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August 2016

Important Dates

South Regional Meeting Andalusia, AL

September 8, 2016

New Overtime Rules looming Who is preserving our history?

Online Media Campus

InDesign Efficiencies Thursday, September 15

Presenter Joe Greco, GateHouse Media

2017 APA Journalism Summit Montgomery, AL

February 9-10, 2017

2017 APA Summer Convention Orange Beach, AL July 6-8, 2017

State Records Commission has protected public records since 1955

Gordon completes internship in Hartselle

Mobile reporting: Apps for Journalists 2016

Scott Goldsmith announced as President and Managing Shareholder

of JamisonMoneyFarmer PC




Alabama Press Association Alabama Newspaper Advertising

Service Inc. 3324 Independence Drive

Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 871-7737 (205) 871-7740 (fax)

Board of Directors

Tommy McGraw, Chairman of the Board Sumter County Record-Journal Michele Gerlach, President Andalusia Star-News

Scott Brown, First Vice President The Decatur Daily

Kenneth Boone, Second Vice President Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.

Robert Bozeman, The Evergreen Courant Terry Connor, The Cullman Times Bob Davis, The Anniston Star Eddie Dodd, The Abbeville Herald

Denise DuBois, The Citizen of East Alabama Horace Moore, The Northwest Alabamian

Tim Prince, The Clanton Advertiser Jim Rainey, The Tuscaloosa News

Darrell Sandlin, TimesDaily Brad Shurett, The Daily Sentinel Steve Smith, The Dothan Eagle Joe Thomas, The Tri-City Ledger

APAStaff Felicia Mason, Executive Director Brad English, Advertising Manager

Leigh Leigh Tortorici, Senior Marketing Representative

Amy Metzler, Marketing Representative Chris McDaniel, Member Services Coordinator/Network Sales Dennis R. Bailey, General Counsel Scott Goldsmith, APAAccountant

New Overtime Rules looming

Unless something changes tion. If you missed the webinar,

before Dec. 1, 2016, there will be you can still access it online at:

new rules in place regarding how .

businesses pay overtime. The com/2016/06/new-labor-rule/. On

new rules increase the salary the registration page, enter the

threshold from $23,660 to

discount code" overtime" and

$47,476 to be classified

you will not be charged.

as exempt for overtime.

It is important to note

That is a one-time

that an individual pub-

increase, but begin-

lication with circulation

ning Jan. 1, 2020, the

under 4,000 is exempt.

salary threshold will

If one corporation owns

increase every three

multiple newspapers un-


der the 4,000-circulation

Nashville media law attor- threshold, the question becomes

ney Michael Zinser recently pre- whether they are separate publi-

sented a free webinar through cations, or must the circulation be

the Online Media Campus, in aggregated? This is decided on a

partnership with Southern News- case-by-case basis.

paper Publishers Association and the Alabama Press Associa-

see Overtime pg 3

Who is preserving our history?

Newspapers are the most comprehensive record of history in every community, and for several years now, APA has worked with the Alabama Department of Archives and History on a project to digitize Alabama's newspapers. Are you sending copies of your publications to ADAH?

All APA members are encouraged to participate in this important project to preserve the recordings of history provided by newspapers. The process is simple, and no different than uploading PDFs of your newspaper's pages to an FTP site.

Tracey Berezansky, Assistant Director for Government Records, is heading up the project for ADAH. "The first step in the process is to complete what's called a `deed-ofgift,' which ensures the copyright remains with the newspaper and keeps everything above board," Berezansky said. The copyright

to the newspaper remains with the publisher. Any researcher or vendor interested in publishing an article from a newspaper or a commercial use of the newspaper will be directed to the publisher.

"Once ADAH receives the deed-of-gift, instructions on how to upload the newspaper's pages are emailed. Once the digital pages are received by ADAH, they are archived for future use by those wishing to research information published in Alabama newspapers."

This form is available on the APA website or you can call the APA office for a copy. If you have any questions, please call Tracey Berezansky, assistant director for Government Records, Alabama Department of Archives and History 334-242-4452 or email her at: tracey.berezansky@archives. .



pg 2

Some members of Congress have proposed an alternative plan that will not increase the salary threshold by about 100 percent in one leap on Dec. 1. The Overtime Reform and



Enhancement Act, HR 5813, would instead impose a 50 percent increase in December and then phase out the remainder over four years. Reps. Kurt Schrader, Oregon; Jim Cooper, Tennessee; Henry Cuellar, Texas; and Collin Peterson, Minnesota are the bill sponsors.

"For us, news does not happen on a time clock," National Newspaper Association President and publisher of The Times Leader in Princeton, Ky., Chip Hutcheson said. "Covering

the news requires flexibility and creativity that rigid work rules do not allow. Our concern has been that, with our budgets constrained by the slow economy, we would have no choice but to cut back on news coverage and cut jobs, in order to keep everyone within the rules. Rep. Schrader recognizes, as we do, that the increase is needed and he wants to create a schedule that enhances jobs rather than squeezing them out of small businesses."

State Records Commission has protected

public records since 1955

In 1955, the Alabama Legislature created the State Records Commission within the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

The nine-member commission, headed by the director of the ADAH, is charged with the following responsibilities:

? conduct surveys of public records created by state agencies

? issue regulations classifying all public records and prescribing the period for which records of each class shall be retained

? determine which public records shall be preserved permanently because of historical value and which records may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of

? approve records disposal requests submitted by state agencies prior to the records destruction.

Since its creation, the commission has provided a valuable service in guiding the custodians of public

records. For example, in 2013 the commission addressed some basic questions about emails.

1) Is email a government record? Alabama law stipulates that any document is a government record when it is created by a government employee in the course of conducting public business (Code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-13-1). Email messages are records and should be treated the same way paper records

are treated. 2) Are emails sent via a private

email account government records if they document government business?

Yes. Code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-13-1 does not limit government records to those only created and/or stored on government property. Content determines whether or not a record is a government record, not format or the machines or e-mail accounts used to create the document.

3) Do agencies have to keep every email message permanently?

No. Just as a large percentage of an agency's paper documents are retained for a set period, a large percentage of its e-mail messages are also retained temporarily.

For more information on the State Records Commission, visit http:// archives.officials/ state100.html.




Gordon completes internship in Hartselle

Editor's note: Gordon worked this summer at the Hartselle Enquirer with an internship sponsored by the APA Journalism Foundation.

My name is Amanda Gordon and I spent my summer as an intern for the Hartselle Enquirer. I started my internship in mid-May and as school starts back on Aug. 17, I hate to see it go. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people, and a great opportunity to write about some remarkable people.

During my time at the paper, I've interviewed and written about the new CEO of eHarmony, Grant Langston, who grew up in Hartselle. I interviewed Kelly Ward, the Hartselle Junior High CMP manager who was a contestant on a reoccurring game show. I had the honor of interviewing and writing about the retirement of Clif Knight, an admirable staff

writer,who battled a terrible flood to protect the Enquirer. I also wrote about a disabled war veteran who lost his emotional support dog who was also his best friend; a 6 year old named Addison who learned about tithing and baked cakes to raise money for her princess birthday party; and lots more. I have spent time at the schools I grew up in, learning more about their school plans than I knew when I was in school. I've grown closer to and met more people in Hartselle that I could've ever imagined just because I was granted this internship.

I have truly enjoyed the opportunity I've been given to learn more about journalism and writing, something I truly love. As a writer, I learned more about proofing and grammar than I've ever known before. I helped edit and proof articles written for the

paper. I learned how to do in-depth research to get more information on a topic I was writing about, and I now know more about what goes on in the town I live in. I got to attend some pretty interesting activities that were held over the summer, and meet new people wherever I went.

The entire staff at the Enquirer has been kind and loving. During my stay, my aunt passed away suddenly. I got encouraging texts that helped me through my tough time. I am very thankful for the wonderful people I have worked with and worked for. I have truly enjoyed my time at the Enquirer, and I've learned so much from all of my coworkers. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have had this internship to learn more about journalism and writing.

Mobile reporting: Apps for Journalists 2016

Val Hoeppner, a digital journalist and trainer, presented a popular program at the APA Summer Convention. Here are some of the tools Val suggests for all journalists. Visit , for more helpful information.

Notes, documents and file transfers

EVERNOTE ? A note-taking app that syncs text, photos and audio to Internet connected devices. Journalists can use it to take notes, dictate short stories (and photo captions) with audio option, write stories, captions and submit for editing. Evernote is more than an app, and available as a Mac OS download, via Google Chrome, Windows and other browsers. FREE -- available on iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms.

Audio and call recording iTALK ? iTalk Recorder is an audio recorder with high quality files. Press the big red button to record; press it again to stop. Files can also be saved to Dropbox with the Pro version. FREE for the basic edition,

$1.99 for iTalk Pro, which features Dropbox uploading. Android has Voice Memo which is free.

Photography, photo editing FILTERSTORM ? A photo-editing app for the iPhone and iPad.

Filterstorm contains editing tools similar to Adobe Photoshop on your computer. You can edit using layers, curves for adjusting tone, color correction, sharpness, noise reduction and a history brush. Filterstorm has two important features for journalists: 1 ? the ability to add IPTC or caption information to images and 2 ? the ability to send images directly from the app to an FTP server, email, Dropbox and more. $3.99 -- available on iPhone and iPad.

Video and video editing MOVIE PRO ? A filmmaking app with full auto and manual controls for focus, exposure and white balance. What sets this app apart from others is the ability to listen to the sound you are recording with your video. Using a TRRS adapter you can record sound and listen live. Movie Pro also features a singletrack video editor so you can create simple videos and quickly publish them. $4.99 for iOS.

see Apps pg 5





from pg 4

Social media tools BUFFER ? Share to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + from one place and at optimal times.

Add up to five tweets/posts to your "buffer" for automatic posting at the best times throughout the day. You can also schedule the buffered posts. Use the app, web version or post from Feedly, Nuzzle and other RSS feed apps. Free -- available on iPhone.

Extras 5-0 POLICE SCANNER ? Allows users to listen live to local, national

and international police, fire and ambulance radio traffic. This app runs in the background on your mobile device so you can listen while writing a story or capturing photographs. FREE -- available on iPhone. Android offers a variety of scanner apps, my favorite is Scanner Radio.

Scott Goldsmith announced as President and Managing

Shareholder of JamisonMoneyFarmer PC

Scott Goldsmith

JamisonMoneyFarmer PC ("JMF") Executive Board Chairman, Carl T. Jamison, announced today that Scott Goldsmith has been elected President and Managing Shareholder of the CPA firm and will assume the position on September 1, 2016. In making the announcement Jamison said, "This is the culmination of a leadership succession process we began two years ago and we are excited about the firm's future as we transition to the next generation of firm management and leadership."

Goldsmith, APA's accountant since 2007, replaces Bryan Chandler who has served as Managing

Shareholder since 2005. "Scott and I worked closely in firm management during the last two years and I look forward to his continued leadership in this new role," said Chandler. Chandler will take on assigned special projects and continue to work directly with firm clients, specifically in wealth and financial planning in the firm's fast-growing affiliate, JMF Capstone Wealth Management, LLC where he will remain as Managing Member.

Goldsmith will be the sixth Managing Shareholder of JMF, which traces its roots to 1920, when Jamison's

see Goldsmith pg 6

Congratulations Randy Garrison from The Hartselle Enquirer and Rebecca Beasley

from the Clayton Record for winning their mayoral elections!



from pg 5

grandfather, Carl C. Jamison, founded the firm. Goldsmith said, "We have a great history of client service,


including helping transition many of our client's businesses. Today, we are pleased to roll out our own transition plan and are excited about our growth plans." Scott Goldsmith joined the firm in 1989 and was admitted as a Shareholder in 1998.

Scott is a graduate of Central High School in Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. He is married to Melissa, and they have two chil-


dren, Lele and Fuller. Scott is also the Founder of "Fuller's Foundation: Advocating Children's Hospital of Alabama".

Carl Jamison will continue in his role as Chairman of the JamisonMoneyFarmer Executive Board. Bobby Ingram serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Angela Hamiter is the Secretary of JamisonMoneyFarmer PC.

Stephanie Rebman is the new managing editor at the Birmingham Business Journal. She is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, and most recently served as editor of the Oxford (Miss.) Eagle.

Josh Boutwell has joined The


Enterprise Ledger as a reporter. The Elba native is a graduate of Elba High School and attended Lurleen B. Wallace Community College. He worked previously at the Andalusia StarNews.

Josh Richards has been named editor of The Opp News. He joined

the staff earlier this year as a reporter.

Richards earned a degree from Troy University, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in communications. He worked at the Troy University student newspaper, The Tropolitan, while in school.

Charles Robert (Bob) Gambacurta, 71, of Montgomery, July 26, 2016. He is survived by his son, Anthony "Drew" Gambacurta and his wife Ginny Gambacurta of Birmingham; and son Charles Robert "Chad" Gambacurta, Jr. of Destin, Florida; granddaughters Hayden Elizabeth Gambacurta of Montgomery and Laura Katherine "Kate" Gambacurta of Birmingham; sister, Nancy Jo Gambacurta and her husband Ken Kassel of Rochester, New York; and brother, Tony Gambacurta and his wife Michele, of Fair Haven, New York. He was preceded in death by his parents Anthony Andrew "Andy" Gambacurta and Laura Pelton Gambacurta.

Bob was born in Rochester, New York; attended Union College in New York before accepting a job in television in Atlanta, Georgia and later relocating to Montgomery to become news anchor with WSFA, and the rest is history.

He became a legendary media personality on television, radio and print. Known for his brilliant mind, quick wit and insightful political commentary, he had the amazing ability with the written word, writing a weekly column in The Montgomery Independent and as editor and writer of Inside Alabama Politics. He was a great orator and distinguished parliamentarian. Bob previously served as Gov.


Fob James' Press Secretary.

Georgia Tolly Shelton of Decatur died Tuesday, July 26, after a long illness from heart disease. She was 81. Her husband, Barrett C. Shelton Jr., retired editor and publisher of The Decatur Daily, survives her. Other survivors are daughter Leigh Cassady, Enterprise; son Clint (Nicole) Shelton, Decatur; Caroline (Joe) Mercer, Savannah, Ga.; and grandchildren Calvin, Georgia, William, Hudson, Margaret and Louise.

Barrett and Tolly met in Chattanooga, Tenn., at a greasy spoon where she took afternoon coffee breaks from her work at the Social Security Administration, and he regularly ate breakfast before beginning his night shift at the Chattanooga Times.

They married April 12, 1958, at First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., and returned to Decatur where she devoted a majority of her time to rearing their three children. Later those children and their spouses would give her six grandchildren.

In Decatur, Tolly marched to her own belief system which was formed by her early years in the Piedmont Region and Low Country of South Carolina where her ancestors were small farmers and tradesmen. She

drew her faith from a line descended from a German Huguenot Immigrant who apprenticed himself to a furniture maker. He later started a family business that survived in Anderson, S.C., until her father entered the Army during WWII. She received her name from the same line when her parents named her for her grandfather, George Tolly, who died two days before she was born.

Tolly loved to garden and attempted to have flowers year-round so she could place them each Sunday at First Presbyterian Church of Decatur. When her own garden flowers weren't available, she was known to scout alleys and neighbors yards to borrow her components. She would arrange them on Saturdays in the fall to avoid football games, but appreciated that The Bear and Nick kept her husband happy.

She led the first integrated Brownie and Girl Scout troops at GordonBibb Elementary. She also served as a volunteer tutor at Lakeside High School during the early days of integration to help ease students' move to new schools. Tolly's efforts further confirmed her opinion that separate was not equal. She was always a champion for the minority and most recently the plight of immigrants to

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