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Annual Report


St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School

The Rev'd Wilifred Allen-Faiella, Rector Silvia Larrauri, Head of School Joy McIntosh, Assistant Head of School Pastor Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez, Chaplain

2014-2015 Faculty and Staff

Desiree Adams, Advancement Assistant Cristina Albeirus, Senior Kindergarten Assistant Mary Aparicio, Physical Education Kathleen Bas??ez, Grade 5 Maria Batista, Assistant to the Head of School Monica Baugher, Library Assistant Frangel Ben-Ami, Facilities Staff Melissa Booth, Grade 3 Natalie Brito, Office Administrator Molly Brown, Grade 2 Ellen Bulkley, Librarian Mariana Carta, Grade 1 Kelly Clark, Grade 2 Assistant Cathie D'Arcy, Director of Admission Ron Daw, Director of Facilities Fatima Delbeck, Junior Kindergarten Assistant John DeMartin, STEM Coordinator Jenny Diaz, Ed Tech Innovator Daniel Eguizabal, Music Rachel Erb, Pre-Kindergarten Lily Fernandez, Senior Kindergarten Tere Finlay, Math Coach Eleni Garc?s, Grade 4 Mercedes Gonzalez, Literacy Coach Melinda Harper, Grade 1 Allan Herrera, Facilities Staff Steve Hoffman, Physical Education Felix Jacomino, Director of Technology Mary Jones, Grade 3 Lourdes Key, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Rebecca Lafont, Grade 2 Ana Llaneza, Spanish Alex Lopez, Facilities Staff Homalka Lopez, Grade 2 Assistant Lourdes Maci?, Pre-Kindergarten Katherine Mohr, Grade 3 Assistant Sadys Morejon, Facilities Staff Wilfrid Murat, Facilities Staff Ileana Nardo, Art Mariv? Nevin, Business Manager Susie Oldham, Junior Kindergarten Alfredo Peche, Spanish Mairely Rodriguez, Junior Kindergarten Kat Ruiz, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Deanne Saavedra, Senior Kindergarten Assistant Marilia Sabalier, Advancement Assistant Liz Scholer, Director of Communication Martha Serra-Mohr, Assistant to the Head of School Robbin Simons, Godly Play. Music, and Drama Nerissa Sturrup, Ed Tech Innovator Carley Sullivan, Grade 1 Assistant Sally Tappert, Math Coach Pamela Tusi, Grade 1 Assistant Maritza Urdaneta, Senior Kindergarten Amy Velez-Lleonart, Junior Kindergarten Inge Wassmann, Ed Tech Innovator Paul Weaver, Science Jennie Webster, Grade 5 Kit Wills, Director of Development Carlos Zepeda, Grade 3 Assistant Delia Zepeda, Science Kathy Zwibelman, Grade 4

Core Values

We cherish each person as one who is created in the image of God. St. Stephen's fosters the notion that life is a journey toward God. By promoting self respect and respect for others we honor the ongoing process of spiritual growth and discovery.

We support the Christian life in the tradition of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. St. Stephen's strives to advance the mission of its founding church by inspiring in all individuals a commitment to social justice, inclusiveness, community outreach and service to others.

We recognize the strength of community. St. Stephen's is a welcoming environment where all members of our school and church communities are encouraged to participate in a collaborative process of discovery and learning.

We encourage teaching and learning excellence in all its forms. St. Stephen's nurtures intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. We believe that academic, athletic and artistic achievement, creative problem solving, preparation for leadership, and character development are essential components of childhood education.

Mission Statement

Believing that every child is created in God's image, we exist to educate and inspire children to lead by example and become forces for good in the world.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this report. We regret and apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions. To make a correction, or to make a contribution, please contact Director of Development, Kit Wills at 305.537.1299.


On behalf of our students, our faculty, our staff and our clergy, we extend a sincere thank you for your extraordinary support. The 2014-2015 Annual Report provides you with a quick reference of the collective efforts of our school community. The Vestry, Board of Trustees, parents, faculty, staff and parishioners made great strides by sharing everyone's time, talent and treasure. This past year was one of great accomplishments!

Our strength in community driven by our strong Episcopal Identity is our hallmark and is the anchor that allows us to provide our students with a high level of programming and excellence in education. As a community of leaders we take every opportunity to adjust and transform our existing programs and curriculum to meet the 21st Century needs of our students. Our thoughtful planning for social justice has provided different opportunities that require student participation and outreach. And our level of commitment to professional development for our faculty has empowered our teachers and our school in providing a cutting edge educational environment for our students.

We deeply thank all who participated on our efforts!

Silvia Larrauri Head of School

Rev'd Wilifred Allen-Faiella Peter Gardner


Chair, Board of Trustees

2014-2015 Board of Trustees

Peter Gardner `79, Chair Rev. Wilifred Allen-Faiella

John Boord Alvaro Coraspe Russell Corbett Bob Coulombe Lisette Di Gasbarro Kristin Fonseca Carlos Hellmund Silvia Larrauri

Yery Marrero Greg Schein

Heidi Sell Rick Souto Vilma Strong

Front Row: Rick Souto, Pastor Willie Allen-Faiella, Silvia Larrauri, Vilma Strong, Kristin Fonseca; Back Row: Peter Gardner, Yery Marrero, Alvaro Coraspe, John Boord, Greg Schein, Lisette Di Gasbarro, Heidi Sell, Russell Corbett, Bob Coulombe; Not Pictured: Carlos Hellmund.

School and Home Association

Dear Friends,

Our goals for the School and Home Association include fostering an inclusive environment where families can gather, voice their ideas and feel valued. We aim to throw community-building events that reinforce the bonds in our community.

Our largest of these events, the Carnival, solicited screams of joy from our children and plenty of good cheer from the rest of us. The `wet' theme "Make a Splash" was a huge hit. The fifth graders proudly wore their baseball caps and took turns getting dunked while others ran towards the much anticipated zip line and jumbo shark waterslide. No detail was forgotten, there were even "Make a Splash" towels for our wet bundles of joy running around. Another great example of community spirit was felt as we gathered under the stars and oak trees to watch our very own St. Stephen's stars perform at our Annual Dinner Auction, "Dancing with the SSEDS Stars". I am sure all of Coconut Grove heard us cheering on our parent contestants as they demonstrated their adeptness in tango or mambo but most of all their love for their family's little school by the bay. That night we were able to raise all the funds needed for financial aid the following year and the funds needed to enhance the educational experience for our beloved children so that our school can maintain its leading edge. It was a magical night that brought smiles to all our faces.

The School and Home Association also ran yearlong activities, such as Library Committee or Green Committee, which exist to support our beloved teachers and assist with the daily flow of campus life. Another goal of the SHA is to show our appreciation to our faculty and staff. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly to not only educate our children but to nurture them and build strength in character. As a collective group and as room parents our families found different ways to show how much we care for the faculty and staff throughout the year. For example, the tremendous display of love during Teacher Appreciation Week and its activities was warming and indicative of how grateful our community is for each other. The SHA is happy to report we were able to fulfill all the "Teacher Wish Lists" through our school fundraising. Some of these include a new library build-out, post-graduate seminars, Go Math programs, READ programs and a multitude of initiatives that will fuel our classrooms with passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you for trusting me as your School and Home President. It has been an honor to serve this inspiring and loving community. I am looking forward to another wonderful year with you all.

Best Regards,

Lisette Di Gasbarro President, School and Home Association


President Lisette Di Gasbarro Church & School Liaison Kristin Fonseca VP Communication Victoria Capote VP Development Linda Arnhols VP Finance Ana Urdaneta VP Planning Elena Leiser VP Room Parents Katja Carvalho and Gaby Imery

Committee Chairs

Art Show Lauren Barrington and Christina Sirinyan Auction and Dinner Catherine Anne Markert, Nina Miguel, Meredith Ortega, Dunia Sabga and Victoria Thiessen Book Fair Shalini Bath, Thomas Preising and Mark Sutcliffe Carnival Catherine Block, Jennifer O'Neill and Jamie Rusk Christmas Tree Sales Rick Souto and Erik Wesoloski Faculty Appreciation Ana Cristina Defortuna, Selene Devaney and Jenny Kennedy

Room Parents

Pre-Kindergarten: Martha Clarke, Alexis Isaias, Christina Sirinyan, Amalia Weber Junior Kindergarten: Catherine Block, Esther Castellanos, Sylvia Hellmund, Alejandra Mendoza Senior Kindergarten: Leann Capo, Alexis Isaias, Jessica Mason, Monica Shaner Grade 1: Carolina Arellano, Wendy Holman, MariCarmen McAliley, Lisa Sayfie Grade 2: Courtney Berry, Claudia Falero, Alejandra Mendoza, Dunia Sabga Grade 3: Jenny Kennedy, Wendy Levitz, Jennifer O'Neill, Victoria Thiessen Grade 4: Mariela Martinez-Cid, Rocio Maynulet, Jane Morales, Patricia P?ez Grade 5: Victoria Vega Capote, Courtney Denaro, Marcela Jaramillo and Mariela Tovar

Field Day Alex Capo and Andres Leiser GreenSSEDS Cristina Dominguez and Michael Grunwald Library Committee Wendy Holman, Rocio Olivencia Maynulet, and Lisa Sayfie Parent Education Jennifer O'Neill and Victoria Thiessen Science Committee Lucia Castellanos and Alejandra Mendoza Student Education Pascale and Ted Caplow Yearbook Haidy Jensen, Amal Tabet and Bricen Urquidi

Annual Fund

The 2014-2015 Annual Giving Campaign was a powerful reaffirmation of just how special our school is. From the tireless dedication of all who worked on the campaign to the 100% participation of our families, our faculty and staff, and our Board in giving to the campaign, the community came together to make a very powerful and very real difference in our children's educational experience...and thus their future. As co-chairs, we again want to thank everyone who made the experience one of complete joy, and remind everyone in our community to take a moment to reflect on the fact that individually and as a whole, you made a difference.


Reach for the Stars Annual Giving Co-Chairs Martha and Dougan Clarke, Riley and Tennelle McCormack and Leticia Hartmann and Gustavo Pombo

Angel Circle Mr. and Mrs. John`82 Devaney Mr. and Mrs. Justin Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Riley McCormackT Mr. and Mrs. Matias Mosse

Saint Circle Wayne and Wendy Holman

Rev'd Donald Copeland Circle Mr. Amar Bajpai and Dr. Cristina Vieira Mr. and Mrs. Ted Caplow The Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust Mr. Damir Delic and Ms. Daniela Peneva Courtney and Joel Denaro Mrs. Jean Marie Kouri Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gardner'79, T Mr. Miguel Gonzalez and Mrs. Maria Bergoderi Mr. and Mrs. David Martin Mr. and Mrs. Are Traasdahl

Rev'd Warren Densmore Circle Mr. Gabriel Albelo and Ms. Lissette Calderon Mr. and Ms. Juan C. Algarin Mr. Inigo Ardid and Ms. Liliana Paez Mr. and Mrs. William Arnhols Bank of America Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo Baptista Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barrington, II Mrs. Jennie Weiss BlockGP Hernandez de Castro Family Mr. and Mrs. Dougan Clarke Mr. Michael Costello Mr. and Mrs. Roland Di GasbarroT Dr. and Dr. Luis'82 Echarte KristinT and Miguel Fonseca

Angel Circle $20,000+ Saint Circle $10,000-19,999 Rev'd Donald Copeland Circle $5,000-9,999 Rev'd Warren Densmore Circle $2,500-4,999 Deacon Circle $1,000-2,499 Agnes M. Johnston Circle $500-999 Acolyte Circle up to $499

Mr. and Mrs. Aleco Haralambides'85 Mr. Gustavo Pombo and Ms. Leticia Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heflin Luis and Alexis Isaias Mr. and Ms. Alfredo Kunhardt Mr. and Mrs. Hernan Lara Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Miguel Mr. and Mrs. Gregory ScheinT Justin and Monica Shaner The Silva Family Mr. and Mrs. Riccardo Silva VilmaT and Simon Strong Mariela and Roger Tovar

Deacon Circle Anonymous Mr. Juan Aristizabal and Ms. Karen Martinez Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Baker Bank of America Ms. Courtney Gardner Berry`84 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Block Jorge and Ruth Bohorquez Mr. John BoordT Mr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Botero Ms. Susan Bozorgi and Ms. Yery MarreroT Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Breene Daniel and Ana Buraglia Mr. and Mrs. Simon Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Juan Calle Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Capo Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Carvalho Mr. and Mrs. Luis Castellanos Mr. Pablo Cejas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cejas Mr. Diego Ardid and Ms. Paola Chapur Mr. Ricardo de La Serna and Dr. Vanessa Chartouni Ms. Emiliana De Oteyza Mr. and Mrs. Edgardo Defortuna Mr. Heberto del Rio and Ms. Luisa Stelling Mr. Jonathan Fox and Ms. Jennifer O'Neill Mr. and Ms. Alfredo Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Danniel Garmendia Dr. and Dr. Rami Ghurani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Guntram Habsburg Mrs. Melinda HarperF Mr. and Mrs. Austin Harrelson Mr. and Mrs. Carlos HellmundT Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Horvilleur Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Iribarren Mr. and Mrs. Javier Jaramillo

Dr. and Dr. Chaminda Jayanetti Mr. and Mrs. Lars Jensen'87 Dr. Javier Jimenez and Dr. Sureen Chi Ms. Kim Stone and Ms. Karla Jones-Stone Dr. Cem Kinay Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lambrou Mr. and Mrs. Andres Leiser Ms. Alexandra Leitman Dr. and Mrs. Italo Linfante Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ly Mr. Brendan Maher and Ms. Alexandra Hill-Maher Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Markert Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Martinez-Cid Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mason Mr. and Mrs. Christophe Massoni Mr. Javier Maynulet and Ms. Roc?o Olivencia Mr. Neal McAliley and Ms. Maricarmen MartinezT Ms. Joy McIntoshF Jim and Leslie McKinneyGP The Mejia Family Mr. and Mrs. Aabad R. Melwani Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Mendoza Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Michelsen Heather Monahan and Michael Moody Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Narvaez Mrs. Mariv? NevinF Mr. Inaki Negrete and Ms. Alejandra Xacur Mr. and Mrs. Cristian Nieto Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Oglesby Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Olloqui Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ortega'86 Dr. Ren? P?ez and Mrs. Patricia Guerra P?ez Mr. and Mrs. Luke Palacio Pioneer Investment Ms. Shalini Bath and Mr. Thomas Preising Dr. and Mrs. Amar Rajadhyaksha Mr. Eduardo Perez and Mrs. Mirba Rivera Ms. Cynthia Rodriguez`85 Roberta and Enrique Sanz de Santamaria Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Scurtis'86 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shriver Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Simoes Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sirinyan Mr. Arturo Siso and Ms. Claudia Vesce Mr. and Mrs. Eric Soulavy Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sutcliffe Amal and Ricardo Tabet Mr. Jose and Mrs. AnaT Urdaneta Rafael and Bricen Urquidi Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Veloso Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weber

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