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Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee

"We are pro-Liverpool and anti-nobody" (Bill Shankly 1971)



Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee

"We are pro-Liverpool and anti-nobody" (Bill Shankly 1971)


Honorary President's Foreword Chair's Report About the LFC SC Key achievements for 2012/13

1. Review of Committee structure and governance 2. Communication 3. Equality 4. Ticketing 5. International


Honorary President's Foreword

It was a great privilege to be invited to become Honorary President of the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee. Having started off as the first Chair of the Committee, I have been impressed with the level of commitment and quality of work that we produce and I am delighted to be in a position to offer any help I can. Ensuring that we speak with a truly representative voice is a big responsibility; one that myself and the other LFC Supporters' Committee members take very seriously as we continue to work hard on your behalf. I believe that the new committee structure, governance document and associated policies will allow the Committee to be more focused and better able to deal with the pressing issues that affect fans. I am committed to working with Bob (Chair), Jeanette (Vice-Chair) and the Committee to help deal with the issues and challenges that 2013-14 bring. I look forward to the season ahead for the LFC Supporters' Committee and to even more positive progress. With best wishes Karen Gill Honorary President, LFC Supporters' Committee


Chair's Report

Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report which we hope will give you a good overview of the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee's work on behalf of all supporters. We started the season extremely well, announcing our first Honorary President, Karen Gill. Karen is a tremendous ambassador and advocate for all LFC supporters and we are delighted that she is our Honorary President. On behalf of the LFC Supporters' Committee members, I warmly thank her for her friendship and incredible support. It has been an extremely busy 12 months. Last season, the Supporters' Committee recognised that many areas overlapped and we have now restructured ourselves to a more manageable 12 constituencies. An open and transparent recruitment and selection process has been introduced and LFC fans will be given the opportunity to vote online for their preferred representative in each category this season. We have changed the way our meetings with the Club are formatted and they are now structured around pre agreed themes such as `Ticketing', `Equality' and `Provision for Families and young people'. This allows the Committee to focus on a core subject rather than a `scattergun' of questions approach and, I believe, draws out a more detailed response from the Club. My hope for the 2013-14 season is that the Club engage with the Committee on a more regular basis to improve the consultation process so the Committee can better represent the wider fan base. With warmest regards Bob Humphries Chair, LFC Supporters' Committee


About the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee

Liverpool Football Club Supporters Committee is an initiative of Liverpool Football Club. The Supporters' Committee acts as a consultation group that allows fans to help shape the club's future through regular and constructive dialogue with senior LFC officials.

The Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee (LFCSC) consists of 12 voluntary Members plus an Honorary President. The Committee represents the various stakeholder groups from the LFC supporter base including:

1. Families & young people; 2. Merseyside residents; 3. Official supporters clubs; 4. International West; 5. International East; 6. Disabled supporters; 7. Non-season ticket holders and members; 8. Away fans; 9. Female fans; 10. LGBT fans; 11. Ethnic minorities; and 12. Season ticket holders & hospitality fans

Members of the Committee share the supporters' opinions and views with LFC to help the club better understand the issues that most affect and concern its supporters.

Recruitment and Selection

Three of the positions on the LFC Supporters' Committee are up for election this season. A recruitment pack was developed to give further information regarding the role and the responsibilities involved in being a Committee Member and all supporters will have the chance to apply for one of the positions. After the closing date, a three member panel will read the applications and shortlist applicants for each category. Profiles of those short-listed candidates will be placed on the LFC website and supporters will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice in each of the categories. The process will be overseen by the Football Supporters Federation, as an independent body.

Sub Committees

The LFC SC has formed several sub committees. Initially, the areas covered are: Communication Equality Ticketing International


Key achievements for 2012/13

1. Review of Committee structure and governance

A `review group' was set up to look at the structure of the Committee who worked over a nine-month period and identified 12 categories to cover every constituent within the LFC supporter family. The result of the review group's exercise means that from the original 18 members (that subsequently reduced to 15 through early retirement), from season 2013/2014 the Committee will consist of 12 members.

The table below summaries the new structure alongside the previous one.

Constituency (2012/13) Season Ticket Holders Hospitality fans Disability Under 18's Families Anfield/Breckfield area Merseyside area Supporters Clubs International West International East Away Fans Female LGBT Ethnic Minorities General Admission LFC Members UK Supporters Older People

Constituency (2013/14) 1 Season Tickets & Hospitality

Queries dealt with in constituency above 2 Disability 3 Families & Young People

Queries dealt with in constituency above 4 Merseyside Residents

Queries dealt with in constituency above 5 Supporters Clubs 6 International West 7 International East 8 Away Fans 9 Female 10 LGBT 11 Ethnic Minorities 12 Non STH & LFC Members

Queries dealt with in constituency above Queries dealt with in other constituencies Queries dealt with in other constituencies


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