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Title 30: Professions and Occupations Part 202: Landscape Architecture Advisory Committee to the Mississippi State Board of Architecture

Chapter 1 - Registration and Definitions 1.1 Definitions 1.2 Eligibility 1.3 Exceptions-Ineligibility 1.4 Forms and Instructions 1.5 Fees 1.6 Processing 1.7 Examination and Initial Registration 1.8 Registration by Reciprocity 1.9 Renewals 1.10 Reinstatement of License 1.11 Official Seal 1.12 Public Records 1.13 Licensure of Military Trained Architects and Spouses of Members of the Military

Chapter 2 - Professional Code of Conduct Preamble 2.1 Responsibility to the Public 2.2 Competence 2.3 Conflict of Interest 2.4 Full Disclosure 2.5 Compliance with the Law 2.6 Professional Conduct

Chapter 3 - Disciplinary Guidelines; Range of Penalties; Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances

Chapter 4 ? Mandatory Continuing Education Program 4.1 Purpose 4.2 Definitions 4.3 Policy and Administration 4.4 Scope and Exemptions 4.5 Requirements 4.6 Biennial Report



Title 30: Professions and Occupations

Part 202: Landscape Architecture Advisory Committee to the Mississippi State Board of Architecture

Part 202 Chapter 1: Registration and Definitions

Rule 1.1 Definitions. 1.1.1 "Committee" ? The Mississippi Landscape Architecture Advisory Committee to the Mississippi State Board of Architecture.

1.1.2 "CLARB" ? The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards.

1.1.3 "CLARB Council Record" ? Verified documentation of an individual's education, experience, examination, licensure and professional conduct compiled by CLARB.

1.1.4 "CLARB Council Certificate" ? Certification by CLARB that a Landscape Architect has met the minimum standards of education, examination, experience and professional conduct established by the Council and is thereby recommended for licensure in all member jurisdictions.

1.1.5 "LARE" ? The Landscape Architect Registration Examination, administered and graded in accordance with established CLARB standards.

1.1.6 "Direct control and personal supervision" ? That degree of supervision by a Landscape Architect overseeing the work of another whereby the supervisor has been directly involved in all judgments affecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

1.1.7 "Responsible charge" ? The direct control and personal supervision of the practice of landscape architecture.

1.1.8 "Majority Vote" - A majority vote is defined as a simple majority of the quorum present.

1.1.9 "Emeritus Status" ? Active resident Landscape Architects who have been registered in this state for ten (10) consecutive years, who are sixty-five (65) years of age or older and who are retired from active practice or other related professional activities may request "Emeritus Status" in writing and by stating compliance with the requirements of this section. "Retired" means that the Landscape Architect no longer practices landscape architecture in that he/she no longer stamps and certifies documents with his/her seal or practices landscape architecture as defined in Section 73-2-3(b) of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended. If the requirements


of this section have been met, all fees, for biennial registration shall be waived by the Committee. Any reference to a Landscape Architect with "Emeritus Status" on any letter, title, sign, card or device shall list such landscape architect as "Emeritus Landscape Architect".

1.1.10 "Quorum" - A committee quorum shall be constituted when a minimum of three (3) members are present. A quorum is required for all business of the committee.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-13, 16(2)(a)

Rule 1.2 Eligibility. 1.2.1 An applicant for initial registration or registration by reciprocity as a Landscape Architect in Mississippi shall comply with Section 73-2-7 of the Mississippi Code of 1972.

1.2.2 The minimum degree accepted by the Committee shall be a four-year landscape architecture degree, or any landscape architecture degree above a four-year degree, including a master's degree, which is accredited or accepted by a CLARB recognized accreditation body or a CLARB recognized education evaluation authority.

1.2.3 Any applicant that does not meet the education requirements of 1.2.2 must have seven years of experience in landscape architecture as required by Miss. Code Ann. ?73-2-7. The review and acceptance of such experience is at the sole discretion of the Committee and subject to approval by the Board. Graduation from a college or university in a curriculum other than landscape architecture may be accepted by the Board as the equivalent of up to two years' experience of the seven years required by ?73-2-7(b). Acceptance of such curriculum shall be in the sole discretion of the Committee and subject to approval by the Board. No applicant shall receive credit for more than two years' experience for any scholastic training regardless of the length of the educational process.

1.2.4 An applicant for initial registration or reciprocal registration shall have successfully completed the CLARB registration examination, where the examination administration and grading were conducted in accordance with CLARB's standards in effect at the time.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-7

Rule 1.3 Exceptions-Ineligibility. Acts sufficient to preclude an applicant's eligibility for registration shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A. Practicing Landscape Architecture without registration in violation of any jurisdiction;

B. Conviction of a felony except conviction of culpable negligent manslaughter; C. Misrepresentations or falsifications of facts filed in the application.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-7(a)


Rule 1.4 Forms and Instructions. 1.4.1 Application forms and instructions will be furnished upon request.

1.4.2 The forms required must be properly executed and submitted with the required fee.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-13

Rule 1.5 Fees. Fees required are listed below. Regardless of the time of initial registration all licenses become renewable at the end of the biennial period on December 31st.

Fees: Application for Examination by Experience Application for Initial Registration Application by Reciprocity Biennial Renewal Reinstatement of an Expired License Manual Renewal Application Processing Electronic Roster Duplicate Certificate File Transfer Non-Sufficient Funds Checks Photo copies (per single sided sheet) Laser printed pages (per single page)

75.00 125.00 350.00 200.00 275.00 25.00 50.00 40.00 25.00 40.00

.25 .25

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-17

Rule 1.6 Processing. 1.6.1 Complete applications shall be submitted to the Committee.

1.6.2 All applications shall be considered individually and approved or rejected by a majority vote of the Committee.

1.6.3 Personal appearances before the Committee, if required, shall be at a time and place designated by the Committee.

1.6.4 Failure to supply additional evidence or information within sixty (60) days from the date of written request from the Committee or to appear before the Committee when such an appearance is deemed necessary, may be considered just and sufficient cause for rejection of the application.

1.6.5 Applications for licensure shall expire after a six (6) month interval during which there is no activity.


1.6.6 No application for registration may be withdrawn except upon the express written consent of the Committee which consent shall be in the sole and exclusive discretion of the Committee. In no event shall an application be allowed to be withdrawn if the Committee has determined or has reasonable cause to believe that an applicant has violated any of the provisions of Miss. Code Ann. ?? 73-2-1 et seq. or the bylaws, rules, regulations or standards of ethics or conduct duly adopted by the Committee.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-13

Rule 1.7 Examination and Initial Registration. 1.7.1 Applicants for initial registration with a degree in landscape architecture meeting the requirements of 1.2.2 must apply to CLARB to begin the examination, and must complete the examination process through CLARB prior to applying for initial registration. After completion of the examination, such applicants must submit the required application for initial registration, the application fee, and their CLARB Council Record to the Committee.

1.7.2 Applicants for initial registration who do not meet the requirements of 1.2.2 must: A. Meet the requirements of Miss. Code Ann. ?73-2-7 and 1.2.3. B. Submit the application for examination by experience to the Committee and pay the prescribed fee, and C. Provide a CLARB Council Record to verify the required seven years of experience or a combination of experience and education, and D. Once approved by the Committee, take and pass the examination as administered by CLARB; and E. After completion of the examination, submit the required application for initial registration, the application fee, and an updated CLARB Council Record to the Committee.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-9

Rule 1.8 Registration by Reciprocity. 1.8.1 An applicant for licensure by reciprocity shall have a current and valid license issued by a governmental licensing authority recognized by CLARB.

1.8.2 An applicant for licensure by reciprocity shall submit a current and valid CLARB certificate. Should an applicant be unable to acquire a CLARB certificate, the Committee may consider the applicant if the applicant provides proof of compliance with Miss. Code Ann. ?73-27 and ?73-2-9 and applicable rules.

1.8.3 An applicant for licensure by reciprocity shall have met the educational and/or experience requirements of 1.2.

1.8.4 Rejection of applications for registration by reciprocity will be by letter explaining the reasons and outlining procedures under which reconsideration may be possible.


1.8.5 An applicant for licensure by reciprocity shall have passed the LARE or an equivalent landscape architectural registration examination which is accepted by CLARB for certification.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ??73-2-15 & 16(2)(a)

Rule 1.9 Renewals. The biennial license renewal fee shall be due on or before December 31 of each odd numbered year, after which penalties will be added at a rate of $5.00 per month up until June 1st. After June 1st, the license stands suspended and the individual must apply for reinstatement of an expired license.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-15

Rule 1.10 Reinstatement of License. 1.10.1 A registrant that allows his/her registration to lapse after June 1 of the of the first year of the biennial period of the next odd year will be required to reinstate said registration by filing an application for reinstatement of an expired license supplied by the Committee, paying the reinstatement fee and providing the following information:

A. A list of work experience, since the date the license officially lapsed; and B. an affidavit stating that the applicant for reinstatement has not practiced landscape

architecture or entered into a contract to perform landscape architectural services in Mississippi since the license lapsed; and C. a CLARB Council Certificate OR an examination record on file with the board verifying initial licensure by examination in Mississippi; and D. certification that the applicant has acquired twenty-four (24) units of continuing education within a twenty-four month (24) period immediately prior to the date on which application for reinstatement is made. Continuing education hours must be in accordance with the provisions set forth in these rules and regulations and reported in a format acceptable to the board.

1.10.2 Any registrant who allows his/her license to expire and was initially licensed in a state or jurisdiction under a Grandfather Provision and who has never passed any CLARB examination will be required to pass the CLARB LARE prior to reinstatement of his/her license.

Source: Miss. Code Ann ?73-2-15

Rule 1.11 Official Seal. 1.11.1 Upon official notification of registration, the registrant will be advised that it is his/her responsibility to secure an official seal or rubber stamp for use in this state. Embossed seals are not acceptable. The seal to be used by the registrants are to be circular in form and 2 inches in diameter. A copy of the design is shown below [at right] and shall contain the following information: Name, Registration Number and the words "Registered Landscape Architect State of Mississippi".


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