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Patch Activity Booklet



Brought to you by: Cabot Creamery Co-operative, New England Dairy & Food Council, and Florida Dairy Farmers

Fueling Head to Toe

Dear Group Leaders and Parents:

The farm families of Cabot Creamery Co-operative, the New England Dairy & Food Council, and the Florida Dairy Farmers are so pleased that you have chosen to complete the Fueling Head to Toe patch program with your group!

Our goals for the program include teaching young people:

How eating food from a variety of food groups leads to a healthy diet and a healthy body. Why dairy is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. How dairy products get from the dairy farm to their table. The importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Because exercise and a healthy diet are vitally important to youth, we encourage your group to complete all of the activities in this booklet. We hope this program will stimulate a continuing interest in learning more about the importance of diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

If you and your group enjoy the activities in this booklet, please check out the nutrition and exercise-related activities, information, and education pieces on the Cabot, New England Dairy & Food Council, and Florida Dairy Farmers websites. Don't hesitate to reach out to if you need any assistance as you work on the patch.

We hope you'll enjoy learning about ways to keep bodies strong for a healthy future.

Healthy Regards,

Sara Wing, RD Director, Wellness & Community Programs Cabot Creamery Co-operative

Heidi Harkopf, MS, RD Director, Nutrition Programs New England Dairy & Food Council

Alyssa Greenstein, RD, LD/N, FAND Director, Nutrition Affairs Florida Dairy Farmers

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When I have earned this patch: I will understand why dairy is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I will know the major food groups and why it is important to eat foods from all these groups every day. I will understand the importance of exercise and how it makes me healthy. I will know how to build a healthy snack and why it is important. I will understand how dairy products get from the farm to my table at school or home.

Steps to earning your Fueling Head to Toe Patch:

1. Moo-ve Your Way to Good Health 2. Making MyPlate a Healthy Plate 3. Dairy as a Powerhouse 4. Building a Healthy Snack 5. Farm to Dairy

Table of Contents:

1. Moo-ve Your Way to Good Health.....................3 2. Making MyPlate a Healthy Plate.......................5 3. Dairy as a Powerhouse.....................................7 4. Building a Healthy Snack................................11 5. Farm to Dairy..................................................13 6. Patch Program Resources..............................16

Activity Choices

Fueling Head to Toe Patch activities also fulfill steps for the Brownie Snacks and My Best Self Badges and the Junior Staying Fit Badge. Additionally, Daisies will learn values of the Girl Scout Law while completing the patch activities, allowing them to earn Daisy Petals. Suggested Petals include Tula Petal (red)Courageous and Strong, and Gloria Petal (purple)Respect Myself and Others.

By completing the activities denoted by the symbols below, girls will earn their badge(s) and petal(s), which troop leaders can purchase online or at their local Girl Scout store.

Learning Objectives | 1

For Group Leaders

Group Leaders: We hope you and your group enjoy this exploration into the importance of healthy foods and activities that can fuel minds and bodies. We encourage you and your group to work through the booklet and complete the activities in each of the four sections. We recommend that you print handouts single-sided for your group members. Handouts are located in the back of the booklet (after page 16).

Next Steps: Once your group has completed the activities, please fill out the online survey to receive your free patches and Treat Pack! You can access this Survey using the following link: emcspiritt.s/cabot-fueling-head-to-toe or on the Cabot website.

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2 | For Group Leaders

GStirelpS1c: oMuot oP-rvoemYioseuraWndaLyatwo Good Health

Group Leader Background Information: Exercise helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones, and joints. Try these fun ways to get moo-ving below!

Learn more about the importance of physical fitness with this information from the USDA:


Learn the Importance of Exercise (Grades K-2)

Have your group watch this video about the importance of exercise and then facilitate a group discussion using the following questions as a guide.

Why is exercise important for a healthy body? How long should we play/exercise each day? Name two of your favorite games or ways you



Get Moo-ving with Mooga (Grades K-8)

Mooga, or cow-themed yoga, is an interactive and informational activity that is meant to give adult leaders and students a quick physical activity break during the school day. Try any series of these yoga poses for 3-5 minutes at the beginning or middle of class. Getting kids energized and moving is proven to help students stay focused on learning! You can use the Mooga handout at the end of the booklet or check out these videos:


Mooga handouts (Resource #1)

Yoga mats or towels

Laptop to watch Mooga video or play Mooga music

Step 1: Moo-ve Your Way To Good Health | 3

Step 1: Moo-ve Your Way to Good Health


Track Your Exercise (Grades 3-8)

Have students use our Exercise Tracker for three days in a row to keep tabs on how much exercise they participate in each day. Remind them to write down all the activity they do (playing, walking, sports, etc.), including the amount of time they spend on each activity. At the end of the three days, review the trackers as a group to determine if each student has reached the physical activity goal of 60 minutes per day. If students haven't reached their goals, have the group discuss ways they all can increase the amount of exercise they are getting. Encourage students to enlist the help of their family and friends to motivate others to be more active too.


Exercise tracker (Resource #2)

Fitness tracker, if available, to track your steps on the Exercise Tracker

4 | Step 1: Moo-ve Your Way To Good Health

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