Log siding j block

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Log Siding J Block

Two sizes with pre-cut openings make installation of electrical outlets, light fixtures, dryer vents easier.

1 7/16 inch thick J block works well for 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 siding profiles. 2 1/4 inch thick J block designed for use with our thicker profiles. Available in kiln-dried white pine or air-dried western red cedar.

Outlet J Block 4 3/4" x 7"

Also available: Double and Triples for

2 and 3 gang boxes.

Vendor Part Number Pine 1-7/16" Outlet 9900000004 - Single 99000000042 - Double 99000000043 - Triple

Pine 1-7/16" Fixture 9900000005

Fixture J Block 7" x 7"

Pine 2-1/4" Outlet 9900000006 - Single 99000000062 - Double 99000000063 - Triple

Pine 2-1/4" Fixture 9900000007

Cedar 1-7/16" Outlet 99000000041 - Single 99000000044 - Double 99000000045 - Triple

Cedar 1-7/16" Fixture 99000000051


Log Mantels

Air Dried White Pine Full Round 9" diameter notched support arms

Planed mantel log shelf

Available in 6' and 8' lengths.

Vendor Part Number 3010400601 3010400801

This is a raw log product that may require sanding prior to finishing. Mantel shelf and supports may develop cracks and checks which enhance its rustic appearance.




Parts: One six foot long full round log with two saddle notches at opposite ends. This will become the support arms for your mantel. One half log mantel shelf.

You will also need 4 ? four inch lag screws, not provided.

Instructions: Determine what you want to be the height of your mantel shelf. Subtract 3/4 of an inch from that overall height. This will be the location of the top of two boxes you need to construct inside the chimney chase (see sketch). Construct two boxes in the framework of your chimney using 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 lumber that are nine inch square, inside dimension (see sketch). The two boxes should be located in the area you want the support arms of your mantel to protrude away from your fireplace.

Once the 9 inch (inside measurement) square boxes are complete, determine how far out you want the support arms to extend. Don't forget to leave room for any plywood, rock or stone you may be adding. The saddle notch on the arm needs to be located away from any possible contact with stone or rock so your mantel shelf will sit in the support arms. Cut the support arm piece in half or as necessary. Insert the arms into the nine inch boxes with the saddle notch facing up. Make sure arms are level and plumb, shim as necessary. Using 4 inch or larger lag screws (not provided), lag into the support arms through the sides of your 9 inch box from both sides. Pre-drilling the holes will avoid splitting the log. Set the half log shelf in place.

Important Notes: Due to a wide variety of construction materials and applications, these installation instructions are meant to serve as a guide. Final results depend on the installer. All log products are air-dried and naturally develop cracks or checks, which are unavoidable and enhance their rustic appeal. This is a raw log product and will require sanding before finishing. When finishing your mantel, use a breathable finish. Avoid sealers like varnish or polyurethane.

9" Square boxes

2x8 or 2x10

Height of mantel shelf minus 3/4" is location of the top of box.

Side View Lag Bolt

Fireplace Opening

For further assistance call 1-800-657-4666 Mon. ? Fri: 7:30 am ? 4:30 pm.


Log Post Wraps

Used to wrap basement posts, porch posts, beams and more.


One 9" white pine log cut in half. 4" x 4" area hollowed out inside. Will wrap a standard size jack post. Available in 8', 10' and 12' lengths. Cut to finished length then screw halves together to install. Fasteners not included.

This is a raw log product and may require sanding and/or finishing.

Product is air-dried and may develop unavoidable checks or cracks as it dries.

Vendor Part Number Smooth 3010100912-08 3010100912-10 3010100912-12 Hewn 3010100912-08H 3010100912-10H 3010100912-12H


White Pine Countertops

Countertop thickness is just under 3". Natural Edge on both sides. Widths can vary from 17"-21" on the same piece. Kiln dried for use as bar tops or fireplace mantels. Lengths of 8', 10', and 12'.

Vendor Part Number 3030000001-08 3030000001-10 3030000001-12

Natural edge on both sides.

Also available: 25" Kitchen Top with square back and natural front in lengths of 8' and 12'. 36" and 42" wide Island Tops with natural edge on both sides in 8' lengths only.


Log Beams

for Basements, Great Rooms, Lofts, Porches, and More.

9" Full Round Logs

Air-Dried Wisconsin White Pine Available in Even Lengths

8' to 16' long.

Weight: Approx. 15 lbs/ft

Vendor Part Number Pine Round Log Hewn 3010100921-08 3010100921-08H 3010100921-10 3010100921-10H 3010100921-12 3010100921-12H 3010100921-14 3010100921-14H 3010100921-16 3010100921-16H

Longer Lengths Available up to 24 feet for an upcharge. Check with Structural Engineer before installation of beams. Raw Log Products may develop unavoidable cracks when drying.

Half Log Beams

Air-Dried Wisconsin White Pine Available in Even Lengths

8' to 16' long.

Weight: Approx. 8 lbs/ft.

Vendor Part Number

Pine Half Log













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