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This Overweight Vehicle Special Permit (OVSP) for intermodal transport is required for all motor vehicles hauling reducible load ocean shipping containers that have a total weight of greater than 80,000 pounds. The maximum total weight that is allowed by this permit is 95,000 pounds. This permit is to be issued by the City of Carson's Director of Public Works (Director) or his designee pursuant to Section 3262 of Part 7 of Chapter 2 of Article III of the Carson Municipal Code (CMC) and Division 15 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC). The permits issued are for either a single movement or on a yearly basis for continuous operations. Permits issued for continuous operations shall expire on December 31 of the year for which they are issued.

Designated Streets

Pursuant to CMC Section 3262.3, this permit will be issued for the operation or movement of an overweight vehicle on the following designated streets within the City of Carson.

1. Alameda Street between the south city limit and Sepulveda Boulevard.

2. Sepulveda Boulevard between Avalon Boulevard and Alameda Street. 3. Wilmington Avenue between Sepulveda Boulevard and 223rd Street.

4. Watsoncenter Road between Avalon Boulevard and Wilmington Avenue. 5. 230th, 233rd, and 236th Streets between Banning Boulevard and Wilmington Avenue. 6. 238th Street between Banning Boulevard and the cul-de-sac. 7. Bonita Street between Watsoncenter Road and 223rd Street. 8. Lucerne Street between Watsoncenter Road and 223rd Street. 9. Utility Way between 230th Street and Watsoncenter Road. 10. Banning Boulevard between Sepulveda Boulevard and 230th Street.

Special Permit Conditions

This permit shall comply with the following:

1. The maximum allowable gross combined vehicle weight to be permitted may not exceed 95,000 pounds with appropriate equipment and the vehicle, combination of vehicles, or mobile equipment shall conform to the axle weight limits specified in Section 35550 of the California Vehicle Code.

2. The maximum speed limit for any overweight vehicle shall be 30 miles per hour.

3. The applicant shall agree to defend and indemnify the City, its boards, officers, and employees from any and all damages, costs, and expenses sustained or incurred by City, its boards, officers, the Director's designee, and employees resulting from or arising out of the issuance of a special permit and the use of City streets whether designated or nondesignated. Each such person shall further agree to be responsible for all injuries or death of persons and for all damages to property of every kind caused by or resulting from or arising out of this issuance of a special permit and the use of City streets, whether designated or non-designated.

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4. Overweight vehicles with special permits shall travel on the designated streets or by the most direct route possible for the purpose of picking up or delivering an ocean shipping container. Travel on residential streets is prohibited. A detour from a permitted route is only allowed with the permission of the City's Director of Public Works or his designee. The detour route shall not include residential streets.

5. Permitted overweight vehicles traveling on City streets are subject to inspection by the permitting agency and any peace officer for the purpose of determining compliance with the provisions of the special permit. The following must be available within the vehicle and presented upon demand:

a. special permit with attachments b. current safety inspection stickers for tractor and semi-trailer c. certificate of driver training in the operation of overweight vehicles d. evidence of vehicle liability insurance

6. The applicant shall provide evidence that each driver of an overweight vehicle has successfully completed training in the operation of an overweight vehicle.

7. All applicants are required to have their tractors and chassis inspected for safety every 90 days. The applicant shall provide a valid safety inspection report by the California Highway Patrol to the permitting agency at the time of application and once every 90 days during the permit period. The report must be carried in the vehicle at all times that the overweight vehicle is traveling on City streets.

8. The applicant shall at all times comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of all Federal, State, and local governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the operation and maintenance of the overweight vehicle.

9. The permit shall not authorize the movement of hazardous materials or hazardous wastes, as defined by local, state, and federal law.

10. A banner designating the load as an "oversize load" shall be placed on the front and back of the overweight vehicle identifying the overweight vehicle as one for which a special permit has been issued.

11. The permit fee for a single trip is $16.00. The permit fee for annual operations is $90.00. If an Engineering Investigation or other special services are necessary for permit issuance, the applicant will be notified prior to the extra work and billed for the actual cost to the permitting agency.

12. Violations of any two special permit conditions or the violation of the same special permit condition on two occasions within any 90-day period by the applicant, person, employee, or agent, will result in the revocation of this special permit. No permits shall be issued to a person whose special permit has been revoked for a period of 90 days thereafter.

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