On behalf of club president jean fahmie and myself i

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On behalf of Club President, Jean Fahmie, and myself, I would like to thank each and every one of our many volunteers who helped out over this past weekend to put on our 27th annual Skate St. Moritz competition. I have participated in some respect in all but one of those 27 competitions and every year when it is over I am amazed that we managed to pull it off!

Thank you to Vonie Dondero, our Chief Accountant, and Jean who assisted, and managed to keep up with all my schedule and judging changes and skater withdrawals and group corrections and still produce all the paperwork needed to run the competition. And, a big thank you also to Sandy Westall for setting up and running the mini-system and managing through any technical glitches that came up.

Thank you to Rosalind Manoogian who took on the responsibility of Competition Chair - a job with a lot of details to manage!

And, thank you to Laurie Fong for your continued advice and willingness to help when and where you are needed!

Thank you to Howard Whelan, our Chief Music Coordinator and his team as well as Patty Vicary, our Chief Announcer and her team, for putting in all those hours at rinkside from the beginning of practice to the end of the competition!

Thank you to Stephanie Sosa for processing the approximately 330 entry forms and setting up our competition database!

Thank you to each of our Committee Chairs: Irene Quon, Maureen Rhodin, Pam Vanderzalm, Bobbie Birdsong, Lili Sun, Christina Hartinger, Cynthia Van Valkenburg, Katie Specht, Linn Specht, Craig Norris, Darlene Shaffer-Ito, Akbar Mokhtarani, Claire Jeannette, Marie Hughes, Jennifer Lee, Stephanie Pearl, Michelle Hoff, Carol Mirenda, and Marilyn Clark

There is no way I could name all of you, but also a big thank you to each person who volunteered time for shifts or donated resources for the competition!

Finally, I would like to give a special thank you to those who stayed after and helped to put all of our equipment away and clean up. I believe Maureen mentioned most of you, so I will just add my thanks. It is one of the hardest things to get people to stay a few more hours after a long competition when all anyone wants to do is go home to a comfortable couch and a good meal, so I really appreciate all those who were willing and able to stay and help.

I am sure I have forgotten someone; it is not because the Club does not appreciate your assistance, but simply because the competition quickly becomes a blur to me.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!!!

Lisa Erle

Vice President

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