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Dance Proms 2nd November 2014

At London's Royal Albert Hall



As 2014 came to a close I was able to find a moment to reflect on a year of intense activity, of progress and of change for the ISTD. We used our strengthened financial position to build for the future, renewing our links to our members in the UK, EU and internationally in order to extend to more new students and members the opportunity to discover pathways into dance and to experience the quality of the ISTD's work.

The highlights of the year noted elsewhere include some of the changes that took place, but I feel that I should mention the retirement of Paddy Hurlings from her role as the ISTD's first Artistic Director. Thankfully Paddy remained as Chair of the Theatre Faculties Board, where she continued to work with colleagues to respond to new challenges and to sustain the wonderful work of the Theatre Faculties. Richard Hunt also resigned as Chair of Dancesport Faculties Board and I must thank Vernon Kemp for agreeing to step into the role and for proving such a capable leader and listener ? a very important combination. Elisabeth Swan stepped down from her role as Cecchetti Faculty Chairman, but I was grateful for her continued presence on Council.

With the support of Council colleagues, CEO Hassan Khan and all ISTD staff I was able to lead the first ISTD Summer School in China at the Beijing Dance Academy, and it was a great privilege to see the inspiration that ISTD teachers transmit to students. We have also established links in Vietnam and we have begun to work to bring together the ISTD members in the Asia-Pacific region so that we can all benefit from their shared energy. With the introduction of new working practices and new technology we hope to be able to develop a stronger sense of the meaning of

ISTD membership for members everywhere and to enhance our offer to all of you.

I must also extend my warm thanks to our ISTD Life President, Dame Beryl Grey and President Peggy Spencer MBE who continued to inspire us with their messages of support, and whose records as ISTD leaders of great vision continues to challenge me to do just a little bit more each day for the ISTD. It is of course a very great honour to be part of the Society, a world-wide family of those dedicated to dance, and to passing on, from generation to generation, the love, knowledge and wisdom that dance offers.

I know that 2015 will be another year of intense activity and we will continue to build on our strong foundations to serve members better, to reach out to new members and to bring together the diverse `family' that the ISTD represents in order to share and celebrate our belief in the energising and life-enhancing power of dance.

Professor Christopher Bannerman ISTD Chairman


"The dances began and all of a sudden there were kicks, leaps with turns and leaps that

fell to the floor; it was full-on!"

Markella Panayi, Janet Cram Awards 2014

Worthing Congress, 2014

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