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MFin Resume Database Guidelines


The dates for your MIT Sloan degree are "2021 ? Present" (not "2021 ? 2022" or "2021 ? 2023", since you haven't graduated yet). The heading is "MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT" and your degree is "Candidate for Master of Finance, May 2022" or "Candidate for Master of Finance, February 2023".

Master of Finance: MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Finance, May 2022

MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Finance, February 2023

Dual Degree: BOSTON UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Cambridge, MA 2021 ? Present

Cambridge, MA 2021 ? Present

Boston, MA 2017 ? 2021

Multiple Schools: UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Bachelor of Mathematics in Statistics, Operations Research, Actuarial Science

WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

Waterloo, Canada 2017 ? 2021

Waterloo, Canada 2017 ? 2017


Dates: Dates are generally listed as years only ("2019 ? 2020") ? with the exception of internships. List six-month internships by months ("June ? December 2020"), and list shorter internships by season ("Summer 2020" or "Winter 2021"). List experiences in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent at the top).

Locations: List U.S. locations by city, state (Cambridge, MA). List all other locations by city, country (Montreal, Canada).

Bullets & Action Verbs: Experience related to each particular role is listed in bullets directly below the title. All bullets should begin with an action verb and show results. Remove unnecessary articles ("a", "an" and "the") to save space.

Instead of: Responsible for a validation project

Use action verbs and show impact: Led validation project on $8B variable annuity model, resulting in correction of model errors and release of

$5M+ in reserves

Currencies: Translate currency amounts to U.S. dollars and use "$" preceding the number. Use "K" for thousands, "M" for millions and "B" for billions. You may write rounded numbers without using the "~ " symbol. (e.g. $50K).



Beijing, China

Summer Analyst Intern

Summer 2020

Performed valuation using DCF model, financial ratios and SWOT analysis to assess $4.5M long-term debt

financing of Chinese oil refinery



Concentrations & Coursework: You can note your intended concentration by including a bullet directly below your MIT Sloan degree, stating "Intended concentration in XXX". You may list courses you intend to take or are in the process of taking as "Anticipated Coursework" (since you have not completed these courses yet).

Clubs & Activities: Include MIT Sloan clubs and activities as a bullet below your degree (not at the bottom of your resume). We suggest listing no more than 3 career-related clubs that are complementary (e.g. Quantitative Financial Markets Club, Investment Management Club, and Sloan Women in Management).

Other Degrees (Transfer) & Study Abroad: Include all educational institutions where you did coursework towards your degree. You must note if you were a transfer student, but including study abroad is optional. If you graduated summa/magna/cum laude, include this in lower case italics after the degree.



Cambridge, MA

Candidate for Master of Finance, May 2022

2021 ? Present

Intended concentration in Financial Engineering

Anticipated Coursework: Corporate Finance, Advanced Financial Mathematics, Advanced Analytics of Finance

Clubs: Quant Finance Club, Investment Management Club, Sloan Women in Management

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH BSc in Applied Mathematics, magna cum laude

Transferred from John Carroll University (2017 ? 2018)

Pittsburgh, PA 2018 ? 2021

Company Descriptions: If you worked for a company that would not be easily recognized in your target market, you may include a brief company description (in regular font) in the line below the company name.

Numbers: If a bullet ends in a number from zero to ten, write the word instead of using the numeral.

Promotions & Multiple Roles: You can either list multiple positions separately or indicate them under one heading.



Bratislava, Slovakia

Largest automobile manufacturer in Slovakia, with annual sales of $5B

2018? 2021

Senior Financial Analyst (Promoted from Financial Analyst)

Managed financial and accounting analysis for eastern European region ($400M in revenue)

More bullet relating to your work experience at company



Bratislava, Slovakia

Largest automobile manufacturer in Slovakia, with annual sales of $5B

Senior Financial Analyst

2020 ? 2021

Managed financial and accounting analysis for eastern European region ($400M in revenue)

More bullets relating to your work as a Senior Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

2018 ? 2020

Fewer but various bullets relating to your work as a Financial Analyst


You may include any academic- or work-related awards you have received or if you were a finalist for an award; we don't recommend including other stages (e.g. "Semi-finalist"). Write awards so they are recognizable and/or quantifiable ("Recipient of Bob C. Smith award for excellence in mathematics, awarded to top ten students out of a class of 2000" instead of "Recipient of Bob C. Smith award").




Highlighting Specific Skills: When making a change from one industry/function to another, it can sometimes be effective to organize your experience by skill-based sub-headings rather than by job title.

Acronyms & Jargon: Eliminate technical industry jargon or unfamiliar acronyms so your resume is easily understood by the reader.

Repetition & Punctuation: Avoid repeating the same action verbs. It is up to you if you want to use periods at the end of your bullets. However, if you use them, be consistent. Either all or none of the bullets should have periods.


Work Authorization: If you have work authorization in the country where you are applying for a job and this is not evident from your resume, it is to your advantage to include a bullet with that information ("U.S. Permanent Resident"). Languages: We recommend including any foreign languages spoken in this section. To describe your level of fluency use: fluent, conversational or basic. For the purposes of the resume database, it is assumed that because you attend a U.S. business school you are fluent in English ? no need to include English. Computer Skills: Include computer skills that are directly relevant to the position that you are applying for, such as R, Stata, C++, Python. Do not include basic Microsoft Office skills ? these are assumed. Certifications: If you have received any certifications, such as a CFA or FRM, you must adhere to the guidelines specified by the organization on how to represent your certification accurately on your resume.


One Page: Your resume must be one page only. Margins: Do not change the margins to fit more information. Font: Keep the font (Times New Roman) and size (10pt.) that the template generates. Do not change the font to fit more information. Employers & Schools: The template will capitalize and bold both school and employer names ? leave them in this format.




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