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On the Road

President- Rick Neblock

Vice President- Ernie Wheeler

Treasurer- Karen Errett

Secretary- Sandy Ritcey

Wagonmaster-Chuck Mentzel

Email: ocalacentralsams@ Facebook: Ocala Central Sams

Presidents Corner May 2016

"Summer Time, and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high. Your Daddy's rich and your ma is good lookin'." I am listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing this song as I write this message. It is one of my favorite memories from my youth. It seems appropriate, as the Ocala Central Sams has now adjourned for the summer, not to gather again until September when autumn will be near at hand. Sue and I will on the road heading for the Rockford, Illinois area in a week or so and likely won't return until late August. Our immediate plans are to spend time with our children, especially our daughter, who remains in a rehab facility in Rockford. There are a few important matters we need to resolve from a legal perspective so that we can insure that she is taken care of and her interest are protected. But that is a conversation for another time and place. We will be heading to Forest City, Iowa for the Winnebago Grand National Rally in July but plans are uncertain beyond that. We hope that all of you enjoy a fantastic summer wherever your travels may take you. While we were gathered at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park this month I was approached and asked if we have a Facebook page and the response was yes, but no one keeps it up or adds to it.

May 2016

So. When I returned home after the rally. I jumped oonf ttoheFgaEcrodeiubtoporoiSnkaFannaddcyeRsbtiaotcroetkeydisa"NOEcWalagCroeunptr.aTl Sheamnasm" e


that shocuolmdn't be too hard for me to remember. I have added several of the members who were already on my personal friends list to the group and am encouraging you to please join the group. To do so, open your Facebook pages, in the search bar, type Ocala Central Sams, then hit like and/or join. This is currently a closed group meaning only active members of our Chapter will be added to the group, so either one of the current site administrators or I will add you to the group. It is my hope that this FB page will become a place where we can stay in touch, share our adventures, and post pictures. It also can be a place where we share information with members. As I said, this is currently a closed group, but someday, we may feel the need to change that to an open group, I ask that you all be patient with me as I am trying to learn how all of this works and how we can use it for the benefit of our membership. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please communicate with me by message on Facebook or text me at 815-543-4831 and I will work to answer your concern as quickly as I can. Have a fantastic summer. Be safe, and as the group The Happenings sang, "See in September, see you when the summers through." Bless you all, Rick Neblock

Ocala Central Sams Minutes

May 11, 2016

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park

Present: Allan, Brown, Chynoweth, Comini, Curtis,

Errett, Mentzel/Minor, Neblock, Ritcey, Sayers,

Shartzer, Tremose, Wheeler, Young.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Rick


Dick our chaplain led in prayer. Rick led the pledge

of allegiance.

Good Sams Pledge was read.

Welcome our guests- Larry & Emmy Becker and

new members Rob & Mary Jo Allan. Our other new


member couple Michael and Linda Empry were coming but had truck trouble. Secretary report- Sandy read the minutes since Bert and Sherry didn't receive them. Brown was left out of the attendance and will be corrected. Jo Ann motioned to except and Bert 2nd, all were in favor. Treasurer Report- Karen reported the balance of $777.24 before the May rally. The report was emailed to everyone. Sandy motioned the report be excepted as presented, Jo Ann 2nd, all were in favor. Karen will discuss money over $500 going to our charities in new business. Wagon Master- Chuck reported September will be our next rally at Wilderness RV on US 40. HOST5 ARE NEEDED- SEPT, DEC, JAN. He is still looking for a spot for March. If you have any ideas please let him know. Ernie suggested a 3 day cruise, Jo Ann was asked to check into it. April- Sherwood Forest- host Frank & Fred. May- Horseshoe CoveNeblock & Miner. Sunshine representative- Sherry Wheeler reported everyone well and okay. Old Business- T-shirts- Sue and Jo Ann have orders for 31 Men and 29 Ladies. They plan on ordering them this summer. Sue is planning on checking with any missing members before ordering. Jo Ann motioned for the club to purchase 4 extra M & L shirts for a backup. Bert 2nd. After discussion the motioned was revised to 8 of each by Dick. Bert seconded and all were in favor. Ken Young mentioned the club had voted in the past to limit the number of coaches to 25. Name badges- Fred's niece makes badges and made theirs with a magnet and lanyard for $13.50. Fred will provide the club with Audrey's cell so she can order for them. Ken Young reported he had been sent Robert's Rules if order and Robert's Rules of Order for Dummies. This fall we will be looking at all the past rulings and decide which ones the club wants to keep. No New Business Today's Plans- Bean Bag Baseball immediately following the meeting in the hall. There is Hillbilly Golf for any who would like to play in the

afternoon. Dinner is at Charlie's in Crystal River. Everyone is going. Birthdays and Anniversaries for the summerMay 5 Audrey DeSanto 21 Sherry Wheeler

23 Wheeler June 4 Mary Jo Allan 22 Karen Errett 22 Fred Tremose - 22 Chynoweth 27 Comini Aug 1 Jo Ann Miner 9 Rosie Pullen

15 Sandy Ritcey 23 Neblock Half & Half- Ernie presented the winner, Jo Ann, $21 . Left over pulled pork will be served after bean baseball. Sandy motioned to adjourn at 10:25. Respectfully submitted by Sandy Ritcey, secretary. Welcome our new members!!

Larry and Emmy Becker

Rob and Mary Jo Allan May rally in Rock Crusher Canyon had a great turn out. Some of us arrived on Sunday, which was Mother's Day. The rest arrived on Monday, we met for happy hour at 4 pm. Our hosts for the rally were Chuck, Jo Ann, Rick and Sue. GREAT JOB!!


Monday evening everyone was on their own. Tuesday morning we started with a great breakfast with all the trimmings.

The ladies met after breakfast to make more blankets for the children of Boggy Creek.


Wednesday morning started out with another great breakfast followed by our monthly meeting at the couch. There was another function in the club house.

The guys did what they do best. TALK

Some of us went to the pool, which was very nice, and some read or took naps. We got together for happy hour before eating our wonderful picnic dinner. Rick out cooked himself with smoked pork! YUM, YUM!! We luckily had enough for sandwiches the next day for lunch. That was followed by ice cream sundaes and other yummy desserts. We were all pleasingly full. Later we played Take Out the Trash with Chuck winning all the Nichols.

Our officers President- Rick Neblock, VP- Ernie Wheeler, Secretary- Sandy Ritcey, Finance- Karen Errett and our Wagon Master- Chuck Mentzel.

After our meeting we played beanbag baseball. We had quite a rambunctious game, but the girls came out on top. The score was 9 to 8.


THE WINNERS!! Some of us went to the pool, others rode their bikes and others caught up on their reading. We later gathered to go to Charlie's for dinner. After dinner, we met in the club house for some games. Thursday morning we said our goodbyes until September. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer!

2016-2017 Ocala Sam's Camping Schedule

September 12-15, 2016 Wilderness RV Resort Ocala, FL 352-625-1122 Rate $30.00/night Hosts: October 10-13, 2016 Dunedin Carefree RV Dunedin, FL Rate 800-345-7504 $31.50/night Hosts:

November 9-13, 2016 Southern Palms Resort Eustis, FL Fall Samboree Rally - No hosts needed but need to sign up for games so we can kick butt. Rally rate approx. $150 includes early check-in.

December 12-15, 2016 Sunshine Holiday RV Daytona, FL 877-277-8737 $35/night includes 50 amp service with full hook-up. Hosts:

Some members are going to Lazy Days for the New Year's Camping and Party. Spots have been set aside but you have to register for the rally. See Dick or Karen if you are interested.

January 9-12, 2017 Lake Oklawana KOA Fort McCoy, Fl 352-546-5500 $27/night Hosts: February 14-19, 2017 Spring Samboree Rally in Tallahassee, FL. Rally rate approx. $150 includes early check-in. March 13-16, 2017 Fl. Rate $/night Hosts: April 10-13, 2017 Sherwood Forest Kissimmee, FL 407-396-7431 $36/night Hosts: May 8-11, 2017 Horseshoe Cove Bradenton, Fl 800-291-3446 $27.25/night Hosts: Wagonmaster Chuck Mentzel 352-497-1497 Remember to contact Chuck and pick the month that is best for you to host!


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