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Paul R. Smith Middle School

1410 Sweetbriar Drive ? Holiday, Florida 34691

(727) 246-3200 ? Fax (727) 246-3291

General Middle School Supplies

The following general learning supplies are usually required during the course of the school day at Paul R. Smith Middle School (a more teacher-specific list will be provided on orientation day with schedules). Each student will be required to utilize a 2-inch three ring binder as part of their learning program. This binder will be used for all six classes and eliminates the need for separate notebooks in each class.

? Two 2-inch binder ? any color (One binder for second semester) ? Loose leaf notebook paper - 5 packs college rule ? Binder tab subject dividers ? 8 tabs ? Binder "Poly Ring" binder pockets ? Binder zipper pencil/pen case ? Pencils ? wooden or mechanical with eraser ? Blue, black, or red pens ? Colored pencils ? 1 pair of scissors ? Highlighters for annotating and note-taking ? Index cards (3X5 or 4X6) ? Hand held pencil sharpener ? Glue sticks ? Post-it notes for note-taking/organizing ? Graph paper ? 3 hole punched binder version ? Plastic or wooden ruler ? Package of printer paper ? USB Flash Drive ? for storage of computer files ? optional but recommended ? Basic Calculator with " " (square root symbol) for 7th and 8th Grade ONLY

The following `Comfort' supplies are appreciated in order to provide students a sanitary learning environment (these items are usually kept on the teacher's desk for all students):

? Facial or Kleenex type tissues ? Hand sanitizer

On behalf of the staff of Paul R. Smith Middle School, we would like to thank our parents for your support in providing school supplies and helping us realize the District's mission of a world class education.

Thank You to our Parents and Students!

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