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Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7

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Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7


Many people find working on a white screen too bright and they may get headaches, other people find it much easier to read on with a different background colour. It is easy to adjust the background window colour or the colour scheme of the whole computer to a colour that suits you. You can make your own colour scheme or choose a High Contrast Scheme as well as using free software to make the changes for you. To use the links below hold down the Control key and click on one or press the PageDown key to see the topics Using a High Contrast Scheme Change the Window Colour Saving your colours as a theme Changing colours in Internet Explorer Free RapidSet software Free Screen Tinter Lite software Free T Bar software Washer How will the changes you make affect other users of the computer?

Note: Instructions for mouse users have black bullet points Instructions for keyboard users have arrow shaped bullet points

To get to the Personalise section in the Display properties Right Click on the desktop and from the menu choose Personalise Now go to page 2, Using a high contrast scheme Or Press the Windows key Type Control Panel into the search box at the bottom of the Start menu and press Enter


July 2013

Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7

In the Control Panel If you do not see a list of icons you are in Category view, to change this:

Press Shift and Tab to highlight View by category Then press Spacebar and then the down cursor key to Large icons and press


In icon view in the Control panel Tab to Display and press Enter In Display view Tab to Personalisation and press Enter If neither of these works contact your computer manager to give you access to these functions.

Using a High Contrast Scheme High contrast themes include white text on a black screen, yellow text on a black screen etc. This can make the screen readable for some people who otherwise cannot read the screen.

Scroll down on the right of the screen and mouse click on one of the high contrast themes to try it. Or

Tab into the theme My Theme window and use the cursor keys to go to High Contrast themes pressing Enter on the one you want to try out

You can easily change back to another theme if you wish. 3

July 2013

Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7

Change the window colour Some people only want to change the background window colour they are typing in and nothing else, this can be easily done. Often they pick pale yellow, green or blue as they find this more restful on the eyes. Follow instructions on Page 1 to get to the personalise screen On the Personalise Screen

Click on the Window Colour icon and if you see the advanced settings option click on it Or

Tab to the Window Colour icon and press Enter, if you see the advanced settings option Tab to it and press Enter

You should see the Window Colour and Appearance box

Left click on the Item drop down box and select Window Click on colour 1 and choose a background colour. For more colours click on Other, choose a colour then click OK and Apply

Or Tab to the Item drop down box and press the down cursor key to select Window or

press W Tab to colour 1 and press Spacebar Press O for other colour Use the Arrow keys to choose to the colour you want and press the Spacebar. The press Enter Tab to Apply and press Enter or press A to Apply the colour


July 2013

Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7

If you open MS Word or MS Excel you will see that the Window colour has changed. You can change it back if you are not happy by following the steps above. You can also change the text colour by clicking on the bottom colour box Warning: Do not choose the same colour for text and window. Saving your screen changes as a theme Changes you make to the desktop background picture, the size of the system fonts and menus and the colour of the program window can be saved as a theme. If anyone makes changes to the computer screen you can always load your theme to get your settings back. Once you have made changes to the display and clicked Apply you will see the Personalise screen with your unsaved theme.

Click on Save Theme or right click on Unsaved theme Type in a name and click Save

Or Tab to Unsaved theme then use the cursor keys to get to Save theme and press

Enter Type in a name and press Enter You can then load this theme whenever you need it.


July 2013

Changing Screen and Text Colours in Windows 7

Changing Colours in Internet Explorer You can change the colours in Internet Explorer to the Window colours you have chosen above or to a high contrast theme. However this will only work on certain web pages that are designed to let you use your own colours. To do this

Open Internet Explorer Left click on the Cog wheel icon at top right of the

window then click on Internet Options Or Open Internet Explorer Press Alt + X then O for Internet Options

In Internet Options Click on Accessibility Or Tab to Accessibility press Enter

In Accessibility Tick the box Ignore colors specified on web pages

and the other boxes if you want. Click OK Or Press Alt + C to tick the Ignore colors Press Alt + S for ignore font styles Press Alt + z for ignore font sizes Then press Enter


July 2013

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