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Collier County, FL

January 29 ? February 3, 2017

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Board of County Commissioners of Collier County

(In partnership with the City of Naples, the City of Marco Island, Everglades City, the Collier County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, and the Community Housing Plan Stakeholders Committee)


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About the Urban Land Institute

? The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

? ULI is a membership organization with nearly 40,000 members, worldwide representing the spectrum of real estate development, land use planning and financial disciplines, working in private enterprise and public service.

? What the Urban Land Institute does: ? Conducts Research ? Provides a forum for sharing of best practices ? Writes, edits and publishes books and magazines ? Organizes and conducts meetings ? Directs outreach programs ? Conducts Advisory Services Panels


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? Philip Payne, Ginkgo Residential ? Charlotte, NC ? Hilary Chapman, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments ? Washington, D.C. ? Ian Colgan, Oklahoma City Housing Authority ? Oklahoma City, OK ? JoAnne Fiebe, University of South Florida ? Tampa, FL ? Lacy McManus, Greater New Orleans, Inc. ? New Orleans, LA ? John Orfield, Boka Powell, LLC ? Dallas, TX ? Cassie Wright, Urban Ventures, LLC ? Denver, CO ULI Staff ? Beth Silverman, Senior Director, Advisory Services ? Steven Gu, Associate, Advisory Services


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The Advisory Services Program

? Since 1947 ? 15 - 20 panels a year on a variety of land use

subjects ? Provides independent, objective candid advice

on important land use and real estate issues ? Process

? Review background materials ? Receive a sponsor presentation & tour ? Conduct stakeholder interviews ? Consider data, frame issues and write

recommendations ? Make presentation ? Produce a final report


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Panel Assignment

1) Why is it important to have a balanced supply of housing (type, tenure, access, etc)?

2) What are major obstacles for stakeholders and how to mitigate them? 3) What are the stakeholders perception of affordable housing and its

tools/policies? 4) How can public policy encourage redevelopment in underutilized area? 5) What case studies apply to Collier County?


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