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Early records of the Missouri Business Education Association have apparently disappeared in the passing of materials from outgoing officers to incoming officers over the years. The information given here was obtained from the records of the Missouri State Teachers Association headquarters in Columbia.

The first State Teachers Convention program in which there is mention of the forerunner organization of the Missouri Business Education Association was that of Friday, November 5, 1915, held in Kansas City. The name of the organization as listed was the “Department of Commercial Training.” The chairman was Mr. Robert A. Grant of St. Louis, and the secretary was Mr. Paul S. Lomax of Columbia.

Apparently the name retained the designation “Commercial” but was subsequently changed from “Commercial Training” to “Commercial Department” from 1915 until the year 1953 when by action of the membership, the name was changed to “Department of Business Education.” With the constitutional revisions approved in July 1976, the name was changed to its present title, “Missouri Business Education Association.”

With the passage of the Vocational Education Act of 1963, a Vocational Business Education Coordinating Committee was appointed by Dr. Mary Jane Lane (president of MBEA) and approved by the Executive Board to take the leadership in working toward the implementation of the Act. Mr. Thomas E. Halstead served as chair of the committee. A committee of business teachers was later named by the Executive Board of MBEA to work with Mr. B. W. Robinson, Assistant Commissioner and Director, Vocational Education, in the development of the Business Education Section of the Missouri State Plan for Vocational Education.

The Missouri Business Education Association became a participating member of the Missouri Vocational Association in 1962. In August 1964, the first joint conference of MVA was held in Columbia, Missouri, on the campus of the University of Missouri, with approximately 80 business teachers in attendance.

Although newsletters and bulletins had been used to circulate information concerning the activities of the organization, such as meetings, announcements, etc., no attempt had been made to make news of common interest available to all business education instructors in the state. Mr. Charles Newman, State Business Education Director, and Mr. Charles Henry, State Business Education Supervisor, prepared, published, and circulated the first copies of the new official news medium for business educators in the fall of 1966.

At the spring meeting of 1966 held in Columbia, Missouri, on the University campus, the Missouri Education Association through actions of the Executive Board voted to endorse the Future Business Leaders of America as the student organization on the secondary level and Phi Beta Lambda on the college level. Dr. Ivan Calton of the faculty of Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield was appointed by the National Future Business Leaders of America as the first Missouri state chairman and held the position from 1958 to the fall of 1968.

As of November 1, 1968, the responsibility for guiding the activities of the Missouri Chapter of FBLA and PBL was transferred to the Business and Office Education Section of the Missouri State Department of Education.

The Constitution of the Missouri Business Education Association was adopted in Kansas City in 1953. It has been revised several times; the latest revision adopted in 2002 and further amended in 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1995, 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2006.

State Presidents

Department of Commercial Training

Department of Business Education

Missouri Business Education Association

1915 Robert A. Grant

1916 Robert A. Grant

1917. P.B.S Peters

1918. L.W. Beers

1919. L.M. Beers

1920. F. J. Kirker

1921. H.F. Pratt

1922. M.B. Wallace

1923. T.E. Talmadge

1924. L. Gilbert Drake

1925. P.O. Selby

1926. E.F. Killma

1927. Earl J. Van Horne

1928. L.M. Eck

1929. Roy Coffey

1930. L.E. Terry

1931. Minnie a. Vavra

1932. J.D. Delp

1933. Ralph Shrewsbury

1934. Pauline Van Eman

1935. Gordan L. Trotter

1936. Earl J. Van Horn

1937. Ruth Hughes

1938. Fern Lowman

1939. W.V. Cheek

1940. Ann B. Larson

1941. Desma Renner

1942. Douglas L. Linville

1943. Merea Williams

1944. Clay J. Anderson

1945. L.C. Rugg

1946. Lorena Card

1947. A.H. Hellmich

1948. Grace Mapes

1949. Very B. Meyer Hickey

1950. Fred H. Green

1951. Janet Morris

1952. C.V. Casady

1953. Elas Brase

1954. Lois Fann

1955. Charls Kauzlarich

1956. Dale J. Blackwell

1957. Margaret Elam

1958. James C. Snapp

1959. Mary Bakke

1960. Wilma L. Sullivan

1961. Lucas Sterns

1962. Alpha Branter

1963. Maria C. Vilbauer

1964. Mary Jane Lang

1965. Thomas Halstead

1966. Roy Leamon

1967. Laura Ruth Huise

1968. Electa O’Hara

1969. Evan Calton

1970. Whynell Aston

1971. Ruth Owen

1972. Beuna Lansford

1973. Terry Marion

1974. Janice Legg

1975. Ann Barnard

1976. Ann Barnard

1977. Joyce Caton

1978. Lonnie Echternacht

1979. Pat Mann

1980. Shirley Evans

1981. Barbara Lohr

1982. Larry Nottingham

1983. Jerry Vittetoe

1984. Dorothy Christy

1985. Kenneth Crabtree

1986. Elizabeth Mauzey

1987. Terry Barton

1988. Sterling Green

1989. Rebecca Limback

1990. Shirley Lawler

1991. Wilma Wilcoxson

1992. Sharon Bergman

1993. Elaine Morris

1994. Shirley Breeze

1995. Sharon Kosek

1996. Marilyn Ellis

1997. Donna Robart

1998. Donna DeFrain

1999. Janet Ludwig

2000. Patricia Boyd

2001. Twana Hulen

2002. Tamara Marks

2003. Karen Owen

2004. Nancy Zeliff

2005. Laura Taylor

2006. Kellie Reese

2007. Michelle Lindsey

2008. Kelly Berhorst

2009. Terri Redden

2010. Janet Barnes

2011. Teresa Harmon

2012 Gina McLachlan

2013 Theresa Bynum

2014 Theresa Taylor

2015 Brenda Kaiser

2016 Ruthann Williams



1975 Wilma Sullivan

1976 Jane Walters

Neva Maddox

1977 Patricia Bourn

1978 Mary Witherow

1979 Mary Jane Lang

1980 Ann Franklin

1981 Barbara Lohr

1982 Joyce Caton

1983 Lonnie Echternacht

1984 Pat Mann

1985 Patsy Prugh

1986 Shirley Breeze

1987 Dorothy Christy

1988 Shirley Smith*

Terry Barton***

1989 Kenneth Crabtree*

Anne Tomkins***

1990 Mona Casady*

Elizabeth Mauzey***

1991 Kenneth Horn*

Wilma Wilcoxson***

1992 Rebecca Limback*

Ruth Shafer***

1993 Jo Behymer*

Shirley Lawler***

1994 Linda Henson Wiggs*

Karen Owen**

Don Schlagle***

1995 Jerry Vittetoe*

Patricia Gillman**

Elaine Morris***

1996 Irene Francka*

Jayne Kasten***

1997 Nancy Zeliff*

Jean Morrison**

Sharon Kosek***

1998 Betty Mudd*

Myrna Sanders**

Lucy Whitaker***

1999 Marilyn Ellis*

Barbara Wommack**

Camila Holbrook****

2000 Judy Clark*

Patricia Boyd**

Sandra Hamlin***

Tonya Skinner****

2001 Maureen Thoendel***

2002 Twana Hulen***

Denise Herbers***

2003 Donna DeFrain***

Jeanne Kruger**

Carol M. Pulkrabek****

2004 Donna Elliott***

Heath Hawkins****

2005 Jody Pyle***

Dorrine C. Bergjans**

Roger McMillian*

Jeff Davis****

Teresa Taylor****

2006 Amie Breshears****

Darlene Davis***

Laura Taylor**

2008 Mandy Witt-Aubert****

2009 Michelle Lindsey*****

Marlena Heimer ***

Kaysi Stanley ****

* Collegiate

** Post Secondary

*** Secondary

**** New Professional

***** Elementary



1975. Merea Williams

1976. Charles Kauzlarich

1977. None

1978. Opal Heatherly

1979. Virgil Rich

1980. None

1981. Erma Doty

1982. Rosemary Walker

1983. Doris Lamkin

1984. Beverly Lemberger

Betty Cochran

1986. Ruth Owen

1987. Neva Maddox

1988. Laura Ruth Hulse

1989. Lorraine Hilgedick

1990. Mary Witherow

Gene Loftis

1991. LoVene Claypole

1992. Robert Spehe

Dorothy Christy

1993. Judith Copeland

1994. Wilma Wilcoxson

1995. Ken Horn

1996. Jo Behymer

Jerry Vittetoe

1997. Jo Ann Quigley

Barbara Schulz

Mary Jane Sunkel

1998. Gladys Kastrup

Barbara Lohr

1999. Shirley Breeze

Lonnie Echternacht

Larry Jones

2000. Linda Henson Wiggs

2001. Jayne Ann Kasten

2002. Joanne Newcomer

2003. Terry Barton

Marilyn Ellis

Larry Nottingham

2004. Barbara Wommack

2005. Patricia Boyd

Sandra Hamlin

Alta Kopetzky

2006. Mona Casady

Sharon Kosek

Betty Mudd

Karen Owen

Maureen Thoendel

2009 Arlene Broeker



1995. Westran High School

1996. Rolla Technical Institute—Business Program

1997. Jackson Senior High Business Program

1998. Lee’s Summit High School and Lee’s Summit North High School

1999. None

2000. None

2001. Northwest Missouri State

2002. Hillsboro High School

2003. None

2004. None

2005. Nixa High School

2006. Oran High School

2009 Willard High School



Tammy Adam

Janice Aslin

Sylvia Baltz

Janet Lynn Barnes

Terry Barton

Beth Bee

Pamela Beer

Jo Behymer

Sharon Bergman

Kelly Berhorst

Becky O. Beydler

Zinna Bland

Janie Blum

Pat Bourn

Patricia Boyd

Shirley Breeze

Jane Bridges

Arlene Broeker

Brenda Broeker-Jenkins

Deborah Burns

Polly Burre

Marilyn Carr

Mona Casady

Joyce Caton

Cheryl Lynn Chiarottino

Dorothy Christy

Judy Clark

Colleen Closser

Lynn Coffey

Rose Ann Cole

Donna Conaway

Mabel Coon

Sharon Cooper

Judith Copeland

Nancy Copenhaver

Ken Crabtree

Cathy Dailey

Darlene Davis

Donna DeFrain

Teresa Detwiler

Katherine Dowell

Barbara Droege

Lonnie Echternacht

Betty Lou Eddy

Donna Elliot

Marilyn Ellis

Ruth Ellsworth

Wanda Elsea

Benjy Fenske

Marjorie Fletcher

Irene Francka

Ann Franklin

Mary Fuller

Angela Gielow

Patricia Gillman

Jeannine Goers

Nancy Graviett

Mary Lynne Grimes

Rosalie Grogan

Dorothy Grove

Aimee Hand

Teresa Harmon

Sandra Hamlin

Fritzie Hawkins

Kathy Hecht

Marlena Heimer

Marilyn Heimsoth

Shelly Henderson

Gayle Higley

Linda Hoch

Debra Hoffmann

Camilla Holbrook

Tonya Holder

Gay Holman

Ken Horn

Twana Hulen

Joyce Hunter

Chakita Jackson

Neva Johnson

Carolyn Jones

Jayne Kasten

Gladys Kastrup

Dianne King

Rebecca Klein

Janet Koch

Alta Kopetzky

Sharon Kosek

Tammi Kronnes

Jeanne Krueger

Mary Jane Lang

Shirley Lawler

Charla Lear

Leann Lewis

Rebecca Limback

Michelle Lindsey

Barbara Lohr

Janet Ludwig

Barbara Luna

Donna Lutes

Martha Mangels

Pat Mann

Tamara Marks

Dortha Martin

Elizabeth Mauzey

Sarah McCormack

Willa McCullough

Lana McLuaghlin

Roger K. McMillian

Virginia Mee

Carole Melson

Caralyn Millsap

Elaine Morris

Lee Ann Morris

Kaye Morris

Jean Morrison

Betty Mudd

Joanne Newcomer

Rhonda Norman

Martha Nothdurft

Larry Nottingham

Karen Owen

Arnola Ownby

Beverly Jean Pettit

Patsy Prugh

Jody Pyle

Jo Ann Quigley

Tyne Rabourn

Kathe Ramsey

Terri Redden

Kellie Reese

Nancy Reisebichler

Dorothea Renno

Andrew Reynolds

Becky Riney

Donna Robart

Leon Rook

Jill Salmon

Myrna Sanders

Rita Schidknecht

Don Schlagle

Jennifer Schlender

Barbara Schulz

Jim Sefrit

Susan Senninger

Ruth Shafer

Martha Shinn

Jean Shull

Tonya Skinner

Peggy Slaughter

Joyce Smith

Shirley Smith

Diane Soetaert

Linda Sprehe

Pamela G. Stringer

Carolyn Strobl

Theresa Ann Struemph

Wilma Sullivan

Tamara Talbot

Laura Taylor

Theresa Taylor

Sharon Telker

Maureen Thoendel

Lynette Thomas

Marcia Thompson

Anne Tompkins

Louise Unteidt

Janice A. Viele

Ruby Vincent

Jerry Vittetoe

Jeannette Wachter

Beverly Walt

Jane Walters

Deborah Weidemeier

Terri Welch

Lucy Whitaker

Nancy Whitaker

Diana White

Donna White

Delilah Wiecher

Linda Wiggs

Wilma Wilcoxson

Ruthann Williams

Michelle Wilson

Beulah Winfrey

Mary Witherow

Barbara Wommack

Ann Wright-Ousley

Carolyn Wrinkle

Nancy Zeliff



Charles Newman 1965-1987

Charles Henry 1966-1970

J.R. Chaney 1968-1982

George Wood 1970-1984

Oma Lee Tracy 1976-1997

Joanne Newcomer 1982-2002

Lynda Taylor 1984-1990

Pattie Lake Porterfield 1988-1994

Joyce Caton 1991-1993

Cindy Reynolds 1993-1995

Bonnie Brockman 1995-2000

Carey Smith 1995-2006

Arlene Broeker 1998-2005

Linda Sullivan 2000-2005

Leslie Kerns 2002-2012

Jerri Snodgrass 2005-2008

Darrell Martin 2005-2010

Christina Hess 2007-2012

Vicky Scott 2008-2008

Gayla Westergaard 2009-2012

Carla Boulton 2010-2014

Lori Niekamp 2009-2014

Chrissy Bashore 2013-present

Chris Dzurick 2014-present

Julie Mertens 2015-present

State Director

Charles Newman 1968-1987

Joanne Newcomer 1988-2002

Carey Smith 2002-2006

Julie Lyman 2006-2007

Leslie Kerns 2007-2012

Linda Krehbiel 2012-2014

Lori Niekamp 2014-present


State FBLA Adviser

J. R. Chaney 1968-1982

Joanne Newcomer 1982-1987

Pattie Lake Porterfield 1988-1994

Carey Stephens 1995-2002

Leslie Kerns 2002-2007

Christina Hess 2007-2012

Carla Boulton 2012-2014

State PBL Adviser

Charles Newman 1968-1986

Lynda Taylor 1987-1990

Joanne Newcomer 1990-2002

Arlene Broeker 2002-2005

Darrell Martin 2005-2010

Christina Hess 2010-2012

Carla Boulton 2012-2014

Chris Dzurick 2014-present Chris Dzurick 2014-present

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