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One of the gamer siblings has vanished! In the world of Disboard, everything is decided by games. And after rising to reign as the monarchs of the remnants of Disboard's humans, gamer siblings Sora and Shiro have now wagered the fate of every human being alive on the outcome of a game against the Eastern Union! But immediately after making this wager, Sora disappears, leaving only a cryptic message behind. " ", the legendary two-in-one gamer, has been torn asunder! What is Sora thinking? What will Shiro do? What will become of humanity? And what about the paradise of animal girls?!In the third volume of the bestselling alternate-world fantasy series, it's a risky showdown against the Werebeasts!

Series: No Game No Life (Book 3) Paperback: 208 pages Publisher: Yen On (October 27, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 0316385190 ISBN-13: 978-0316385190 Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.4 inches Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies) Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars? ? See all reviews? (22 customer reviews) Best Sellers Rank: #30,517 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #56 in? Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Myths & Legends > Asian #121 in? Books > Comics & Graphic Novels > Manga > Science Fiction #161 in? Books > Comics & Graphic Novels > Manga > Fantasy

Volume 3 of the light novel that finally catches up with the anime. 7 are currently out in Japanese. Though volume 1 and 2 were sometimes translated very... strangely, the translator is getting better. I would say this feels more professionally translated by a pretty large margin compared to the previous volumes. A translators job is not to instill their own touches into a work, but to almost not exist while keeping the content as close to the original as possible. I hope they continue to improve with the future volumes, and only wish they would release them more quickly.

I watched the show a while back and just couldn't wait for a season 2 so I decided to jump in on the books and I'm so so happy with this series. Even already knowing what's gonna happen just

reading this still gives me chills from the pure intelligence of the writer and characters alike. This is where the end of season 1 leaves off so I'm excited to see where it goes from volume 4. BUY THESE BOOKS!!! SUPPORT THE SERIES!!!

Fantastic book, my favorite so far. I haven't been this excited about a book series in a long time, from the characters to the fantasy setting it's truly a great read. I had most of the series spoiled for me, since I watched the Anime first, but I don't regret it at all. This finally catches up to where the Anime left off, which makes me hyped for Vol.4!

Just a fun ride for a Japanese Light Novel. There were a few translation flaws here and there (but what books don't have those problems from time to time in a rushed world?) but I really enjoy the artwork inside - although some of it is a bit racy in case you're buying it for a pre-teen. The actual content is a bit sexual, there are some scenarios where there is flirting, nudity (but not detailed), and flirting between adopted siblings. The story itself is fun and twisty when they're dealing with solving the games and problems that come up.

This is very close to what I like. It has clever story and clever remarks, it shows the truth in moral alternating in serious and funny ways. The type of relation that those two have is just something that amazes me, and even though THEY are the ones that landed in a fantasy world, it is those two that makes this story surreal. I'm happy while awaiting next parts.

Insane plots with great twists that make the story fun to read! It makes you wonder if maybe you can be a little bit more than you are...

If you like anime, games, and interesting concepts, buy this. Actually start with volume 1. If you aren't sure, watch the anime first.

This is the culmination of the anime series' light novel coverage. When I saw the end of the anime I was somewhat confused because the pace and depth become really intense near the end. This is where I believe the light novel shines and why there will not be a second season to it. I love the level of depth that these characters have while still being very lighthearted and funny. As a whole the light novel is not very long, but the content is there and so is the art, which is fantastic. The story is the same as the anime, where it starts with Shiro being alone and Sora is nowhere to be found, but

something isn't quite right...

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