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OOPTIMA STRATEGY Your personal investment program

The many advantages of OPTIMA STRATEGY

IInvesting means different things to different people. But most investors want the freedom to do things like give their children a good education, have a comfortable retirement and provide for their grandchildren. The foundation that Optima Strategy is based upon helps you realize your goals.

Optima Strategy is a wealth management program that offers strategically engineered portfolio solutions. These portfolios are built with portfolio optimization and superior tax efficiency strategies and are supported by a disciplined investment management process.

It's a comprehensive approach to managing your financial affairs.

Portfolio Optimization is supported by:

An Investment Policy Statement a written roadmap for your investments

Asset allocation diversification across 11 separate asset classes

Customized portfolios unique to your specific needs

Financial Engineering and Portfolio Analytics with responsibility for the portfolio managers, we ensure they continually meet their investment objectives and stay true to their discipline

Investment returns are enhanced through:

Corporate Class structure a tax-efficient solution providing flexibility when portfolios are rebalanced, which assists in the deferral and management of taxes

A multi-manager approach a lineup of independent, world-class investment managers

Automatic rebalancing asset weightings are automatically rebalanced to maintain your risk profile


Personal portfolio optimization

TThe expertise of our team of accredited investment analysts, along with our leading external managers, allows us to engineer model portfolios constructed with great care to maximize returns for your specific level of risk. Your portfolio can be further tailored to your unique needs, as required.


Optimized to provide stable, long-term performance

An efficient or optimal portfolio is one that is designed to maximize returns for the risk you take.




6.0 7.0


Same Return Lower Volatility

C Higher Return Same Volatility

A Non-Efficient Portfolio

10.0 Volatility

A ? Current Portfolio B ? Optimized Portfolio C ? Optimized Portfolio


A balanced asset mix ensures that Optima Strategy investors are not dependent on any one asset class or security to provide returns. We provide diversification by asset class (such as stocks, bonds and real estate), market capitalization, industry sector, geographic region, investment style and portfolio manager.

We manage world-class investment managers

Our in-house team of investment analysts continuously researches the world's capital markets to identify and monitor the most advantageous investment techniques and vehicles. With this knowledge, they have constructed and monitor risk-controlled portfolios designed to meet your particular needs. We continually evaluate the investment managers participating in Optima Strategy against strict criteria to ensure that they adhere to their defined investment mandate. The managers must invest according to the specific investment approach for which they were hired and deliver consistent performance compared to their benchmark.


Superior management of

Oyour portfolio for tax efficiency Optima Strategy is based on a comprehensive platform that allows you and your advisor to make the best investment decisions based on your financial needs with the assurance that all tax considerations are being met. Assets outside registered plans reside within the United Financial Corporate Class structure, giving you the flexibility to defer and manage the taxes you are subject to.


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