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Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics MS Projects, Advisors and Placements, 2009-2017


Alwang, Albert "Short-term Returns to Agricultural Household Migration Decisions: Evidence from a Tracking Panel Data Study in Malawi" (Advisor, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: Analyst, Office of Economic Development, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA).

Barrientos-Blanco "Expected Value of Crossbred Dairy Cattle Artificial Insemination Breeding Strategies in Virgin Heifers and Lactating Cows" (Advisor, Nicole Widmar; placement: PhD program in Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Carson, Nathaniel "An Examination of the Relationship between Cash Rent Values and Net Crop Returns in Indiana" (Advisor, Michael Langemeier; placement: MS program, University of Chicago)

Chen, Junhong "Two Essays on Chinese Consumer Preferences and Shopping Behaviors for Fresh Food" (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: PhD program, University of Florida)

Dominick, S.R. "Preferences and Willingness to Pay for the Nutritional Attributes of Breakfast Cereal by Midwestern Residents" (Advisor, Nicole Widmar: placement: Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College, Lafayette, IN)

Fenton, Marieke "The Profitability of Cover Crops: Investigating the Effect of Additional Soil Organic Carbon" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, University of California, Davis).

Fullerton, Erin C. "Decision Making on Multigenerational Farms" (Advisor: Scott Downey; placement: Extension Economist, Kansas State University)

Johnson, Andrew "Economic Incentives for Aflatoxin Reduction along the Nigerian Maize Value Chain" (Advisors: Joan Fulton and Nicole Widmar; placement: Financial Analyst, Teays River Investments)

Hiramatsu, Tomoko "The effect of Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans on Revenues of Small Businesses in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina" (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: TBD)

Lira, Steven "Costs and Benefits of Cover Crops: An Econometric Analysis of the Impacts of Cover Crops on Cash Crop Yield on Central and Northeastern Indiana Farms" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK).

McGarvey, Elspeth "A Stochastic Techno-Economic Analysis of the Catalytic Hydrothermolysis Aviation Biofuel Technology" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Walker Consultants, Indianapolis, IN).

Soldavini, Sabrinna "Determining Switchgrass Breakeven Prices in a Landscape Design System" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: MGT Consulting, Corvallis, OR.)

Trull, Nathanial Trull "Competition Intensity, Feedstock Mix, and the Environmental Footprint of Cellulosic Biofuels" (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: TBD)


Boone, Seth C. "An Indiana County Level Analysis of 2014 Farm Bill Commodity Payments" (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: Risk Manager, Cattle Empire, Satanta, Kansas).

Hodde, Whitney L. "The Effect of Climate Change on the Economics of Conservation Tillage: A Study Based on Field Experiments in Indiana" (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Private Consultant).

Jimenez, Manuel "Measurement and Analysis of Agricultural Productivity in Colombia" (Advisor: Phillip Abbott; placement: PhD program, AGEC Purdue University).

Liu, Yuhang "Measuring the Effect of Cold Storage, Captive Supply, and Concentration on the Marketing Margin in the U.S. Pork Industry" (Advisor: Kenneth Foster; placement: PhD program, AGEC Purdue University).

Mahaffey, Harrison H. "Economic and Environmental Impacts of a Hypothetical Global GMO Ban" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Bunge Corporation, Kansas City).

Marquez Alcala, German A. "The Labor Market Consequences of Endogenous Low-Skill Migration with a Market-Based Immigration Policy" (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: PhD program, University of Michigan).

Matin, Saima "Economic Viability of Flexible Biogas Pumps in Bangladesh" (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College).

Morgan, Carissa J. "Investigating U.S. Resident Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Food and Agriculture" (Advisor: Nicole Widmar; placement: Office for Study Abroad, Purdue University).

Ringleberg, Josiah M. "Mergers and Acquisitions in Food and Agribusiness: Returns, Drivers, and Long Run Performance" (Advisors: Michael Gunderson and Michael Boehlje; placement: GreenStone FCS, Michigan)

Osborn, Amie N. "Age Demographics and Farm Real Estate Values" (Advisor: Jason Henderson; placement: Assistant Vice President for Commercial and Agricultural Lending, First Farmers Bank and Trust, Converse, Indiana).

Scott, Francisco A. "Firm Demography and Location Decisions in the United States After 1990" (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: PhD program, AGEC, Purdue University).

Van Dop, Molly "Irrigation Adoption, Groundwater Demand and Policy in the U.S. Corn Belt, 2040-2070" (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, UC Berkeley).

Vielma Delano, Sofia "An Economic Assessment of Household Unwanted Medicine Disposal Programs" (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, AGEC, Purdue University).


Aghasili, Onyekachi U. "Fuel Choice, Acute Respiratory Infection and Child Growth in Uganda" (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: HealthMarkets, Inc., Houston, TX).

Camp, Kevin "Job Mobility Among Young College Graduates" (Advisor: Brigitte Waldorf; placement: US Department of Labor, Washington, DC).

Ghambi, Daniel "Market Participation and Profitability of Cotton Production in Malawi" (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: Malawi, deceased).

Hettich, Rachel "Carbon Sequestration via Forestry in Maryland: A Cost-Benefit Assessment" (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement:Investigator in the Market Regulation Department, CME Group, Chicago, IL).

Iglesias, Maria "Does A Family-First Philosophy Affect Family Business Profitability? An Analysis of Family Businesses in the Midwest" (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Spain).

Leirer, Joshua S.L. "Are Cover Crops Worth It? It Depends" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Private Consulting, New York).

Li, Jiayu "Tracking Sales Activities in Agribusiness" (Advisor: Scott Downey; placement: MS program, Georgetown University, Washington, DC).

Lunik, Elizabeth "International Comparison of Cost Efficiency of Corn and Soybean Production" (Advsior, Michael Langemeier; placement: Thunen Instutute, Braunscheig, Germany).

Musselman, Ryan "Stages of Succession Planning and Factors of Transferring Management and Ownership for the Family Agribusiness" (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Advisor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University).

Sheng, Homan (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Training and Organizational Development, Wabash National Corporation, Lafayette, IN).


Ahmadi, Amir "Keynesian Input-Output Multiplier Model in Economic Impact Analysis: Purdue's International Capacity Building Projects, 1951-2011" (Advisor: James Lowenberg-Deboer; placement: Adjunct Faculty, Kentucky Christian University, Grayson, KY).

Amanda Bittner "Field to Flight: A Techno-economic Analysis of Stover to Aviation Biofuels Supply Chain" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: INFORMA, Memphis, TN).

Bourquard, Brian "An Economic Analysis of Sizing Constraints" (Advisor: Steven Wu; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Carnegie Andrews, Rachel A. "Evolution of Food Quality Demand in the Food Service in China: The Case of Duck" (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: Data Analyst at Buxton, Dallas, TX).

DeKryger, Nichols "Comparative Analysis of the True Profitability between Genetic Multiplication and Terminal Pig Production" (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: Belstra Milling Company, DeMotte, IN).

Erangu Purath Mohankumar, Sajeev "Profit-Maximizing Responses to Climate change in Commodity Agriculture: Does Adaptation Matter?" (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Austria).

Jellicoe, Michaela "Underground Natural Gas Storage: An Examination of Property Values in Indiana" (Advisor: Michael Delgado; placement: Economic Analyst, Community Attributes Inc., Bainbridge Island, WA).

Jung, Jinho "Economic and Policy Analysis for Solar PV Systems in Indiana" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Hedge, Kendra Marie "Producer Perceptions of their Use of Time and Various Areas of Risk in their Business" (Advisor: Elizabeth Yeager; placement: Farmers Bank, Frankfort, IN).

Holland, Jacqueline Kaye "Two Essays on Large Agricultural Producer Buying Behaviors" (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: PhD program, Colorado State University).

Iest, Jacob "Price Impacts of Increased Peruvian Table Grape Supply" (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: Dairy farmer, California)

Mbulukwa, Mphatso Charity "Analyzing the Importance of Diversifying Beyond Tobacco for Small-Scale Farmers in Malawi" (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Malawi).

McCarty, Tanner J. "Uncertainty, Irreversibility, and Investment in Second-Generation Biofuels" (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

McCoy, Stacy A. "Quality and Safety Attributes of Sun-Dried Raisins from Afghanistan" (Advisor: Kevin McNamara; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Qian, Jianghi "Breakthrough of Sub-Saharan Africa's Agricultural Production in the 21st Century: The Role of Foreign Aid" (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement: Bank, Beijing, China).

Smith, Timothy "Understanding Childhood Malnutrition in Nepal: A Hierarchical Regression Approach" (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Tobin, John "An Analysis of Marketing Margins in the US Beef Industry" (Advisor: Michael Boehlje; placement: Market Analyst, AHDB, Warwick, England).

Vasquez Panizza, Rodrigo Arturo "Market Power Estimation in the Chilean Cattle Market" (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Yao, Guolin "Determinants of Energy Efficiency Across Countries" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Young, Jeffrey "Competition Between Private Labels and National Brands: Empirical Evidence from Homscan Data on Fluid Milk Markets" (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: PhD program, Purdue University)


Broughton, Megan "Economic Activity Associated with the Aquaculture Industry in the State of Indiana" (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: Purdue Extension, Washington County, Indiana).

Cook, Aaron "Climate Change in Malawi: Household Level Impacts and Adaptations" (Advsiors: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Juan Sesmero; placement: PhD program, Penn State University).

Giraldo, Juan "An Economic Analysis of the Electricity Generation Potential from Biogas Resources in the State of Indiana" (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Hao, Jing "Explaining Patterns of Malnutrition Among Children in Uganda" (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Supply Chain Manager at Theranos, Palo Alto, CA).

Hu, Zhihua "Are the U.S. Crop Insurance Premiums Fair Across Regions and Crops?" (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: Risk Management Specialist, Home Credit, Inc.) .

Josephson, Anna "How Population Density Influences Agricultural Intensification and Productivity: Evidence from Ethiopia" (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Kadjo, Kadjo Didier "Effects of Pest Damage and Grain Management Practices on Storage Behavior and Market Prices: Insights from Benin" (Advisors: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Kumaraswamy, Gautam "An Evaluation of Improved Dairy Feed Adoption in Nicaragua" (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: Government of Jamaica).

Lord, Emily "Expected Value of Beef Reproduction Strategies: Sexed Semen AI, Conventional Semen AI, and Natural Breeding" (Advisor: Nicole Olynk Widmar; placement: Dixondale Farms, Texas).

McKendree, Melissa Short "Exploring Consumer Preferences for Animal Care and Rearing Practices Across Species and Products" (Advisor: Nicole Olynk Widmar; placement: PhD program, Kansas State University).

Sununtnasuk, Celeste "Child Nutrition, Agricultural Production and Satellite Remotely Sensed Images: Exploring Linkages in Nepal" (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC).

Song, Jingyu "A Spatially Explicit Watershed Scale Optimization of Cellulosic Biofuels Production" (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Wendler Henly, Haley "The Impact of Identity Preservation of Specialty Soybeans as Measured by Additional Costs Along the Value Chain" (Advisor: Joan Fulton; placement: Capital Farm Credit, College Station, TX).

Zhang, Tong "Manager's Perceptions of Categories of Training Needs" (Advisor: Scott Downey and Maria Marshall; placement: Payment Analyst, Huawei Technologies, San Francisco, CA).

Zou, Hao "Why Are College Tuition and Fees Rising So Fast" (Advisor: Lawrence DeBoer).


Allcorn Munns, Anna Lee "Economic Based Decision Support to Promote Sustainable Small Scale Livestock Enterprises to Potential Industry Entrants" (Advisor: Joan Fulton; placement: JBS, Greeley, CO).

Fiegel Terlip, Julie "Development of a Viable Corn Stover Market: Impacts on Corn and Soybean Markets" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Sr. Operations Analyst at eRecyclingCorps, Kansas City, MO).

Foltz Wiatt, Renee "Family Business Decision-Making: Factors and Influences on Choosing a Successor" (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Montgomery County Ag and Natural Resources Extension Educator, Purdue University).

Gao, Yuan "Comparing Flexible Cash Rent Leases to Crop Share and Fixed Cash Rent Leases" (Advisor: Craig Dobbins; placement: PhD program, Carnegie Mellon University).

Garcia Gomez, Gabriel "The Economic Impact of the New Insensitive Sorghum Cultivars in the Dairy Market of Nicaragua" (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: PhD program, University of Nebraska).

Ji, Tianyun "The Economics of Cellulosic Biofuels: Farm to Fuel Cost Analysis of the Supply Chain" (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: Purchasing Specialist, AGCO Corporation, Jiangsu, China).

Jones, Michael "Measuring the Value of African Smallholder Grain Protection: Two Essays on Storage Economics and Market Valuation of Maize Attributes in Malawi" (Advisors: Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer and Corinne Alexander; placement: PhD program, NC State University).

Jones, Nicole "Exploratory Study of Conflict and the Family Business Agreement" (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: PhD program, Texas A&M University).

Lai, John "Identifying the Gaps in Necessary Capabilities for Agribusiness Managers in a Dynamic Agricultural Industry" (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Li, Shasha "Financial Stress Test under Multiple Risks for Representative Farms of Central Illinois" (Advisor: Michael Boehlje; placement: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)

Longley, Joseph "An Analysis of the Restructured Indiana Manufacturing Sector and the Effects of Highways on Economic Growth" (Advisor: Kevin McNamara; placement: Demand Planning Specialist, AGCO Corp., Atlanta, GA).

Munyua, Philip "Two Essays on Technical Efficiency of Aquaculture Production in Kenya: Parametric and Non-Parametric Methodological Approaches" (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, Purdue University).

Ndanga, Leah "Value Chain Development for Tilapia and Catfish Products: Opportunities for Female Participation in Kenya" (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

Pratt, Michelle "Synergies Between Cover Crops and Corn Stover Removal" (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: ARE Event Productions, Albany, NY).

Timberlake Baumgart, Jordan "Structural Change in Agriculture: Analyzing Strategic Accounts and Retailer Relationships" (Advisors: Brent Gloy and Scott Downey; placement: Agriculture Lending Officer, Citizens National Bank of Albion, Albion, IL).

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