Pdf exelon actions and analysis of hydrogen value propositions

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Exelon actions and analysis of Hydrogen value propositions

Exelon overview


Exelon nuclear plant locations

3 Business Plan Presentation. Confidential and Proprietary. For Exelon Internal Discussion Purposes Only.


NRC Region 1 NRC Region 2 NRC Region 3 NRC Region 4 Exelon Plants

Nuclear plant profitability has decreased, due to a confluence of factors

Natural gas prices (which fuels marginal generators in many regions) have dropped by more than 50%

Load growth is down due to both the economy and increased energy efficiency programs

Renewables penetration has suppressed wholesale energy prices in some regions

Across the U.S. nuclear fleet, operating costs have increased (albeit with reductions in recent years)


Closing nuclear plants is detrimental to achieving carbon reductions goals

3 million cars

Between 2013 and 2014, four nuclear plants that generated more electricity than all solar electricity produced in the U.S. in 2014 were prematurely closed. Their closure resulted in the carbon dioxide equivalent of adding three million new cars on the road.

* 5

If all at-risk reactors close, the US will lose the power equivalent of five times all solar power generated in 2015, and emissions will rise, adding the carbon dioxide-equivalent of 13 million new cars on the road.

Nuclear plants generally employ 400 ? 700 workers each, at salaries that are more than 30% higher than typical wages in their areas.

Nuclear Repurposing: Hydrogen Feasibility Study

Project Vision: Address technical feasibility and business case for

using a nuclear power plant to produce bulk hydrogen for energy storage, industrial uses, and fuel-cell vehicle filling stations.

Research Partners

Technology Description

? Deeply evaluate the technical and economic potential for expanding the markets for existing nuclear reactors

? Provide a basis for converting baseload nuclear plants into hybrid plants that produce hydrogen, resulting in commercial investments and industry growth

? Broadly support the nuclear industry through the evaluation of opportunities that can economically support existing U.S. nuclear plants

Implications for Exelon

This project will focus on hydrogen generation and use by existing and new industries located in proximity to an Exelon nuclear power plant.

6 It supports Exelon's initiative to Repurpose existing nuclear plants by producing alternative products to electricity


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