Landscape design project outline

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Landscape Design Project Outline

Objective: The student will design the landscaping for the yard of a house and determine the cost of the materials for completing the project.

Initial Discussion About the Project

Materials that I would provide for the students to use:

• Graph paper

• Sample of a landscaping design

• Brochures on landscaping materials

Other materials that I will look for:

• Lot layout of a local housing development

• House plans with dimensions to choose from

Project Options

• Students may choose to use their own yard as their project.

• Students may propose their own landscaping project.


• Make a scale drawing of the lot on the graph paper.

• Draw the footprint of the house on the graph paper.

• Consider what landscaping materials to use in the project.

• Check on any restrictions that the HOA (your parents) has on landscaping.

• Draw the landscaping plan on the graph paper.

• Write an itemized report that includes the amount of each of the materials needed for the project and the cost of the materials.

• Make a legend that identifies the type of materials and plants in the landscape.

• Submit the plan (to your parents) for approval.

• Present your project to the class when completed.

Extra Credit

• Include in the project an irrigation system plan, location of sprinkler heads, drip lines, and an estimation of cost.

• Use raised flower beds with retaining wall materials for elevation changes.

Other Topics to Discuss

• Handout on degree in Landscape Architecture from CSU

• Where can you get ideas on designing your yard?

• How much growth space should you allow for the vegetation?

• How much water usage will your landscaping project require?

General Discussion Notes

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