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Esp 1 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Fall 2017 - Sra. BlairWAYS TO STUDY FOR FINAL EXAM: “Descubre 1 Lesson___” We have covered lessons 1-3. Choose “Spanish: Present Tense” to practice conjugating verbs.YouTube videos. There are lots of helpful videos online to study Spanish. Search the titles below in the study guide.Look over all notes, handouts, old quizzes and tests from lessons 1-3 and anything we’ve covered since August.Make flashcards of the vocab and grammar points that you don’t remember well & study them.Use the study guide below and take advantage of the in-class time Sra. Blair gives you to study & ask questions.Be familiar with the following concepts and vocabulary. Take notes & make flashcards as you go. Check off each one as you study:Lección 1: Hola, ?Qué tal?Greetings and goodbyes p. 1 – 38The Spanish alphabet p. 9Nouns & Articles p. 12-13Masculine/Feminine Nouns p. 13Numbers p. 16Subject Pronouns p. 19The verb Ser p. 20Telling time p. 24 Vocabulary p. 38Lección 2: En la ClaseClasses and Classroom Objects p. 41 -76Calendar p. 42-ar verbs p. 50-51The verb Gustar p. 52Forming questions p. 55Interrogatives/Question words p. 56The verb Estar p. 59Location prepositions p. 60Numbers p. 63-64Vocabulary p. 76Lección 3: La FamiliaFamily members and relationships p. 78-114Descriptive adjectives 88-90Possessive adjectives p. 93-er/-ir verbs p. 96-97The verbs tener & venir p. 100Vocabulary p. 114 Expression with Tener p. 101EXTRAS:Colors p. 89Weather & Seasons p. 154Ser and Estar p. 170-171

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