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Ivy Tech Community College ? East Central Region

(The East Central Region includes the following campuses: Anderson, Marion, Muncie & New Castle/Henry County)


Thursday, May 18, 2017 Emens Auditorium & Pruis Hall Ball State University * Muncie, Indiana 47306 Rehearsal & Commencement Timeline:

8:30am - Nursing Pinning Rehearsal (Pruis Hall) 9:00am - Rehearsal for Evening Commencement (Emens Aud.) 10:00am - Nursing Pinning Ceremony (Pruis Hall) 12:30pm - Line-up for Health Sciences & Nursing Commencement (Emens Aud.) 1:30pm - Commencement for Health Sciences & Nursing (Emens Aud.) 6:00pm - Line-up for Evening Commencement Ceremony (Emens Aud.) 7:00pm - Evening Commencement Ceremony (Emens Aud.)

The following guide is designed for all candidates for graduation from fall 2016, spring 2017 and summer 2017. Please read all aspects of this document and be sure to keep this publication for reference as you prepare for your graduation!


Ceremony, you must complete the application because it initiates the degree completion review process in the Registrar's Office.

STEP 2: Attend Grad Fest! ? Diploma Verification, Caps, Gowns, Announcements and More!

To graduate with a degree or certificate, the student must:

1. Attain a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in the required technical and general education courses;

2. Complete at least 15 degree credits in the curriculum as a regular student of Ivy Tech and not through test-out or other means of advanced placement;

3. Successfully complete the required number of credits;

4. Satisfy all financial obligations due to the College; and

5. Satisfy all program accreditation standards that may have additional requirements.

NOTE: If you are not sure if you meet all of the above requirements, it is highly recommended that you contact your faculty advisor and/or program chair before the end of your final term of enrollment.

Complete the following steps to ensure a seamless experience in applying for

graduation at Ivy Tech!

Graduation apparel is available for order/purchase through the campus bookstore and at each Grad Fest event! During Grad Fest, you will verify your diploma information. After verification has been completed, you will receive a graduation attire voucher to take to the bookstore to purchase your graduation attire. This is the only way you can order/purchase your attire for graduation, so this step is very important!

Grad Fests in the East Central Region are scheduled as follows:

? Monday, March 6th ? Muncie Campus (4301 S. Cowan Road location)

? Wednesday, March 8th ? New Castle/Henry County Campus (3325 S. Memorial Drive location)

? Thursday, March 27th ? Anderson Campus (815 E. 60th Street location)

? Tuesday, April 4th ? Marion Campus (261 S. Commerce Drive location)

All Grad Fests are scheduled from 10:00am ? 1:00pm. All graduates should plan to attend. Be sure to check your MyIvy announcements for more information about Grad Fests and graduation.

STEP 1: Application for Graduation!

Each student entering the final semester prior to graduation must complete an Application for Graduation. You can apply online through MyIvy by following these easy steps:

1. Log into MyIvy;

2. Click on Student Link and then Student Dashboard;

3. Find "New or Graduating Students" section on page;

4. Click on Graduating Student;

5. Click on Application for Graduation;

6. Click on Term Selection, if curriculum does not automatically display;

7. Choose Term and then Curriclum.

In the event that you are unable to apply to graduate online, a paper application for graduation is available in the Express Enrollment Centers and/or Student Affairs Offices on each campus (Anderson, Marion, Muncie and New Castle). The paper application MUST be returned to the Registrar's Office for processing.

If you DO NOT plan to participate in the Commencement

Graduates must wear a black cap and gown to participate in Commencement. These must be purchased prior to the day of the ceremony. Cap, gown and tassel packages cost $36.00, plus tax. Extra tassels are $5.25 each. Prices are subject to change. Once the cap and gown packages are opened, they are non-returnable, so please make sure you provide the correct height and weight information for proper sizing.

When wearing your graduation attire, the mortar board (cap) is to be worn parallel to the ground with the tassel hanging from the front-right. Based upon the credential(s) you have earned, your tassel color should be as follows:

Associate Degree ? GREEN tassel Technical Certificate ? WHITE tassel Certificate ? GRAY tassel

If you are verified for an associate degree AND a certificate or technical certificate, your tassel should represent the higher credential.

Personalized announcements may be ordered online through the Herff Jones website at college/ ivytech. Several packages are available and information can be obtained at Grad Fest or in one of the campus bookstores.

Can't attend a Grad Fest event?

While it is important for candidates for graduation to attend a Grad Fest event, everyone may not be able to attend due to other obligations. In the event that you are unable to attend one of the Grad Fest events, you must call or visit the following staff at one of the campus locations to verify your diploma information and to receive instructions on how to purchase your graduation attire and to receive other pertinent information about graduation.

? Anderson: Mona Hawkins, Registrar's Office, 765-643-7133, ext. 2038

? Marion: Diana Embree, Registrar's Office, 765-651-3100, ext. 3304

? Muncie: Marcita Bell-Johnson, Registrar's Office, 765-289-2291, ext. 1375

? New Castle: Rebeca Jessee, Student Affairs, 765-599-2613 ext. 4010

STEP 3: *Attend Graduation Rehearsal!

? 12:30pm - Line-up for Health Sciences and Nursing Commencement (Emens Auditorium)

? 1:30pm - Commencement Ceremony for Health Sciences and Nursing (Emens Auditorium)

? 5:30pm - Doors Open for Family and Friends for the Evening Commencement Ceremony (Emens Auditorium)

? 6:00pm - Line-up for the Evening Commencement Ceremony (Emens Auditorium)

? 7:00pm - Evening Commencement Ceremony (Emens Auditorium)

For each line-up, your academic school dean will be in place outside of Emens Auditorium to assist graduates with line placement. Be sure to leave all valuables, INCLUDING purses with friends and family prior to each line-up. If you plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, please let the Registrar's Office know by Friday, April 7, 2017.

*This step is for all candidates for graduation who plan to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

You are STRONGLY ADVISED TO ATTEND the graduation rehearsal. Rehearsal is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at the Muncie campus of Ball State University at the following time and location:

? 8:30am - Nurses Pinning Ceremony rehearsal (Pruis Hall) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU SHOULD ? 9:00am - Commencement rehearsal (Emens Auditorium) KNOW!

MITS (Muncie Indiana Transit System) shuttle services will provide free transportation for students to attend rehearsal. Students from all campuses can take advantage of the shuttle service. The departure location will be from the Muncie campus of Ivy Tech (Cowan Road) only.

If you plan on using the MITS, you must be at the Muncie campus no later than 8:15am (first shuttle) or no later than 8:45am (last shuttle) the day of rehearsal. The shuttle will bring you back to the campus when rehearsal is over.

STEP 4: *The Graduation Ceremony!

*This step is for all candidates for graduation who plan to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

The Nurses Pinning Ceremony and Commencement ceremonies will be on the Muncie campus of Ball State University. The names of candidates for graduation will be announced and students will cross the stage to be recognized for their achievements. Family and friends are an important part of graduation day and are welcome to attend.

Access to the venue, line-up and Commencement Ceremony times and locations are as follows:

? 9:30am - Doors Open for Family and Friends for the Nursing Pinning Ceremony (Pruis Hall)

? 10:00am - Nurses Pinning Ceremony (Pruis Hall)

? 12:00pm - Doors Open for Family and Friends for the Health Sciences and Nursing Commencement (Emens Auditorium)

What to Wear

? Commencement is a formal ceremony; business attire is appropriate. Men should wear a shirt, tie and dark shoes. Women should wear a dress, skirt or dress slacks with a blouse and appropriate shoes (low-heeled shoes recommended). Tennis shoes or flip-flops are not appropriate.

? Please be sure to have all wrinkles and creases removed from your graduation gown prior to your arrival to the ceremony. To do this, remove your gown from the packaging and hang it up (do not use a wire hanger). To remove the wrinkles and creases, hang your gown in a steamy room for several days.

? Your caps should NOT be decorated in any way.

? Corsages should not be worn during the ceremony.

Graduating with Honors

? Only honor students who participate in the ceremony will receive Ivy Tech honor cords. Cords are provided once your diploma information has been verified at one of the Grad Fest events or in the Registrar's Office.

? Phi Theta Kappa Members: You may wear only one item of the honor recognition during commencement. You may choose to wear a PTK honors stole or Ivy Tech honor cords. You may not wear the PTK gold tassel. College-approved PTK

stoles are available for purchase at the campus bookstore or through the national website of PTK at . Check with your PTK advisor for additional information.


? Ivy Tech believes in the success of each graduate and how it should be recognized appropriately. Friends and family should refrain from leaving their seat during the ceremony to take pictures. Please do not stand in the aisles or block the view of other audience members.

? After each ceremony, graduates may pose for additional informal photos with family and friends.


? Parking for the Pinning Ceremony and each Commencement Ceremony will be available at the Emens Parking Garage. This parking garage is located to the east of Emens Auditorium and adjacent to the Arts and Communications Building on the campus of Ball State University.

? Additional parking will be available at the McKinley Avenue Parking Garage, which is located immediately south of Sursa Hall and the Music Instruction Building.

? Parking on Thursday, May 18, 2017 is free.

Special Arrangements

? Students who need special accommodations should contact Lois Weiss, Assistant Director of Student Support and Development by Friday, April 7, 2017 by email at lweiss1@ivytech.edu or call 765-289-2291, ext. 1388.


Students participating in the commencement ceremony will receive only their DIPLOMA COVER as names are announced. Your actual diploma will be mailed to the address placed on the application for graduation. A complimentary transcript release form will be mailed with your actual diploma and can be used once a degree or certificate has been officially awarded.

Review and Awarding of the Degree or Certificate

The procedure for processing applications for graduation and the review and awarding of degrees is a manual process coordinated by the Registrar's Office in collaboration with academic departments at the College. You should allow a minimum of 8-10 weeks AFTER completion of your final term (or submission of request, if after the end of the term) for processing to be finalized.

Once your degree/certificate requirements are certified as complete, your degree will be officially awarded. You can view this notation on your transcript through MyIvy and you will receive your diploma in the mail within 30 days after your degree has been officially awarded.

Graduates should expect their diploma in the mail as follows:

? Fall Graduates ? No later than the end of March

? Spring Graduates ? No later than the end of July

? Summer Graduates ? No later than the end of October

Per College policy, a diploma will not be released if a balance remains on the student's account.

Questions about your Degree or Certificate?

If you have any questions regarding your program completion before or after your final term of enrollment, it is highly recommended that you contact your faculty advisor or Program Chair.

If you have not received your diploma or communication from the Registrar's Office regarding your credential by the designated timeframe identified, do not hesitate to contact Marcita Bell-Johnson, Assistant Registrar, for the East Central Region at 765-289-2291, ext. 1375.


We are excited about your accomplishment and happy to answer any questions you may have about Grad Fest, graduation or commencement. Contact any of the following staff for assistance:

? Anderson: Mona Hawkins, Registrar's Office, 765-643-7133, ext. 2038

? Marion: Diana Embree, Registrar's Office, 765-651-3100, ext. 3304

? Muncie: Marcita Bell-Johnson, Registrar's Office, 765-289-2291, ext. 1375

? New Castle: Rebeca Jessee, Student Affairs, 765-599-2613 ext. 4010

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