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Product Overview Guide


ParklandTM Non-Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic NRP?, available as Class-IIl fire rated wall panels, are designed specifically for areas requiring moisture resistance, sanitization, and toughness to withstand demanding use environments. NRP is made from 100% recycled polymers, and is available in a variety of colors and finishes. In many cases it is a cost-effective and green alternative to traditional FRP. It is recycled, recyclable, waterproof, economical, has no coating to wear or scratch, and virtually maintenance free.


Parkland NRP panels glue directly to walls and are ideal for use as wall protection in sanitary, pressure-wash and high-impact areas in restrooms, laundries, restaurants, retail, convenience stores, and heath care facilities. Interior Use Only.


NRP is 100% fiberglass-free, and 100% VOC-free. 100% PLAS-TEX? solid polymer material resists staining,

abrasion, and has superior impact strength. 100% Waterproof construction does not support the growth of

mold, mildew, or bacteria.

NRP? & LEED: NRP products contain 80% recycled content,

are 100% recyclable, and have no detectable VOC's. Most NRP products qualify for LEED points under MR 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, & IEQ section 4.1.


PVC Trim Moldings in matching colors, 8' & 10' lengths, including: Standard Divider, Inside & Outside Corner, Cap Molding, and 2-piece Divider.

EcoTUFFTM thick solid polymer protective architectural moldings. ParklandTM Panel Adhesive or Spray-LockTM spray Adhesive,

both VOC-free. EcoTUFFTM Advanced Silicone Sealant in matching colors. Pin Rivets, full selection available.


NRP-FR is a fire rated panel, tested to Class-I under ASTM E-84, and features different material compositon and surface perfomance. Please see NRP-FR Series documents for more information.

Product Availability

White Almond

Tan Grey Black D?cor*


Product & Finish

Matte Nu Matte

Silk Cracked Ice

Nu Matte Silk

Available Moldings

Fire Rating


Almond Tan Grey



Panel Size

4' x 8' 4' x 10' 4' x 12'

Packaging & Weight

32 sq. ft./10# per pc. 40 sq. ft./12.5# per pc. 48 sq. ft./15# per pc.

32 sq. ft./16# per pc. 40 sq. ft./20# per pc. 48 sq. ft./24# per pc.


NRP Thick Panels


White Almond

Tan Grey Black

Panel Size 4'x8' 4'x10' 4'x12'

Stocked Special Order Not Available


Available Thickness


1/4", 3/8", 1/2",

Cracked Ice 5/8", 3/4", 1"


Full Thickness Color

Packaging & Weight

1/4" Thick ? 40 Lbs. 3/8" Thick ? 60 Lbs. 1/2" Thick ? 80 Lbs. 5/8" Thick ? 100 Lbs. 3/4" Thick ? 120 Lbs. 1" Thick ? 160 Lbs.

1,000 #/ Crate

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Product Overview Guide



Flame Spread



Smoke Developed Index


ASTM D-4060 Taber Abrasion

0.060 Wear index

ASTM D-790

Flexural Modulus (psi) 90,460 +/- 2840

ASTM D-D256 IZOD Impact

7.02 Ft-Lbs.

ASTM D-570

Water Absorption


ASTM D-732

Shear Strength

2970 psi

ASTM D-2240 Hardness

71 Shore D

ASTM D-792

Specific Gravity


ASTM D-638

Tensile Strength @ ultimate (psi)

1,190 psi +/- 60

NEMA LD 2005 3.4

Stain Resistance

No effect

NEMA LD 2005 3.4



ASTM D-696

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion

3.84 X 10-5in/in/?F

*NRP Standard Products **Smooth surfaces ***When cleaned with Parkland-approved cleaners.

Panel Specifications

1. ParklandTM NRP? Panels defined as nonporous sheet maintaining the same composition throughout the part with a composition of waterproof polymer alloy, densified reclaimed polymer materials, mineral reinforcement, pigment and high-performance additives, meeting applicable building materials standards: ANSI, UL, NEMA, ASTM, having minimum physical, performance, and environmental properties specified.

2. Panel backside may possess slight imperfections that do not adversely affect performance or physical properties and are not cause for rejection.

3. Panel quality standards are: Panel thickness: +/- 10% Width: 48" +/- 1/8" Length: specified length +/- 1/8" Square: not to exceed 1/8" for 8' panels or 5/32" for 10' panels.

4. All products shall be used and installed in strict accordance with Parkland Installation guidelines and Instructions.

Approvals & Certifications: Class III/C Fire Ratings per ASTM E-84 flame spread and smoke

development tests. Meets USDA/ CFIA requirements. Compliant with California Proposition 65. Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Agriculture Canada approved. Mold & Mildew Resistant per ASTM D3273-94 and D3274-95 tests.


Storage & Preparation ? Carefully inspect all panels prior to installation. Notify Parkland at once for any unacceptable materials. Parkland NRP Panels should be stored indoors on a flat, clean, dry surface for at least 24 hours prior to installation at the temperature the room will be after construction. Parkland NRP is intended to be installed using Parkland adhesives over finished sealed walls. Contact Parkland prior to installing over other substrates.

Adhesives ? Use ParklandTM Panel Adhesive (trowel grade), Spray-LockTM aerosol or Seal Bond? 105 (tube); all are VOC-free and available from Parkland. These adhesives provide superior performance every time with no odor or harmful chemicals.

Tools Required ? Utility knife, power saw (ATB, carbide tip), saber saw (metal cutting blade), caulking gun, tape measure, drill. See Parkland NRP-FRP Installation Guide for complete details.


Serviceable Temperature Range ? Parkland NRP Panels shall maintain performance characteristics and physical properties in temperatures ranging from -40F to 130F. Parkland NRP may discolor near heat sources ? such as ovens, fryers, and heat lamps ? where temperatures exceed 130F.

Parkland NRP Advantage ? Parkland NRP Panels are the only sanitary protective wall covering that are made from 100% recycled resin.

Cleaning Guidelines ? With regular cleaning, soil and dirt will not build up. See Use & Care Guide for recommended cleaners and other information.

Parkland NRP is made exclusively from 100% PLAS-TEX? - the recycled polymer miracle from Parkland Plastics.

For Additional Information, see: Parkland NRP Panels Color Brochure Parkland NRP Panels CSI Specifications Parkland NRP-FRP Panels Installation Guide

Parkland NRP Thick Sheets Fabrication Guide

Parkland NRP Use & Care Guide

For more information call: 800.835.4110 ? or Visit:

Spray-LockTM and Seal Bond? are registered trademarks; Parkland PlasticsTM makes no claim of affiliation to trademark holders. Prices, specifications, and product information are presented in good faith and believed correct at time of printing, and is subject to change without notice. Colors, sizes and product images are for general reference use only, are approximate, and variations may occur in printing and/ or production. Parkland PlasticsTM and its affiliates do not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of any information contained in any product document and have no liability for any errors or omissions in such. NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OF ANY OTHER NATURE ARE MADE HEREUNDER WITH RESPECT TO INFORMATION OR THE PRODUCT(S) TO WHICH INFORMATION REFERS. Statements expressed in this technical bulletin represent our best judgment based on our experience and are recommended for the installation of ParklandTM products under normal conditions. Unless prior approval is obtained in writing from ParklandTM, any deviation from these recommended procedures shall be at the sole risk of the installer. Carefully inspect all parts. If a part is defective, notify Parkland at once. Failure to do so shall be at the sole risk of the installer.

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