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How to Generate Elementary Report Cards

SMS 2.0- rev 02/2018

Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, report cards are now to be printed for distribution to the students and also posted in Family Access. This will allow the parent to view the report card anytime they log in. The posted report cards will also be viewable and printable in Student Profile in Skyward. Be sure you follow the directions carefully to get them posted correctly. This should eliminate the need for special groups or additional office people to re-generate and print the student's report card. They can view or print the actual original report card as it was distributed from the student record.

This document will take you through the process for Generating, printing, and posting the Report Cards.

Only 1 person on a campus should be generating or printing report cards from the report card template from now on. Anyone else needing a copy of the report card should get it from the student's portfolio.

The report cards must be printed--and then run again for the posting. (This is different than

the process for IPRs which prints and posts at the same time.) This must be done immediately after the printing so that the posted report card is exactly the same as the printed report card.

It will be important that you DO NOT SHARE your report card template with others at your entity because they could use it to REPOST report cards. It will also be important for you to follow all of the directions carefully especially in regard to the Family Access posting procedures. It is also REQUIRED that as soon as you Post the report cards, you uncheck the posting option on your template to avoid double posting.

A. Teachers should have been given campus-based instructions regarding deadlines and procedures

for grade reporting. These are 3 suggested options when it comes time to print report cards:

1. Set a date and time report cards will be printed each reporting period. Teachers will not need to do anything extra except make sure all their assignment grades, conduct grades, and report card comments are entered by that time AND are dated within the specified term.

2. Set a date and time for all teachers to have their assignment grades, conduct grades, and report card comments entered for each reporting period AND are dated within the specified term. Generate and distribute "Grade Input and Proof" sheets with a designated deadline for teachers to review and correct their grade book. Once all corrections have been made, generate report cards. (If you select this option there is a separate HOW TO for generating "Grade Input and Proof" sheets on the HOW TO web page.)

3. Have teachers use the function in their grade book to "Mark All Classes Complete." Your clerk can then run a report listing those teachers that have not done this yet and make sure they do. Once all teachers have all their classes marked complete, generate report cards. (If you select this option there is a separate HOW TO for monitoring teachers who have not marked their classes complete on the HOW TO web page.)

NOTE: The following steps for generating report cards are based on Option 1.

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B. Before you begin:

1. Update Attendance ? From Office/Attendance/Setup/Utilities--Select "Update Classes

with Term Attendance".

a. Add a user template if you have not already done so.

DO NOT USE THE SKYWARD TEMPLATE!!!!! If you do, the student's class attendance will

report incorrectly on the report card.

b. Set Terms to All Year c. Click the Absence Types button

d. ONLY Select U, A, and T

e. Click Save on the type screen. f. Click Save and Run on the

Template. g. This utility will run in your print

queue. Once it is complete you can continue.

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2. Run a blank grades report (will show you which teachers have not posted grades with the correct


a. Office/Grading/Reports b. Selected Grades Report c. Add a new template d. Set the template as shown

here e. Set the Ranges like this

f. Set the Sort By

g. Contact the teacher to update the grades.

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C. INPUT OF GRADE CHANGES--All grade changes should be input by the teachers in their grade

book. Once the changes have been made in the grade book, they will auto-post to Student Management.

All grade averages are calcuated in the teacher's grade book. The office cannot make grade changes or input grades in the student's grade screen in Student

Profile because the teacher's grade book will overwrite those manually input grades. If a student has moved to a new school or new class, the new teacher must input the transfer grades

into their grade book. o Use the New button to transfer the grades in o Obtain the grades from the Former Teacher and put them in

Former teachers can see students' grades in their gradebook to share with new teachers when they: o Set their Display to to show dropped students o Set their Display to show prior terms o They can also run an assignment report for the student and give it to the new teacher

The office can also run the Student Assignments report to give to the new teacher o Go to Educator Access Plus>Gradebook Tracker>Reports>Student Assignments o Add a new template and set the screen exactly as shown here o Click By Individual o Click the Individual Button o Select the student you want on the student selection screen and click save o Click Save and Print

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D. Generating the Report Cards--

Go to Office/Grading/Report Cards/Reports, Then under Report Cards, Select District Report Cards-DR

1. Selecting/Creating the Template a. *If you saved a Report Card template for the current marking period from last year, it should be created for you for this year with the current year/marking period in the name. You MUST edit the correct template and verify all of the settings-Skip to step 7. b. *If there is no template for the current year/marking period, then go to step 2.

2. Add a new Report Card template for the current year/marking period*--DO NOT CLONE AN IPR TEMPLATE OR THE PRIOR SCHOOL YEAR REPORT CARD. It will not work correctly.

3. Name your template with the appropriate YEAR and Term. (EX. 2015-Term 1 Report Card) 4. DO NOT Check the box under the name to "Share this template with other users in entity..." (Using

a template to generate the report cards should only be done by the official report card person on the campus. All others should review and print a copy of the report card from the student's portfolio once they have been posted.) Clean up--Please edit all of your report card templates and uncheck the "share" setting. You may want to delete any unnecessary templates.

5. Make sure the year is correct 6. Use the drop down menu to select the current school year Enh Report Card set up template (ex:

2017-18 should be 2018-Enh-T1-T5).

7. Click the RANGE selection and then the Ranges button.

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8. Set the ranges for grade (ex: 02-05) and Student Status to ACTIVE. (First Grade teachers are not using Skyward grade book for their report cards. If you have special ed 1st grade teachers who are using Skyward Grade book, you may need to print those teachers also. If that is the case, let me know and I'll send you a screen shot of how to do that.)

9. If you have students at DAEP and do not want to print their report cards or want them printed separately, you can UNCHECK the box for "Include All Schools". Then only select your campus/school number and leave the 006 school unchecked.

10. Click SAVE

11. Make sure the "Orientation" still shows "Portrait".

12. Continue with the template setup on the following pages

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