Non gmo statement onset worldwide

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Non-GMO Statement

To our valued customers:

We are pleased to declare that all of our seed & grain products:

? Amaranth

? Flax, Golden

? Chia Seeds, Black

? Kamut

? Chia Seeds, White

? Millet

? Flax, Brown

? Quinoa

? Sorghum ? Teff

were produced using traditional breeding methods. No genetically modified organisms (GMO's) or transgenic breeding methods were used in the production of these crops.

Furthermore, some of our seed & grain products are Certified Organic. As an integral part of organic production, each farmer must practice and document due diligence in preventing GMO contamination of their crops and seed stock. All processors and handlers of our organic products are also certified organic and take every measure to prevent co-mingling or contamination by GMOs.

Thus, we maintain a complete chain of diligence to ensure the Non-GMO purity of our grain products from seed to plate.

President, Onset Worldwide LC

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