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Title I Parent and Family


Polk County Public Schools

2018-2019 Polk County Public TITLE I Schools

Crystal Lake Elementary

School Compact for Learning

District and School-based Title I Parent and Family Engagement Programs in Polk County Public Schools will strive to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS in order to create real family engagement for every child, every family, every teacher, every day.

This compact outlines how the parents/family, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. By linking learning, the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help our students achieve the state's high standards for the school year.

We will support learning in the following ways;

CurriculumHigh Academics

Staff Responsibilities

Provide a safe, effective learning environment while maintaining high expectations in all content areas per the Florida Standards for student achievement.

Parent/Family Responsibilities

Provide a safe, supportive home environment for your child to learn. Set and discuss high expectations and goals for your child. Make sure your child arrives to school on time and in proper uniform.

Student Responsibilities

Come to school prepared to learn. Bring your agenda daily. Think creatively and ask questions.

Monitoring Student Progress

Partnership Be Involved

Send home academic and behavior updates. Provide positive feedback on assignments, interims, report cards, and assessments.

Provide families with family nights, resources, and activities to encourage academic achievement. Ask parents for input and suggestions on how to better support their student.

Access Parent Portal to look at your child's grades on a regular basis. Ask the teacher for ideas to help your child succeed.

Attend after school activities, parent nights, parent-teacher conferences, and parent meetings to develop the school compact. Join the PTO, SAC, and/or volunteer.

Complete all classwork and homework when it is assigned. Ask for make-up work if you are absent.

Maintain a positive attitude in school. Engage in learning by doing your best every day. Be the best you can be!

Communication Stay Informed

Learning Environment

Develop positive relationships and communication with parents through agendas, interims, report cards, conferences, email, school website, marquee, and newsletters.

Provide a warm climate where all students can be successful.

Make school aware of student absences, needs, and important changes at home. Immediately notify office of any phone number changes.

Ask your child about their day. Reinforce what your child is learning in school by reviewing your child's agenda daily for academic and behavior updates. Sign your child's agenda daily.

Please visit our school's website for additional information, including curriculum and instruction; test dates; staff contact information; Title 1 resources; and other important dates.

If you do not have access to our website please visit the front office for printed information or call the front office at 863-499-2966

Visit the polk- website for important information. (Type in the keyword in the search box.)


(keyword Nutrition) or call 534-0588

Deliver all notes from parents or school in a timely manner. Let your teacher or family know if you need help.

Follow the SOAR Expectations: Show Respect Outstanding Character Academic Pride Resolve Problems Peacefully


Parent/Guardian ____________________ Student____________________________ Teacher____________________________

This compact was discussed on___________.

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