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How to Generate End of Year Elementary Report Cards

SMS 2.0--2019


2019--Window envelopes will be used to mail home the report cards. The report cards will have the student's address printed in the top portion of the report card. It is imperative you follow the directions in this document so that the addresses print and are positioned correctly.

Since you will also be mailing home the PK, KG and 1st grade report cards that do not generate out of Skyward, you will need to print a cover page with the address in the correct position. A data mining report has been created for you for this purpose. You must follow the directions on starting on page 12 exactly for this cover sheet to print correctly.

Do not add more information than is demonstrated in the instructions. If you add more, you COULD cause the report cards to turn from portrait format to landscape format. The landscaped report cards will not fit in the envelopes appropriately. All of the Report Cards have been approved by the administration for their content and format.

Your final report cards could go to two pages. Although new Report Card format settings in Skyward should help to combine class grades on one line, some students could still have a report card that extends to two pages. If that is the case, you will need to set both the report card report template to "duplex" AND your printer to duplex.

By setting the Report Card template to "duplex", this will insert a blank BACK page for the report cards that are not two pages, but will allow for the data on the two page report cards to print on the back of the duplex report card.

You must also tell your printer to duplex print the report cards; otherwise it will just print everything on the front of the paper and some students will have two pieces of paper instead of one. This is not what you want. Make sure you are using a printer that has the duplex feature. Every campus has a printer (that may be a combination copier/printer) with this capability. If your computer is not mapped to the duplex printer, please send in a service ticket for this purpose. (Setting instructions for the printer are included later in these instructions.)

HOW WILL I KNOW THAT I HAVE REPORT CARDS THAT ARE TWO PAGES? Once the report card report has completed processing, open it to view. Right click in the field of the report card and select FIND. In the FIND box, type in the word CONTINUED and let it search the document for this designation. If you find ANY report cards that are continued to a 2nd page, you MUST regenerate them and PRINT THEM WITH THE duplex set up.


If you find you only have a few students whose report cards are two pages note PAGE NUMBERS FOR THOSE PAGE NUMBERS, you could:

A. Pull those students' report cards and staple the pages together before placing them in the envelope. B. Check the Comments areas. There may be hidden blank lines in the boxes. Try to type in your comments

without using your return key especially in the middle of sentences. Remove any blank lines.

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A. Teachers should have been given campus-based instructions regarding deadlines and

procedures for grade reporting. These are 3 suggested options when it comes time to print report cards: 1. Set a date and time report cards will be printed each reporting period. Teachers will not need to

do anything extra except make sure all their assignment grades, conduct grades, and report card comments are entered by that time AND are dated within the specified term. 2. Set a date and time for all teachers to have their assignment grades, conduct grades, and report card comments entered for each reporting period AND are dated within the specified term. Your clerk will then generate and distribute "Grade Input and Proof Sheets" with a designated deadline for teachers to review and correct their gradebook. Once all corrections have been made, generate report cards. (If you select this option there is a separate HOW TO named How to Generate the Grade Input/Proof report to verify posted grades for IPRs and Report Cards - (9/2014) on the HOW TO web page.) 3. Have teachers use the function in their grade book to "Mark All Classes Complete." Your clerk can then check a listing of teachers who have not posted. Once all teachers have all their classes marked complete, generate report cards. (If you select this option there is a separate HOW TO for How to View Teachers Who Have Not Marked Their Classes Completed - 2008 on the HOW TO web page.)

NOTE: These following steps for generating report cards are based on Option 1.

B. Update Attendance ? From

Office/Attendance/Setup/Utilities-- Select "Update Student Classes with Term Attendance". 1. Add a template if you have not

already done so. 2. Set Terms to All Year 3. Click the Absence Types button 4. Select U, A, S and T 5. Click Save on the type screen. 6. Click Save and Run on the

Template. (you will just modify this template for future reporting periods.) This utility will run in your print queue. Once it is complete you can continue.

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C. Generating the Report Card File--

1. Go to Office/Grading/Report Cards/Reports, 2. Under Report Cards, Select District Report Cards-DR

d. Click Add a new template

You MUST CREATE A NEW Final report card template this year if this is the first year you are creating report card templates. Do not use templates created by other users because you cannot update the information, so that the student's address will print on the report card to show in the

window envelopes. You CAN use a template that may have been cloned for you from last year- but MAKE SURE IT PRINTS THE ADDRESS BEFORE YOUR PRINT THE REPORTS ON PAPER TO BE MAILED! IF IT DOES NOT,


1. Name your template "2019-FINAL RC WITH ADDR".

2. Make sure the year is correct 3. Select 2019-ENHANCED FINAL RC (some names are slightly different, but everyone has the word FINAL in it.)

for the Report Card Setup Template:


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4. Click the RANGE selection and then the Ranges button.

a. Set the ranges for grade (ex: 02-05) and Student Status to ACTIVE. b. Click SAVE

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5. MAIN SETUP- expand the section by clicking the +.

a. Change the "Grading Period" drop down to "Run for Grading Period"

b. Change the term to show Term 6. (Note that this is grading period 12- You will

use this number to indicate the correct teacher comments to print) c. Uncheck "run GPA Calc for each student on the report" d. Check the "GRADE BUCKETS" the grade buckets that are checked in this example.

NOTE: Choosing more than just the final citizenship grade will cause issues with the format of the report card.

NOTE: Until you are sure the report cards are printing correctly and you have printed the official report card, DO NOT CHECK the box to "Save Report Cards To Student Portfolio". This will be done in a later step and only after the report cards have been verified correct.

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6. FORMAT- expand the section by clicking the +.

a. Click inside the box for the Heading area. This is where you will type in the school name, address, and principal's name

b. Check the box for "Change Report Heading" and type in the correct marking period information.

c. Check the box for "Print Signature Line" d. IF you have report cards that go to two pages and you want them to Duplex print

(front and back), check the box for "Print Duplex Report Card"- You will also need to set your printer to print duplex as well.

NOTE: You do not need to check "Print Report Card Image". The image is loaded into the set up

for you.

7. STUDENT/FAMILYa. Click First Only b. Click English under Language Translator c. Check the option, "Print Report Cards for Students Without Any Families Set To Receive Report Cards".

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