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Estimating and Project Management Software

AEC Software 22611-113 Markey Ct. Sterling, VA 20166 Ph: 800.346.9413 or 703.450.1980 Fax: 703.450.9786 info@

With FastTrack Schedule 8, plan and track your projects, whether they are daily or multi-year projects. Graphic timelines display project status, cash flows, and deadlines. FastTrack Schedule 8 is available in Windows, Mac & Palm OS versions, and features resource views; resource work calendars that track people, equipment, and materials; critical path highlighting; WBS; manage rates and work schedules; link, lock, and chain activities; QuickStart templates and examples; and FastSteps that automate repetitive steps and routine operations.

Accubid Systems 7725 Jane St. Concord, ON L4K 1X4 Canada Ph: 800.222.8243 (800.ACCUBID) Fax: 905.761.1234 info@

Accubid's family of estimating solutions--Accubid Pro, BidWinner Plus and BidWinner--helps produce accurate and detailed estimates. Pocket BidTM, a handheld estimating solution for the Pocket PC, performs complete estimates, generates bills of materials, and produces final prices on the job site. ChangeOrder and ChangeOrder Pro price labor, material, and equipment, cleanup, material handling, overtime, relocation delays, and additional supervision and project management. Pocket ChangeOrderTM for the Pocket PC prices changes on the job site. Download projects onto Pocket ChangeOrder for on-site project management. Time & Material Billing features tools to store customer information and pricing, dispatch work orders to your crews, invoice consistently, and monitor day-to-day affairs. APEX provides fast and flexible purchase-order entry and processing for contractors.

BQE Software, Inc. 1852 Lomita Blvd., #208 Lomita, CA 90717 Ph: 888.245.5669 Fax: 310.530.0184 sales@

BillQuick is time-tracking, project-management and billing software designed by architects and engineers. It maintains employee, client and project information, including budgets, Gantt charts, WIP and receivables. Unlimited billing rates for employees, tasks and projects. It invoices based on T&M, Fixed Fee, percent complete and recurring. It also accommodates phasing and billing against retainers. Invoices and reports are customizable for individual clients. Add-on products are available to automate time, billing and project management. Software for off-site consultants and satellite offices includes time and expense recording, report generation and invoicing via the Web, e-mail and PDAs. BillQuick is completely integrated with QuickBooks.

E.J.E. Industries, Inc. P.O. Box 268 Washington, PA 15301 Ph: 724.228.8841 x 3 Fax: 724.228.7668 eje@steel- eje

Structural Material Manager reduces the time required to process material lists. Enter the material items, and Structural Material Manager provides weights, surface areas, paint/primer requirements, bolt counts, shipping lists, estimating reports and optimal cut-lists. The Estimating Module helps generate bids: enter material prices, shop hours and field hours for each item, and the information is tallied into total material and labor costs. The ProductionControl Module produces master shipping lists and shipping tickets. It tracks shipping information and provides a summary. The Length-Nesting and PlateNesting Modules find the most efficient method to cut a job's items from available stocks. Structural Material Manager also maintains an in-house inventory so an inventory dollar figure can be provided for accounting purposes. It enables the Length-Nesting Module to use inventory lengths and add back any useful remnants that remain after cutting. The system can import material items from CAD systems, eliminating double-entry while allowing the package to produce optimum cut-lists, weight and cost estimates, etc. Visit the web site for a free demo.

FabTrol Systems, Inc. 132 E Broadway, Suite 636 Eugene, OR 97401 Ph: 541.485.4719 Fax: 541.485.4302 josh@

FabTrol MRP software automates and integrates the steel-fabrication process. Estimators can produce bids based on hard costs and established company standards. A drawing log enables company-wide visibility, and tracking of approvals and revisions. Drawing details can be imported from detailing systems, saving time and avoiding errors. Purchasing and inventory staff can plan nestings, fill and receive purchase orders, and manage stock and offcuts. In production, the system routes parts and assemblies to appropriate work areas, calculates estimated fabrication times, and enables production managers to create and track production batches. Shipping loads can be created in advance to organize production or built later to track assemblies to the job site. Recent enhancements include PDF output, expanded support for attached documents and drawing images, better management of material on order, support for SQL Server, and more.

KIDASA Software, Inc. 1114 Lost Creek Blvd, Ste. 300 Austin, TX 78746 Ph: 800.765.0167 or 512.328.0167 Fax: 512.328.0247 Info@

Milestones Professional 2004 offers project scheduling and tracking capabilities. Create presentation-ready schedules using the click-drag-anddrop method. Manage large projects, track figures, show results, and publish to the Internet. Import your MS Project schedule to Milestones. Use OLE Automation to convert database information to presentation-quality schedules. Share schedules with colleagues who can use the free schedule viewer; or copy and paste schedules to PowerPoint, Word, or Excel for presentation. Milestones Project Companion offers an import wizard for transforming Microsoft Project files into a variety of presentation-ready schedules. If dates change in MS Project, refresh that data in your Milestones schedule. Milestones Simplicity 2002 is a project scheduler. Tailor your chart with symbols, bars, shading, and other customization options. Add text and graphics. Turn your schedule into an Internet-ready document.

June 2004 ? Modern Steel Construction


Estimating and Project Management Software

Management Computer Controls, Inc. (MC?) 5350 Poplar Ave., Suite 600 Memphis, TN 38119 Ph: 800.225.5622 or 901.685.6061 Fax: 901.682.6118 vkeys@mc2- mc2-

Estimate quickly and accurately with a solution for contractors, ICE? 2000. ICE 2000 uses a singleentry form that eliminates manually scrolling through thousands of takeoff items. Select the components you need and ICE 2000 generates the specified items. Digitize areas, perimeters, lengths and counts using on-screen graphics with colors, fill patterns, and your own comments to keep track of your work. Set-up project schedules, resources, activities, and durations by linking with scheduling and project management systems. ICE 2000 comes with different reports that focus on the audit trail, price information, and bill of materials.

NYacad Inc. 1776 E-13 St., Ste. 4A Brooklyn, NY, 1229 Ph: 646.369.9006 Fax: 425.663.5650 alex@

Solidstructural-06, by NYacad Inc. is 3D Steel Auto Detailing software providing solutions for estimating and fabrication. In the family of 3D Steel software, SolidStructural is the only product based on non-graphical input. Convenient MS Access forms let you enter data quickly (no AutoCAD experience is needed). Once the data is input, you can produce reports: steel summary, cutting list, plates, angles, bolts and steel order list. Reports in Solidstructural can be transferred to MS Excel. Add graphics to bid documents, generated in Auto regime photo-realistic images of 3D Model, isometric, elevation and plan views.

On Center Software 1400 Woodloch Forest Drive, Suite 400 The Woodlands, TX 77380-1100 Ph: 281.297.9047 Fax: 281.297.9001 misty.campbell@

Generate takeoffs using On-Screen Takeoff. OnScreen Takeoff can be used with paper plans and a digitizer or with electronic plans. Use your mouse (or digitizer pen) to quantify lengths, areas, volumes and perform counts on your computer screen. Plus, any

construction trade can use this program; it's for general contractors, subcontractors and project managers. Quantify counts, lengths and areas from scaled drawings. Create color-coded takeoffs. Create the conditions that you will take-off with and organize them in folders. On-Screen Takeoff will track your takeoff quantities and break them out by type, zone and area. Separate costs by zones and areas. Analyze and price quantities by areas such as phases, floors, wings or buildings. Integrate takeoff with quick-bid estimating software: after completing a takeoff, you can move it into the Quick Bid estimating program for pricing and bid completion.

Primavera Systems, Inc. Three Bala Plaza West Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 Ph: 800.423.0245 Fax: 610.949.6957 info@

Primavera offers solutions based on project portfolio-management needs. A combination of software, site-specific training and implementation services, and customer support are available for construction, engineering, information technology and software development, maintenance & turnaround, new product development and professional services applications. Primavera helps companies improve portfolio decision making, complete projects quickly and with low costs, attain project and service consistency through reuse of best practices, and gain insight into an organization's entire portfolio, especially at-risk projects.

Richard Sampson Associates Inc. P.O. Box 14217 Fremont, CA 94539 Ph: 510.656.7530 Fax: 510.656.0237 info@

The Construction Communicator puts the contract-administration paperwork process online. The Web-based application enables contractors, engineers and architects to focus on time-critical matters (RFIs, change order requests, submittals). The construction team can post and view questions, answers and other information online, and the construction manager can view, coordinate and help resolve outstanding issues. Construction Communicator is targeted at mid-sized building projects, including

design-build. The subscription service, which gives all users access to the same information, requires no set-up by users. Start with a single operation and add more operations at no extra cost. Free trials are available.

Romac Computer Services, Inc. P. O. Box 660 Lake City, TN 37769 Ph: 865.426.9634 Fax: 865.426.6454 romac@

Romac Computer Services has been providing software to the steel industry since 1982. Software products can handle the steel fabricator's estimating, bill of material, production control, inventory-control, purchasing, and material-nesting requirements. Single-user and networked systems are suitable for the smallest to largest structural steel and miscellaneous metals shops.

SSC - Structural Software Consulting 223 Levis Road Portersville, PA 16051 Ph: 724.368.8150 Fax: 724.368.8522 Info@

SSC FabSuite is an integrated set of programs designed to help manage the fabrication process. Programs include estimating, combining (length multing and plate nesting), production control, inventory control, purchase orders and order entry. FabSuite is a new Windows re-write of a DOS fabrication-management software that has been used for 20 years. A new Project Management program will be added to the suite later this year. FabSuite makes use of an SQL database and is network-ready. FabSuite can meet the needs of a simple system or a large shop. FabSuite Estimating uses a system of simple labor codes and can automatically add material, pricing and labor time. New labor codes can be created to streamline your input needs. Introductory pricing for SSC FabSuite is less than $6,500 for a single-user license.

Modern Steel Construction ? June 2004

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