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Fall 2017

White Lake Hills

News Splash

Neighborhood Dues

Everyone who lives and owns property in White Lake Hills is a member of

the Neighborhood Association. There is a voluntary dues taken up each

year of $20. This money goes towards events such as the July 4th parade

and picnic, the beautification of our entrances, and other projects. A self-

addressed envelope has been included with this newsletter. You can bring

your donation to the meeting or mail it to:

White Lake Hills NA

P.O. Box 8656

Fort Worth, TX 76124

White Lake Hills Fall Festival 2017

This year's Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, October 7th, with

something for everyone. The festivities start at 11:00 a.m. with a walk and talk

with Mayor Betsy Price. At the park, we will have loads of fun activities for

the children, and a huge potluck of great food from the neighborhood, and a

chance to view our neighborhood's historic timeline. With so many activities

planned, here is a general timeline and description of each.

11:00 a.m.: Walk and Talk with Mayor Price. Suitable for all ages and

abilities, you are invited to walk and visit personally with the Mayor. The 1-

mile route starts at the corner of Green River Trail & Lake Charles South. If

you prefer a shorter walk with the Mayor, join in anywhere along the route.

Finally, if you do not want to walk, but still want to participate, pick a spot

along the route to welcome the Mayor as she passes by.

The Route:

? Lake Charles South to Lake Louise.

? Left (north) on Lake Louise.

? Right (east) on Sugar Lake.

? Right (south) on Willow Ridge, and continue to Smith-Wilemon Park.

Save the Date

Fall Festival

October 7th 11am Walk with Mayor 11:30am Festival at Park

Fall Meeting

October 9th 7:00pm Nolan Catholic High School Auditorium

Fall Garage Sale

October 13th,14th 8am

United Real Estate-Ialeen Cole,

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Fall 2017


11:30 a.m.: Fall Festival at Smith-Wilemon Park. Planned activities include:

? White Lake Hills Timeline: From the Comanche Nation to the White Lake Dairy to development of our neighborhood, you will have an opportunity to learn all about the place you call `Home'.

? Kids Zone: We have a special surprise planned for the kids this year. Please check for details. ? The Great White Lake Hills Potluck: The Neighborhood Association is providing the entrees, and we're

asking you to bring the rest. We have organized all the streets in White Lake Hills into four "food stations", each with a different theme, with foods and beverages matched up with the entrees.

If you're on , you should have heard from your Team Captain about the theme for your section of the neighborhood, and your street's assignment. In case you have missed those messages, or are not on Nextdoor, the team assignments are listed below. Please bring a salad, side dish, dessert, or beverage for 6 to 8 people.

Theme & Entree Western BBQ: Brisket

Center of the Road: Smoked Turkey

North of the Border: Sausage

South of the Border: Tamales

Street Assignments Blue Lake Drive, Blue Lake Court Candlewood Chandler Lake Court, Chandler Lake Lake Havasu Raintree Road, Raintree Court Green River Trail, Green River Court Lake Charles North Lake Charles South, Lake Louise Road, Lake Louise Court Three River Court Boulder Lake Road, Boulder Lake Court Cedar Creek Dale Hollow Sugar Lake Road Willow Ridge Road, Willow Ridge Court Emerald Lake, Emerald Lake Court Fall River Granite Shoals Marble Falls, Marble Falls Court Rock River Saint Lawrence

If you want to eat, but do not want to bring a dish or drinks, you may make a $10 donation for a household, or $4 for an individual.

IF IT RAINS . . . The Fall Festival will go on rain or shine. In the event of rain, we will move indoors. Indoor location to be determined ? stay tuned to for updates.

United Real Estate-Ialeen Cole,

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Fall 2017


Neighborhood Garage Sale

Our neighborhood is planning a fall garage sale on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14 starting at 8am. This is a great opportunity to clean out your closets and rid of stuff you no longer want. Participants will need to get a FREE permit from the City of Fort Worth by either calling 817-392-2222 or going online

at - just click on the banner

that says APPLY FOR A FREE PERMIT ONLINE. If you want to be included on the map, please call or text Terri Bailey at 817-504-0057 or on NextDoor no later than Monday, October 9.

Yard of the Month

We hope neighbors have enjoyed viewing the recent White Lake Hills Yard's of the Month.

In July, the yard at 613 Green River Trail was highlighted. The owners had worked tirelessly to restore the

front yard when they moved here in 2013. The front had suffered from lack of care and water. They have planted, replanted and watered until now have finally re-established a healthy landscape. Deborah is a

tireless gardener, as the flourishing green of her back garden will also attest.

In August, 5008 Granite Shoals was the featured Yard. This is a well-maintained and attractive yard,

which gives welcome to the front entrance to the house. The sculptured greenery is inter-mixed with frothy

ferns and contrasting elephant ears. The greens give a cooling summer picture with whimsical statuary also

featured against the white background of the house. Terry says they have enjoyed working on the front, and also try to keep it attractive for the neighbors.

September's Yard of the Month is at 1013 Lake Charles Ave. Elizabeth the recipient, is a long time resident of WLH. She has enjoyed over 40 years of actively gardening in her yard. She loves her

neighborhood and it is important for her to always keep her yard properly maintained. She sets a good

example by keeping it neat and tidy, and is proud to have been recognized for her care of her surroundings. We are pleased to have special people like Elizabeth whose landscape can be

depended on for good upkeep.

United Real Estate-Ialeen Cole,

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Fall 2017


President's Letter by Fred Fernandez

Well, summer is soon coming to an end. We are fortunate that it has been a mild and mostly wet one. Our WLHNA Fall Festival is coming up on October 7th. Please refer to the article in this newsletter for more information. We can always use volunteers during the event for everything from set up to clean up, so if you're available and want to help, please contact Linda Fulmer and let her know. We all owe a big thank you to Linda and her planning committee for all that they do to enrich our community. They carry on the kind of leadership that White Lake Hills has been so fortunate to have for so many years, and they represent the best of our community, and of the city of Fort Worth. We are so fortunate that they live here.

Don't forget, National Night Out is coming up on Tuesday, October 3. Now is the time for block captains to organize your individual block parties and plan for your neighborhood get-togethers.

WLH garage sale is planned for October 15th, refer to a posting in this newsletter for more information. In case you haven't heard, it's official. Wallace Hall has received his standard permit from the TCEQ to operate a concrete crusher on First Street. It's at the same location that applied for a change in zoning from the city of Fort Worth last year. Mr. Hall decided to go to the TCEQ first for his permit. I understand he hired a top-notch attorney specializing in environmental issues such as this. His one year restriction for reapplication for a zoning change will expire soon. He obviously thinks his interest outweighs our better interest or just doesn't care. So expect to see this issue come back around again this year. I hope we are all prepared to have our voices heard again, and that our city government is prepared to stand firm to protect our better interest well into the future.

On a happier note, JLB Contractors has recently agreed to sign a compromise agreement limiting production for a cement batch plant operation. In return for this agreement, several requests for a contested hearing have been withdrawn. I, as president of Neighborhoods of East Fort Worth Alliance, and Mike Dean a board member of The Historic Randall Mill's Valley Alliance (THRMVA), worked with Sam Davis, President of JLB Construction, LLC to form this agreement. That agreement was finalized and officially signed last week by Sam Davis, Bob Horton, president THRMVA, Mike Dean, past vice president and current board member, and myself of NEFWNA. This agreement stands on its own merits, separate from the TCEQ permit, to limit production at substantially lower production levels. I offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Sam Davis, Mike Dean for his exceptional effort, and Bob Horton for his contribution to the final agreement.

If you haven't been attending our quarterly association meetings or haven't volunteered for any of our activities, I want to encourage you to become an active member of this community. I think you will like the people you get to know, make friends, be in the know of "goings on", and enjoy time with your neighbors.

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Fall 2017


Celebrating White Lakes Hills Neighborhood

Fall 2017

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Fall 2017


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