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Brock University Department of Athletics Strategic Plan DRAFT 8.0

June 2012


Brock Athletics has experienced a tremendous amount of success with limited resources.

Moving into the 2012-2013 season, our challenges have never been greater and our competitors have never been stronger.

To respond to the challenges before us, our strategic planning panel invested more than 300 hours of time and consulted nearly 400 individuals in the development of a five year plan for Brock Athletics.

The strategic planning panel is not claiming the plan is perfect, but we are confident that we have created a solid plan.

We are also confident that if we all participate in the plan with the same passion and purpose that we display on our respective fields of play, we will collectively transform Brock Athletics

"We" are at a cross-roads.

"We" can choose to embrace the Brock Athletics strategic plan and contribute to the transformation of our department.

Alternatively, we can choose the status quo and watch idly while the success of Badger Athletics diminishes.

The choice is up to you.



Brock University published an Integrated Strategic Plan in December of 2010.

The Brock University Strategic Plan outlined seven strategic priorities:

1. Ensure Brock is a preferred place to work and study.

2. Support Brock's undergraduate student-centered focus while maintaining excellence in graduate education.

3. Foster excellence in research, scholarship and creativity.

4. Serve the social, cultural, and economic well-being of the University, as well as the local, national and global communities.

5. Encourage transdisciplinary initiatives.

6. Promote internationalization.

7. Practice accountability, fiscal responsibility, and stewardship.

The Brock University Integrated Strategic Plan calls for each unit to articulate its own strategic plan in support of its particular operations and objectives.

The Brock University Integrated Strategic Plan then asks each unit to articulate a detailed action plan in order to realize its strategic direction, supporting Brock's strategic plan in theory and in practice.

In the spring of 2010-2011, Brock Athletics was tasked with the creation of Strategic Plan and detailed action plan by June 30, 2012.


The Process

A panel of reviewers was selected by Brock Athletics to develop our first strategic plan.

The reviewers included:

Chris Critelli Joe Kenny Peter Somerwil Tim Stang Kate Nevar Karen McAllister-Kenny Robert Hilson

Assistant Director, Former Women's Basketball Coach Manager, Athletic Therapy Clinic, Adjunct Professor Full-Time Coach, Rowing Part-Time Coach, Fencing Development Officer Director, Recreation Services Director, Athletics

Brock Athletics met with over 150 people in person segmented into ten groups (Brock University Senior Academic Committee ?SAC, Brock University Student Union ? BUSU, student-athletes, coaches and full-time support staff, past Athletic Directors, Faculty of Applied Health Science, Recreation Services, Brock University employees, alumni and community)

Brock Athletics also requested written comments from former employees, coaches, students, employees, alumni and community.

Brock Athletics emailed all known athletic alumni (Canada, USA and abroad) that were contactable by email and all Brock alumni living in the Niagara region requesting their feedback.

Brock Athletics purchased advertising space in the Brock Press, St. Catharines Standard, Welland Tribune, Niagara Falls Review, Niagara this Week to solicit feedback from the Brock and Niagara community.

The Brock Athletics review panel asked four questions:

1. What do "you" really want from Brock Athletics?

2. How well are the interests of students being met by the current Department of Athletics?

3. What should be the priorities of Brock Athletics (Immediate, Three Year, Five Year)

4. Is Brock Athletics about the provision of opportunity to participate or a program of excellence. Briefly, what are the implications of Brock Athletics operating the type of program you selected (provision of opportunity or a program of excellence).


Brock University Department of Sport Management (Faculty of Applied Health Science) Assistant Professor, Dr. Chris Chard created, distributed and generated a Brand Metrics Report for Brock Athletics. All 568 Brock Student-Athletes were asked to complete the survey with 187 responding (33%) Dr. Chard will be using the information collected for his research.

In total Brock Athletics received feedback from nearly 400 individuals, providing the review panel with an abundance of information to base their review.

General Observations

Brock Student-Athlete are generally satisfied with Brock Athletics with 72% reporting that Brock Athletics is as good or better (Best 6%, 31% Better, 35% as Good, Not as Good 22%, Don't Know 6%)) than other institutions.

While this is comforting, we do not wish to rest on our laurels.

The Brock Department of Athletics should also recognize that only 6% of our student-athletes rate Brock University as one of the best Athletic Departments. The Brand Metrics survey tool, ranks brands (organizations) with less than 30% reporting that the Brand is "One of the Best" as having a "Poor" Brand Metric.

We have done a good job, but we have a long way to go.

Identification of Priorities

The review panel received hundreds of suggestions throughout the consultation process.

It would be a difficult task to capture all of the suggestions and an impossible task to act on all of the suggestions with the current available resources.

As such, the review panel prioritized the suggestions based on the frequency of the suggestions and based on how the suggestions "fit" the Brock Athletics mission, vision, values and Brock University Strategic Plan.

It should be noted that the strategic goals and objectives and the recommendations listed in each strategic goal and objective are not necessarily listed in order of priority.


Review of Mission, Vision and Values

The Brock Athletics strategic planning process did not look at revisiting the existing mission, vision or values.

It was felt that, the existing mission, vision and values would continue to serve the department and that our focus should be on the strategic goals and objectives and in particular the detailed action plan

The following is the existing mission, statement on athletic excellence, vision and values of Brock Athletics.


"To enrich the overall student life experience by providing quality sport programs and leadership in the pursuit of athletic excellence".

Statement Athletic Excellence

Brock University's Department of Athletics provides students with the opportunity to take part in athletics both as participants and fans. Interuniversity activities are available to all students and cater to those interested in the pursuit of excellence.


? Athlete-centered community in an environment of excellence ? Gender equity in programming ? Quality sport experience for student-athletes ? Student-athletes training and competing at the highest level in the Canadian

Interuniversity Sport system ? Competitive opportunities for student-athletes in a context of fair play ? Department activities which are horizontally coordinated on campus ? Community involvement in departmental activities ? Our athletes and our coaches (and athletic staff) are recognized as leaders in

their sport



? We are honest and open in communications ? We respect individual differences ? We support innovation, creativity and risk-taking ? We celebrate our success and share our failures ? We are committed to carrying our share of the responsibilities & workload ? We confront problems and issues openly, directly and in a timely manner ? We respect levels of authority and jurisdiction ? We will work as partners with our surrounding community and sister

institutions ? We respect the rights of other institutions

Strategic Goals and Objectives

The following sections outline the Brock Athletics strategic goals and objectives for the next five years beginning July 1, 2012 and ending April 30, 2017.

The Brock Athletics strategic goals and objectives are divided into seven (7) sections. The following is a listing of the sections, not necessarily in order of priority:

1. Student-Athletes a. Academic development b. Personal development c. Athletic development

2. Financial

3. Brock University Students

4. Employees

5. Facilities

6. Branding, Marketing, Communications, Promotion and Game Entertainment

7. Business Processes


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