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1 A monthly publication of Ustick Baptist Church

Our Life Together

Reaching and equipping all ages for a lifetime of following Jesus

Pastor Greg Reider

Senior Pastor

Having P.E.P. in the Church

"Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing. Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting and His faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 100

When I was in high school I played basketball and one of my favorite times was at the beginning of the game when we would enter the gym to warm up and the PEP Band would play a rousing song. Never mind that the rousing song was from a Budweiser Beer commercial! The music was fun, got the crowd excited and certainly pumped us up as players. The PEP Band brought, well, pep to all of us!

P.E.P. in the Church So as I've thought about that excitement before a game so many years ago, I have thought of how P.E.P. can be a good acronym for what we hope happens each week as we come together to worship the Lord. So here is my suggestion as to what P.E.P. can stand for:

P - For participation: To gather together for worship is never to watch others do worship. "It is to enter in to a time of praise, prayer, giving and teaching of God's Word. It is to tune in to what the Holy Spirit is teaching us and how He is moving us to be transformed more and more into the image of Christ. It is a time to lay aside the distractions of life and to remember that we are offering our lives to the Lord for His purposes and plans. Participation means greeting our fellow believers sitting around us and to enter their lives with care, concern and community in unique and wonderful ways. All of this in and of itself can bring joy and excitement to our time together.

E - For enthusiasm: It is interesting that this English word comes from the Greek words "en" plus "theos" which literally means "in God" and has come to mean to be inspired. Indeed our worship on Sundays should be where we are inspired with joy to celebrate God's greatness and goodness, to exalt Him in all His work and to not be stoic, glum nor melancholy. This is a time of enthusiasm to permeate our lives. Not in a conjured up nor forced manner; not cajoled but invited to join God's people in expressing the greatness and goodness of our great God!

P - For prayer: This may sound contradictory to enthusiasm but it is not. It is interesting that James refers to "the effective prayer of a righteous person" (James 5:16). The Geek word for "effective" gives us our English word "energy". Prayer has energy. While prayer can be reflective and quiet,

it can also have with it a sincere joy, longing and pouring out of our hearts. In our service we pray for God to speak, to lead, to have us engage with Him in a real and life-changing way that brings a song to our lips and joy to our hearts!

Room for P.E.P. in our Church It may sound strange to think of a worship gathering (or really any gathering of God's people) as "peppy", but I believe when you look at the gatherings of God's people in both the Old and New Testaments, this is what you find. God's people earnestly, whole-heartedly, joyfully, and completely engaged with our living God. I would pray that as we gather that we would be "pumped up" to go out into the "game" of life we each have. That being together with the focus on Jesus has reminded us that "we can do this". Whether in joys or sorrows, challenges or changes, transitions or transformations, or whatever comes our way, we can know we face them through Jesus.

I pray God makes us a church full of P.E.P.!

Serving with you,

Our Life Together February 2019


Special Ministries

Prayer Chain: This prayer chain is available for prayer requests concerning our church body and their immediate family. Prayer is a vital part of the Christian life and we have seen many prayers answered. If you would like to have your church family praying for you or an immediate family member, please contact the church office at 208-938-2121 (Tuesday--Friday).

Helps Ministry: This ministry is under the umbrella of the Women's Ministry here at Ustick. If you need help with meals due to illness, hospitalization, or family emergency, the women of Ustick Baptist would like to assist you through our Women's Helps Ministry. Please contact Amy Wolin 208-412-0483.

Calendar of Events

Our church calendar is on our website at . If you would like to schedule something at the church, please contact Teresa in the office at 208-938-2121 or secretary@.

Our Life Together Newsletter

is available on our website at media.

Church Staff

Senior Pastor Greg Reider

Pastor of Discipleship/Connections Mike Beaudin

Pastor of Youth John Buren

Interim Worship Coordinator Darlene Densley

Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator Carmen Conant

Young Adults Ministry Coordinator Andrew Obenchain

Administrative Assistant Teresa Dudley

Ministries for ALL ages...

Awana Mondays 6:15-8:00pm (Sept.--April) Awana Commander, Scott Dykstra 208-378-4949 or awana@

Children's Ministry --Nursery for birth-age 2 --Sunday School for ages 3-5th grade --Children's Church ages 2-K

Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator, Carmen Conant 208-559-5072 or robandcarmen@

Jr/Sr High Youth Wednesday Nights 7-9pm Pastor of Youth, John Buren 209-269-1690 pastorjohn@

Young Adults Ministry --Wednesday nights 7pm (at the

Obenchain's home)

Young Adults Ministry Coordinator, Andrew Obenchain 208-921-3030 or aobenchain@

Women's Bible Studies --Tues. mornings 9:30am (Sept.-May) --Wed. mornings 9:15am (Sept.-June) --Wed. evenings 7pm (fall & spring) Contact: Jana Smith 208-921-1850 or janagray41@

Men's Bible Studies --Wed. mornings, 6:30am (Mar-Dec) Contact: Dennis Hutchison at 208-939-6287 or dahutch@ --Wed. evenings, 7pm (Sept.-May) Contact: Fred Genther 208-477-8077 or prayerwar@

Growth Groups Contact Pastor Mike 208-938-2121 or pastormike@ or

GEMS Senior Group (age 50 & over) (God's Ever Maturing Saints) (Sept.-May except Dec.) Meets every 3rd Thurs. at 11:50am for lunch and a program. Contact: Lee & Judy Fossgreen 208-473-2080 or judyfossgreen@

Elders Fund

A special offering is taken the first Sunday of every month for the Elders Fund. This offering goes to help those in our local church body who may have a financial emergency. We, the Elders of Ustick Baptist, want you to feel free to contact us with any concerns and cares that you have regarding our church ministries or with any questions. Our role is to oversee the church ministries and to pray for the needs of this body. Please feel free to contact us as we serve our Lord together! Chairman - Mike Veit Pastor Greg 208-938-2121 Vern Hickman 208-888-7387 Rob Conant 208-559-5719 Cal Emerson 208-322-4948 Mike Veit 208-376-0563 Tim Crimmins 208-954-7325 Bob Bishop 208-921-7981 Josh Lundberg 832-263-9862

Please remember to check the Lost & Found if you are missing an item. It is located at the Information Center in the bottom cupboard. When it fills up we empty it out and donate the items.

14301 W. McMillan Road Boise, ID 83713 208-938-2121

Our Life Together February 2019


Discipleship & Connections

Pastor Mike Beaudin

Interim Worship Ministry Coordinator

Darlene Densley

"But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, that I may tell of all Thy works." Psalm 73:28

This picture is a great reflection of how good God is to our church family. It was a very encouraging evening with a lot of sharing of Annual Reports from 2018 at our Congregational Meeting (Jan. 27). Even through a tough year on so many levels we can still say like the words from the song... "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me." Truly He is our refuge! So brothers and sisters let's keep telling of all HIS works! Thanks again to our wonderful Fellowship Ministry Team volunteers, led by Summer Ohler, who set up and provided all of the yummy treats for this meeting! If you want to help serve on this ministry team or the Coffee Fellowship Ministry Team, let me know or contact Summer Ohler directly!

NOTE: MeReT, Security, and Ushers' Ministry Teams will meet Sat., Feb. 9 at 8:30am in the Activity Center during a small breakfast time. We have a special guest speaker, Boise Police Officer Corporal Brian Hagler, who will be sharing about "caring for and protection of our church congregation". These are specialized ministry teams who serve our church family on a weekly and monthly basis. If you are one of these ministry teams, please RSVP by letting your team leader know that you are planning to come. It helps me plan for food!

Then on Sat., Feb. 16 at 8:30am in the Activity Center during a small breakfast time we will have a combined Connectors & Greeters Ministry Team meeting. If you'd like to join us please RSVP me at pastormike@. It is an open meeting to anyone who is already on these ministry teams or anyone who would like to join us in serving here at UBC! You are most welcome to come!

Even if you are not "intentionally serving" on one of these CARE Ministry Teams, please greet and welcome those people around you, especially the new ones visiting our church in the coffee fellowship area! Thanks!

Growth Groups Ministry...ARE YOU CONNECTED TO ONE YET? If not, join us! Let me know?

I love being a part of the Worship Ministry here at UBC as a volunteer and now on staff. The wonderful volunteers continue to be willing to be here every week that they are on the team because they love to worship also! I work very closely with the MAT (Music Advisory Team) and Pastor as they help me navigate all of the different aspects of this job. I pray you are encouraged to actively fellowship and worship with us each week. The search committee for the new worship pastor is in full swing, and we are looking forward to who God has in store for us here at UBC. We have quite a few candidates that have applied, so we would covet your prayers as we work through the process. There have been quite a few changes in the Worship Ministry this last year but we continue to move forward as God leads us. I'm looking forward to worshiping with you each week!

Growth Group Leaders

Densley's Growth Group

Moist's Growth Group

Our Life Together February 2019


Jr/Sr High Youth

Pastor John Buren

January was a very happening month in the youth ministry. For starters, we kicked off two new sermon series, one for Sunday School and one for Wednesday Nights. On Sunday mornings we are going through the Fruit of the Spirit, as outlined in Galatians 5. It's easy to be familiar with the Fruit of the Spirit, but it's a whole other thing to embrace them into a daily life style. It's been very interesting as we're less than half of the way through. On Wednesday nights we just wrapped up a 4-week series on the life of Moses. We focused less on the person of Moses and more on the scenarios of his life that teach us big truths. We focused on "the call to serve in ministry," "how to deliver an important message," "how to deal with difficult people" and "the consequences of disobedience." There's so much we can relate to and learn from the life of Moses that it was hard to condense it to just four lessons.

January also saw us at Jr High Winter Blast at Camp Pinewood in McCall. This was an excellent time of being surrounded by Jr Highers

from the area that all had one singular focus, "walking the walk" that a Christian is called to live. We had a great speaker, wonderful time of worship and a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to an exciting February ahead, beginning with our "Super Bowl Before the Superbowl," that's right, it's a bowling night at Big Al's the night before the Superbowl. February will also see our High School Winter Camp at Cathedral Pines Feb. 16-18. Our theme for winter camp is "Ready Aim Fire," with each word taking on significance. What does a Christian need to do to be ready to serve, and where should a Christian need to aim (what is our

purpose) and how can we fire, or pull the trigger on our plans with some action. I'm looking forward to a great time. There's still time to sign up if you're in high school and have yet to do so.

February is also our "Waiting Dating & Mating" month. The world, and sometimes I dare say the Christian Church, is so confused about how to interact with each other. We look forward to giving traditional Biblical wisdom on these matters and to do so in a way that is easy to understand.

As always the youth ministry team is thankful for every prayer and supportive word shared, and for having a congregation that values youth ministry and takes such good care of families. Thank you!

Young Adults Coordinator

Andrew Obenchain

Friendsgiving Dinner - November 2018

Christmas PartyDecember 2018

Winter Retreat 2019 Young Adults Group on Facebook!

Our Life Together February 2019


Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator

Carmen Conant


Quiet bag toy testing


Getting to church early to "set up"

Activity testing


Painting signage

Scheduling door



My goal is to introduce our new Children's Ministry Director to a team 100 strong...100 folks to help them in everything from teachers in the classroom to scrubbing toys and decora ng bulle n boards. We are three quarters there. Will you join us so we can say not just on paper but with ac ons that our children are important? Will you please join us in saying welcome, we are glad you came to invest in us, our church, by us inves ng in you? Will you be one of the last 25 folks we need to be 100 strong?


Our Life Together February 2019


February 2019

Sunday Mornings Prayer Warriors 8am (rm 113) A.C.E./Sunday school 9am (all ages) Coffee Fellowship time 10-10:30am Worship Service 10:30am Nursery available for ages 2 and under Worship Service Childcare: for ages 2-4







March Newsletter deadline is February 27!




10A Ladies Coffee Connection



8A Prayer Warriors

4P Super Bowl for the Middles Young Adults

Party and

6:15P Awana 7P Caregivers Support Group

(Crimmins' home)



8A Prayer Warriors

12:45P Foreign

Missions Comm.


6:15P Awana



Sr High Winter Camp

8A Prayer Warriors

6P Trustee meeting 6:15P Awana



8A Prayer Warriors

6:15P Awana


8:30A Moms in Prayer 9:30A Women's Bible Study





6:30A Men's Bible Study


9:15A Women's Bible Study 6P Men's Min. Leader-

1:30P Women's Ministry Team

ship meeting 7P Jr/Sr High 7P Young Adults 7P Men's Bible St.


6:30P Worship Team 7P Deaconess mtg.


8:30A Moms in Prayer 9:30A Women's Bible Study

6P Chapel at River of Life 7P BSF


6:30A Men's Bible Study 9:15A Women's Bible Study 7P Jr/Sr High 7P Young Adults 7P Wom. Bible St. 7P Men's Bible St.



10A Quilters 6:30P Worship Team



8:30A Moms in 6:30A Men's Bible



9:30A Women's 9:15A Women's

Bible Study

Bible Study

4:20/6:45P UBC 7P Jr/Sr High

serve dinner at River 7P Young Adults

of Life

7P Wom. Bible St.


7P Men's Bible St.



11:50A GEMS Lunch

6:30P Worship Team



8:30A Moms in 6:30A Men's Bible



9:30A Women's 9:15A Women's

Bible Study

Bible Study

4:20/6:45P UBC 7P Jr/Sr High

serve dinner at River 7P Young Adults

of Life

7P Wom. Bible St.


7P Men's Bible St.


10A Quilters

6:30P Worship Team

6P Jr/Sr High Bowling at Big Al's 6:30P Awana Games

(Trek & Journey)


8A Meeting (Security

Team, Ushers, MeRet)

1P Memorial Service


Sr High Winter Camp 8:30A Care Ministry Breakfast meeting


8:30A Men's Breakfast

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