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Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning

Planning for the Challenges Ahead

June 7, 2018

Amy J. Bodek, AICP Director


David W. Louie, Chair

Elvin W. Moon, Vice Chair

Doug Smith, Commissioner

Laura Shell, Commissioner

Pat Modugno, Commissioner


Richard Marshalian, Senior Regional Planner Community Studies North Section

Project No. 2018-001601 ? (5) ? Advance Planning Nos. RPPL RPPL2108002312, RRPL2018002313, RPPL2018002314, RPPL2018002315, RPPL2018002316, RPPL2018002317, RPPL2018002321, RPPL2018002323, RPPL2018002324, RPPL2018002587 - RPC Meeting: June 13, 2018 - Agenda Item: 6 "Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts (AV CSDs) Update" *SUPPLEMENTAL MEMO*


An incorrect draft of the Leona Valley Concept Draft was attached to your previous staff memo. Please see the attached document which replaces Attachment #5 of the previous memo.

If you need further information, please contact Mr. Richard Marshalian at (213) 974-6476 or by email at rmarshalian@planning.. Department office hours are Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Department is closed on Fridays.

Attachments: 1 ?Leona Valley Concept Draft


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Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning

Leona Valley CSD - Concept Draft


This Concept Draft is intended to highlight and summarize the community's intent for an updated Community Standards District (CSD), and was initially drafted in working meeting discussions with the CSD Working Group in March 2018.

This document is being shared with the public to collect feedback and identify further discussion points, alternatives or areas of concern. This document will also be shared internally within the County. Further follow-up discussions with the CSD Working Group may be necessary to discuss changes or comments from the public or County's review. The CSD ordinance language will be drafted based on this Concept Draft document and the comments received.

PURPOSE The purpose of this ordinance is to establish and revise regulations for Leona Valley that preserves and enhances the rural, equestrian and agricultural character, protects sensitive features, maintains access to trails, and enhances the appearance of the community.

For more information, please visit: bit.ly/AVCSDsUpdate

NOTIFICATION The community would generally like to be notified of projects that are proposed for their communities. The Town Council wants to be informed of discretionary projects early enough in the process, so they can inform community members of the proposal and get their feedback on these projects. The community wants notification of ministerial projects as well, if only to know what projects are coming to their town.

Leona Valley CSD - Concept Draft

NATIVE VEGETATION Native habitats and natural vegetation should be preserved, while giving some flexibility for property owners to build on their property and not be constrained by limitations on development, especially where accessory structures, paved driveways, or agricultural uses are concerned. Standards for preservation should be set for ministerial projects, and discretionary projects should preserve native vegetation to the greatest extent possible depending on specific constraints present on site.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SIGNS (BILLBOARDS) The community would like to prohibit outdoor advertising signs (billboards), as they interrupt the rural look and feel of the community and distract from views of natural landscapes.

Courtesy, Becky McCray. Flickr. Courtesy, John West. Flickr.

FENCING DESIGN Fences on a lot should be open and non-view obscuring. These standards for fences should apply wherever the fence is located on the property, except for a small privacy area that may contain a pool or other structure for personal use. These standards should not apply to hedges or landscaping that forms a barrier.

Fences should not be used for screening and should be designed in such a manner as to not constrict the movement of animals other than horses. Fence Heights should be adjusted to keep horses corralled in areas where needed.

OUTDOOR AND EXTERIOR LIGHTING Standards should be included to help maintain views of stars in the night sky.

STREET IMPROVEMENTS The community does not want curbs or sidewalks on the roads, because it does not support the rural aesthetic that they want to maintain.

Sidewalks are not good for horses, so they don't want cement or asphalt as much as possible. The Town Council identified that there are potential safety issues that could occur when there isn't space to pull over your broken vehicle on a busy road, like along Elizabeth Lake Road.


Leona Valley CSD - Concept Draft

REQUIRED LOT AREA Smaller lots for residential uses are not desirable because it doesn't make the community look rural. Houses should be set far apart from each other and from the streets they front.

Courtesy, Dean Walliss. Flickr.

UTILITIES The community doesn't want utilities like sewer or gas to come out to the community, but where they do come out, all utilities should be kept underground. They want to preserve the natural look and feel of the community. However, in cases where the costs for utilities would be prohibitive, or where topographical, soil, or other conditions prevent the underground placement of utilities, a discretionary review process should use used to approve the specific design of utilities.

Existing structures should also place their utilities underground eventually as soon as rising maintenance costs make the change less expensive.

TRAILS Mapped trails that in the County map of trails should be preserved, and other protections and requirements should be developed to preserve or create paths that individuals use that are not necessarily mapped in the area. The community would also like every ministerial project to include requirements for additional setbacks on private property for unofficial trails that may not currently be mapped.

It is requested that there also be some minimum design standards for trails in the community.

HILLSIDE MANAGEMENT The community would like to protect the existing hillsides and include design guidelines that ensure new structures are screened from view using landscaping or vegetation, that grading and other elements of the project doesn't disturb views of the hillsides. Hillsides should look as natural as possible, and more trees should be planted with new developments.


Leona Valley CSD - Concept Draft

Courtesy, Josef Hanning. Flickr.

LOW IMPACT DEVELOPMENT The community is worried about management of water runoff as a result of soil compaction or new development, grading and soil disturbance. New development should take into account existing water runoff patterns and limit impacts to neighbors due to new grading or compaction of soils. The community would like additional review of any soil compaction that is done on properties for any reason, as they would like to limit soil compaction to not affect water runoff.

SIGNIFICANT RIDGELINES The community has identified additional significant ridgelines that it would like to extend ridgeline protections to other areas identified by the community. In general, the community would like to restrict development near the top of the ridgelines in order to not impact views of said significant ridgelines.

LAND DIVISIONS The community does not want tract homes that include private streets and access control. The pattern of development should be similar to what exists currently, with homes on agricultural land with wide spaces between two structures.

Courtesy, Amy Anderson. Flickr.

PAVING MATERIALS The community doesn't want improvements or lot areas or access points to be required to be paved, although they understand that if it must be paved due to code requirements, then that is ok.

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN The community would like to see houses that have some variety of design that are also designed in such a way as to not interrupt viewsheds or become a distraction to the beauty of the natural landscape. Two houses adjacent to each other should not have the same design.


Leona Valley CSD - Concept Draft

Courtesy, Timm Suess. Flickr. Courtesy, Google.

CARGO SHIPPING CONTAINERS The community doesn't like the way that cargo containers look, and don't feel like it would be attractive, however, they understand that the containers provide affordable secure storage options to residents and farmers. Therefore, they would like to see cargo shipping containers allowed on residential or agriculturally zoned lots depending on the lot size, with some limitations on siting and design requirements.

COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT The community does not want to see commercial development with parking in the front of the structure, or anything that looks similar to "strip malls". There should be some setback from the street. New development should be small scale and fit in with a cozy rural aesthetic.

The Town Council also requested that there not be drive-throughs, boxy stores, or any cannabis uses.

ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS The Town Council does not want granny flats or accessory dwelling units.


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