance. The the heroes might come up with, but the following information should

heroes also spot two familiar faces--Captain Adrian Verana and Captain help you determine whether they succeed.

Sirona Okeefe, who seem to be deep in their own conversation. As the

The Sarlacc Project is a Super Star Destroyer that has not yet


heroes approach, they realize that the display shows a single, massive

planet around which hundreds, if not thousands, of ships and space

reached completion. Many of its systems are still offline, but (unknown to Lady Aldrete and the heroes) its engines, life

stations can be seen in continuous orbit.

support, and weapons are online.

When the heroes step up to the projector, Lady Aldrete ends her

The Super Star Destroyer is defended by a Golan Defense

conversation and turns to them. Read the following aloud:

Platform. However, something the heroes do not know is that

the platform also acts as a stabilizer by using its incredibly

"My dear friends," says Lady Aldrete, a look of pity in her eyes. "It is good to see you alive. Bail told me about Master Denia--she will be sorely missed.

"I'm afraid that we have little time for mourning. Too many lives have already been sacrificed to stop now. While you were traveling to Prakith, I sent out the call for all of my contacts in the Deep Core to come to me, and one of them brought some very timely data. We have not only discovered the location of the Sarlacc Project above the planet Byss, but we have also obtained a full readout of the vessel's defenders, and we know that the Sarlacc Project, while not yet complete, is within weeks of being so.

"What I have proposed to my captains is a mission to destroy the prototype. We've got enough ships to distract its defenders, but we can't hope to beat them and destroy the ship--just survive. What we need is someone to take control of their defenses and turn them against the prototype. You're our best, and probably only, hope for that."

powerful tractor beams. The upshot is that the platform anchors the Super Star Destroyer in place; as long as the tractor beams are active, it cannot move. The smuggler fleet is ragged, but well defended and captained by some of the best in the galaxy. Given the fact that the defense forces around Byss are not quite up to what they will be by the time of the Rebel Alliance, the smuggler fleet can survive about 20 minutes of direct fire, plus another 20 minutes during the faux retreat. If starfighters take part in the conflict, the fleet can survive for another 10 minutes during both the initial assault and the retreat. Even when the main defense forces pursue the smuggler fleet, a small number (mostly starfighters and Skipray blastboats) will stay behind. However, good piloting might allow a ship to avoid notice by more than one patrol. Lady Aldrete's smuggler fleet has a number of slicers that can alter a starship's IFF transponders and other transmitters to disguise a small number of ships as Imperial vessels. This won't

stand up to closer visual inspection, but it should fool sensors.

With that, Lady Aldrete begins outlining what little they have of their plan. First, the smuggler fleet will jump into the Beshqek system and engage the Sarlacc Project's defenses. Then, while feigning a retreat, they will draw the defenders away from the Super Star Destroyer and its Golan Defense Platform. The heroes' strike team will then infiltrate the platform,

Admiral Varth is commanding the skeleton crew currently operating the Super Star Destroyer. When the smuggler fleet appears, he immediately suspects a trap and begins ordering the crew on the defense platform to begin emergency shutdown procedures of their tractor beams. However, due to the high power being pumped through the beams, shutting

them down is a lengthy process--upward of 30 minutes if all protocols are observed. Inquisitor Draco has retreated to Byss, where his time spent in dark meditation has revealed that he will face his final conflict with the heroes. With Admiral Varth's blessing, Draco has placed himself in charge of the defense platform, and he believes that once he defeats the heroes and crushes Alderaan's resistance, he will be given command of the Sarlacc Project and its associated fleet. He has not warned Varth of his visions. Instead, Draco plans to step in and save the day when Varth would have failed, thus removing the Admiral as a rival for control of the Emperor's greatest fleet. The Golan platform is manned mostly by droids. Admiral Varth did not trust Humans to operate his prize ship's defenses, although he has allowed a complement of the Emperor's handpicked agents to occupy the station for defense. Varth will order the defense fleet to pursue the smugglers, hoping that they will be crushed by his ships. However, Admiral Varth is no fool, and he would not leave the Super Star Destroyer unprotected if it weren't defensible on its own. Varth believes (and rightly so) that the Super Star Destroyer, although incomplete, is still powerful enough to obliterate the smuggler's ships on its own.

Luckily for the heroes, the plan is working, and only a few small patrols remain near the Super Star Destroyer. Unfortunately, being spotted by one is nearly unavoidable. A small patrol, consisting of a Skipray blastboat and a few elite TIE fighters, is on a course that will intersect with the heroes. If the heroes have taken precautions against being detected, play them out. Otherwise, the patrol spots the heroes' ship and attacks. This close to the Sarlacc Project, the patrols are ordered to fire on non-Imperial vessels without warning.

If the heroes can sneak by, deceive, or otherwise deflect the attention of the patrol, they should be able to avoid a violent conflict before docking with the Golan. Otherwise, the heroes must defeat the patrol before they can go on with their mission.

For more information on this encounter, see the "Run on the Golan" tactical encounter on page 10.

One way or another, a large chunk of the ship's hull will be ripped away, exposing the interior superstructure and providing access to the main reactor. Although this can happen in several ways (see Part 3 of the adventure), the heroes might come up with their own plan to gain access to the core.

Getting to the



Once the heroes have a plan, the mission can begin. Captains Okeefe and Verana are both taking part in the mission. Captain Verana will command Blue Squadron, a collection of starfighters cobbled together from the various smuggler crews, while Captain Okeefe will serve as Verana's wingman and executive officer. Lady Aldrete will lead her ship and the rest of the smuggler fleet into battle. The heroes have a chance to say their goodbyes, then it is time for leaving.

When the heroes depart, they make the short jump to hyperspace to the planet Byss. Upon arrival, they find everything going according to plan. The smuggler fleet is occupying the ships defending the Sarlacc Project, giving the heroes a clear shot at the Golan Defense Platform. Read or paraphrase the following aloud:

Before your eyes hovers the oddly colored planet of Byss, its orange land masses and purple oceans casting the cockpit in an eerie glow. However, drawing your eyes away from the planet is the largest capital ship you have ever seen. The dagger-shaped hull of the Super Star Destroyer, known to you as the Sarlacc Project, looms large against the backdrop of the planet.

The Golan Defense Platform anchoring the massive ship looks tiny in comparison. All around, you see flashes of light as starships burst into flames and then flicker out, or watch the glowing light of turbolasers streaking between the vessels. The smuggler fleet has distracted the Sarlacc Project's defenders; now is the time to strike.

Part 2: Aboard the Golan

Once the heroes have dealt with the patrol, they have the opportunity to

Security Control Rooms: Each level of the space platform has its own

land on the Golan Defense Platform. Assuming they have taken some security control room. These control rooms remain in constant contact

steps to disguise their ship's sensor profile and IFF transponders, they can with the auxiliary command bridge. Each one has security control

land in the docking bay without challenge thanks to the droid traffic computers with a Will Defense of 26, is staffed by four Imperial officers,

controllers' lack of suspicion. If they took no such responses, the platform and has an elite Byss stormtrooper squad defending the control room.

might open fire on the heroes' ship, but they can still blast their way into

Sensors: The sensors in the station are extremely sophisticated. When

the docking bay in a matter of rounds.

properly focused, they can detect everything from the number of beings

Once inside, the heroes know they need to seize control of the in a room to the current health of each one. However, such focus is

defense platform to turn its weapons on the Super Star Destroyer. First, typically unneeded, and the droids controlling many of the station's

however, they must deal with the station's defenders. Their arrival has not sensors rarely perform such a sweep. Slicing the station's sensors to make

gone completely unnoticed, and they will face a challenging series of them ignore the heroes requires a DC 31 Use Computer check, made from

encounters to reach the central reactor control chamber.

a security control room.

As the Gamemaster, you might find it tempting to turn the following

Skill DCs: For the purposes of improvising skill checks during this

series of encounters into little more than a linear group of challenges, adventure, consider using the following DCs based on the difficulty of the

offering the heroes no choice in the matter. The encounters described task being performed: Easy, DC 26; Medium, DC 31; Moderate, DC 36;

below are meant to be used in any order that you see fit (with one Hard, DC 41.

exception; see "Security Corridor" on page 7), although they do make some basic assumptions about the order in which most heroes will tackle

Docking Bay 616

them. As with the planning of the operation in Part 1, give the heroes a chance to come up with their own methods for reaching the reactor. Then, each time they reach a good point, drop in one of these encounters to challenge them.

As the heroes progress toward the central reactor chamber, take into account the following basic information about the platform.

The docking bay most likely used by the heroes to enter and leave the platform--Bay 616--is typically used by the Empire to rotate crewmembers on and off the platform via shuttlecraft. When Lady Aldrete's fleet arrived, most of the ships normally kept in this hangar (Skipray blastboats, command shuttles, and so on) either joined the fight or departed for the relative safety of the planet below. It is likely that

The Station 6 Interior

only one ship (other than the heroes' vessel) occupies this hangar: a Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier used by Inquisitor Valin Draco.

If the heroes made a grand show of their entrance or took no

precautions against being identified by the sensors, they find a

The Golan Defense Platform orbiting Byss is designed primarily to defend welcoming party waiting for them. For more information on this

and anchor the Super Star Destroyer at the center of the Sarlacc Project. encounter, see the "Docking Bay 616" tactical encounter on page 13.

If you are using the Galaxy at War supplement, the defense platform is After the heroes deal with the encounter, they can start making their way

considered to be a battlestation with a CL of 20. You can use this to deeper into the platform.

improvise any challenges or hazards the heroes might face along the way.

If the heroes were cautious and managed to sneak their ship onto the

The following information about the interior of the station applies platform, they might instead find the docking bay empty. In this case,

regardless of whether you are using Galaxy at War.

they can deal with the "Docking Bay 616" encounter later, when they are

Command Bridge: The primary command bridge for the Golan attempting to fight their way back to their vessel as the station crumbles

platform has been shut down in favor of rerouting control to an auxiliary around them.

bridge, located near the central reactor core for the whole platform. If the heroes reach the primary command bridge, they find it abandoned.

Getting to the

Computers: The station's main computer system has a Will Defense of 31 and is one of the most sophisticated computers currently used by the


Empire. However, since the Empire staffs the station with droids, the central computer isn't always used to its full potential. Computers in auxiliary areas, such as corridors and nonessential locations, have a Will Defense of 26 and can be used to gain access to the station's main computer.

Docking Bays: The Golan platform has three main docking bays, one of which is used for ships other than starfighters. Each of the other two bays holds a squadron of 12 TIE fighters, which the heroes might have encountered already. Docking Bay 616 is the shuttle docking bay and is the one through which the heroes likely enter and exit.

Patrols: Standard security protocol for the Golan platform calls for two elite Byss stormtrooper squads per patrol, each commanded by an Imperial officer (see page 280 of the Saga Edition core rulebook). The Imperial officers in these patrols carry code cylinders for auxiliary computer systems (but not the main computer system).

The heroes probably don't know that the main command bridge has been shut down and that control has been transferred to an auxiliary bridge near the main reactor. However, this should become clear when they reach the abandoned command bridge, or earlier if they tinker with the station's central computer system.

The heroes must make their way through dangerous territory to reach the central reactor area. If they have managed to keep their presence on the station a secret, they might have relatively free access to the corridors and turbolifts. However, in the more likely scenario that their presence has attracted some attention, most of the turbolifts leading toward the auxiliary bridge have been shut down as a part of security protocol. This doesn't mean that the heroes can't use the turbolift shafts to travel between levels, and they almost certainly must do so to reach their destination. Unfortunately, even an empty turbolift shaft has

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