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Who We Are Looking For

Team Banneker continues to grow and we have an immediate full time open position for an incredibly talented Director of Operations to lead our national operations. This is an Executive Management position reporting directly to the President & CEO at our Rhode Island Headquarters. As a supply chain solutions company with a footprint in multiple states, we need a dynamic leader who is passionate about processes and procedures, operational standardization, and engineering creative solutions that solves our customers' real problems. Our future success is tied to the innovativeness of our solutions, developing and nurturing operational talent, process standardization, and leveraging the very best technology to differentiate us from any other competitor. We are an entrepreneurial-minded company serving primarily manufacturing and commercial clients in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and retail industries. Our ideal candidate is passionate and energetic about supply chain operations and are naturally uncomfortable with inefficiencies and unwilling to accept the status quo. They are looking to be change agents to improve our internal operational processes and those of our customer; they thrive on wanting to make everything run better and excel at execution.

Can you answer a resounding YES! to each of these questions?

Do you feel you could have a greater impact in your current company? Do you have a lot of ideas to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction ? and no one is listening? Would you like to be in an environment where you can drive change and actively participate in the growth and success of a company that you helped create?

Are you at a point in your career where you are looking to challenge yourself and take your operational and leadership skills to the executive leadership level with entrepreneurial-minded and growing company? Do you have 10+ years in progressively responsible operational leadership roles with a company that generates more than $15M annually?

Are you a Servant Leader with a strong desire to be part of and lead an incredibly talented Team? Are you an intellectually curious and natural leader with the empathy to grow and develop a high performing team and the selfconfidence to influence with conviction and passion? Do you possess emotional intelligence and a demonstrated ability to lead with confidence and maintain an executive presence? Can you motivate and inspire Team Members at all levels, creating a culture that "thinks and wins" as a team and works together for shared success.

Do your personal morals and belief systems align with our company culture and core values of Team Banneker, Quality First, Customer Success, Continual Improvement, and Integrity? Do you possess off the charts integrity and ethical standards? Do you care about doing the "right thing" and upholding ethical and professional standards that value honesty in all transactions?

Are you a big picture strategic thinker with the tactical hands-on skills to get "into the weeds" at times? Do you possess a strong ability to look at complex issues from a strategic perspective, framing issues to create effective plans for execution?

Are you an independent thinker who is comfortable disagreeing with colleagues and making impassioned, logical, and data driven arguments while openly soliciting and willing to accept constructive feedback?

If so, we've been looking for you!

The Job Opportunity:

The Director of Operations provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure the Company has the proper operational controls, procedures, people, and systems in place to deliver superior levels of performance measured by higher capacity utilization, lower operating costs, improved operating margins, and enhanced processes and procedures. They are responsible for ensuring the financial strength and operating efficiency through a respectful, constructive and energetic leadership style, guided by the objectives, vision, and values of the Company. The Director of Operations leads multiple functions within the organization and is responsible for the overall performance of the Company's operations across all sites, ensuring the on-time delivery and high quality of delivery of services and products to customers. The Director of Operations


plans, organizes staff, and controls all operational activities while managing relationships with customers, suppliers, and other internal and external partners. They design and implement 3PL service and product solutions to meet customer requirements and assists with sales and key contract negotiations with an emphasis on service delivery, KPIs, and cost control. The Director of Operations will provide dynamic leadership to the organization, and inject new ideas and creative approaches to the business. They will guide implementation and delivery of services to ensure customer satisfaction that will allow the Company to pursue growth opportunities within the existing client base as well as attract new ones.

This role is the most senior member of the Operations Team. As an integral member of the Executive Management team, this position will report to the President & CEO and assume a strategic role in the overall management of the Company, contributing to establishing the business performance objectives and strategic planning while being held accountable for meeting the Company's costs, productivity, customer service, and profit objectives.

Your First Year at Team Banneker

In your first year you will conduct an assessment of our entire operations including process flows, documented procedures, staffing, training, and safety in order to implement discipline around operational excellence. As a result, you will develop new and improved SOPs that are consistent across the key value-chains of our business. You will drive new inbound/outbound material flow at our largest Rhode Island operation. You will review our entire training program and reinvent the way we train our operations Team Members, including a training needs assessment. You will dig into our WMS and ERP management systems and improve the way we use technology and data to drive operational execution and leverage information to make decisions. You will improve the workflow, communication, automation, and effectiveness of our entire operation. You will also implement a system for tracking, managing, reporting, and improving operational metrics for internal stakeholders and key customers. You will become personally involved with the existing customer base and build strong, trust-based relationships with the main decision makers in those organizations. Lastly, you will provide input the President & CEO with developing the three-year strategic plan for the organization, offering your insight, expertise, and vision into a plan you will have a significant part in carrying out.

What Type of Background & Experience Should You Have

10+ years in progressively responsible operational leadership roles in warehousing, supply chain, logistics, distribution, or manufacturing required. 4-year College Degree with a concentration in business, engineering, or similar. MBA or other advanced degree preferred. Experience must reflect direct application of the designated competencies at the senior management level.

Must understand third-party logistics warehousing with a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry. Must possess a knowledge of implementing and managing large complex multi-client and dedicated client warehouse networks in multiple geographies within the United States. Must have proven track record of leading new client implementations of various size, scale, and complexity. Relevant experience in warehousing, distribution, and/or supply chain, ideally with a background serving high-end aerospace, defense, or industrial manufacturers preferred

Must have relevant experience with companies with revenues > $15 Million and working knowledge of distribution center operations, ensuring credible foundation to drive performance results and process improvements. Proven record of accomplishment of quantifiable cost saving initiatives in both distribution and transportation.

The ideal candidate will bring broad leadership experiences from a similar organization in logistics or supply chain solutions, where they have led cross-functional teams in a growth oriented environment. Experience working on senior management/executive management teams is highly desired.

A proven track record of leadership in progressive assignments and success in building and leading teams in developing a best-in-class organization. In essence, a transformational leader. Experience with fast-changing environments and situations in which success is driven by cutting-edge thinking and results.


A tested background of having successfully worked in the design and implementation of value-added and customer-driven processes. Experience managing complex projects where success is a result of pulling together various components and groups in a unified direction, empowering people to perform and exceed expectations.

Experience in leading corporate safety programs and advocating for effective safety and security practices and use Company equipment and materials in a safe manner.

Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Who We Are

Since 1991, Team Banneker has been a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain management and integrated third-party logistics solutions to a wide range of Fortune 100 companies in multiple industries. We have four core lines of businesses that we use to support our clients ? Supply Chain Management Solutions, Integrated Third-Party Logistics Solutions, Consulting, and Business Process Outsourcing/Managed Services. Headquartered in Rhode Island, we have multiple operations in New England, the Southeast, and on the West Coast. As an African-American owned company and equal opportunity employer, Banneker is committed to equal employment opportunities for all. We do not discriminate or tolerate harassment against our Team Members or job applicants for a person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, or sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran, or family/parental status. This intentional policy applies not only to job applicants, but to all our employment practices including compensation, and promotion decisions. All employment decisions at Banneker are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, period.

Why We Are Different

Consistently voted one of the "Best Places to Work in Rhode Island" by Providence Business News, we are driven by five key values that guide our decisions each and every day. These values along with a Team-based culture of accountability that allow us to love what we do every day and be successful as individuals and together as a company.

1. Our Team: Our Team members are our most important asset. We do not hire, but rather we invest in talented, teamfocused individuals who emulate and perpetuate our core values and reinvest their talents into our company and customers. We operate with a spirit of thankfulness, appreciation, and recognition for individual and collective


accomplishments of all sizes. We foster a healthy workplace where the mental and physical health of our Team Members are one of our top priorities. 2. Quality First: Quality is paramount to our organization and flows through every vein within our company. Whether our products and services are supporting a war-fighter out in the field, a manufacturing center, or a consumer in their home, our clients demand and deserve the highest level of quality possible. Our razor focus on quality distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to enjoy repeat business and enduring customer relationships. Our commitment to quality is personal and we take pride in the excellence of everything we do. 3. Customer Success: There are two sets of customers, internal and external. We go above and beyond to treat our internal customers (our Team Members) with the same respect, responsiveness, courtesy, attention, and effort that we extend to our external customers. They are extensions of the Banneker team and are vital to our success ? their problems are our problems; their achievements are our achievements. There is no us or them, but only we. 4. Continual Improvement: We are passionate about the ongoing effort to improve our products, our services, our processes, our company, and ourselves. Whether gradual improvements over time or breakthrough improvements all at once, we remain in a constant state of evaluation and advancement to be more efficient, effective, and flexible and deliver on our promises to our customers. All of our Team Members are encouraged, empowered, and responsible as change agents to bring forward ideas for change and proactively act on those ideas. 5. Integrity: At Banneker, we do what we say and say what we do. We are intentional and consistent in our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. We are honest, truthful, and accurate in our individual and collective actions. Regardless of the situation or environment, our integrity remains the guiding light for every decision we make.

While at work we maintain an open door office atmosphere and business casual dress policy. But don't let our dress code and relaxed culture fool you as you will be working alongside a team who is very determined, focused and committed to being successful, meeting high customer performance expectations, and winning. To be successful at Banneker you need to bring your A-game each and every day. However, talent isn't everything and the right attitude speaks volumes. Work-Life balance is also important to us. While "on the clock" we want you to work extremely hard while delivering results and ultimately exceeding expectations, but at the same time never forgetting to take time for yourself and the other important things in your life that are vital to your individual growth and success.

Your well-being and the well-being of your family are also important to us ? so important that we invest significantly into your personal health coverage. We're also committed to your personal development and ensuring that we're equipping you with the tools that you need to do your job and develop a career. As such, we provide for training in many areas including six-sigma and ISO quality management systems.

We offer the competitive pay and the benefits commonly associated with large corporation, but with the culture, fun, intimacy, and comradery of a start-up. Our Comprehensive Benefits Plan includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Section 125 Plan, Temporary & Long-Term Disability Insurance, 401k Retirement, Tuition Assistance Program, Employee Assistance Program, and competitive Paid Time-Off (PTO). Our medical plan is more than insurance coverage. We have developed a wellness and care management program designed to raise awareness of lifestyle decisions and health by providing information needed to make well-informed decisions. Our Team Members can create personalized health improvement plans that help activate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. There are also 24-hour help lines giving Team members access to nurses and master's level counselors.

If your passion is to be at the heart of an entrepreneurial-minded supply chain company and lead a dynamic operations team, we'd like to talk with you about joining our Team.

Send your resume and a cover letter where you describe your proudest accomplishment in improving an operation to Larry Lamothe at LLamothe@.

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