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A publication of the 502nd Air Base Wing ? Joint Base San Antonio 65th Year ? No. 13 ? APRIL 1, 2011





AF leadership: Sexual assault a crime

APRIL 1, 2011


Staff Sgt. Christina Blake, Randolph Air Force Base Honor Guard, waits for a wreath-laying ceremony in honor of America's military heroes who never made it home from war to begin at the Missing Man Monument at Randolph March 25. For more on the event, see Page 12. Photo by Don Lindsey


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APRIL 1, 2011



Focus on fire safety during spring cleaning

Spring is here and for many that means it's time for spring cleaning. The Lackland Fire Department reminds Joint Base San Antonio members to keep safety in mind and offers the following tips: Filters ? Check the furnace filter once a month and replace or clean as needed. Some filters are reusable and may be removed, washed with a hose and reinserted. A dirty filter lowers the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, increases costs and can cause fires. ? Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter. Electrical system ? Look for burn marks at the main electrical panel; they can be a sign of arcing inside the panel, often caused by loose connections or damaged insulation, which can easily lead to a fire. Only a qualified electrician should remove the front panel cover. ? Trip and reset the circuit breakers regularly. ? Remove combustible materials such as boxes or flammable liquids away from the main electrical panel. ? Check all electrical outlets for loose-fitting plugs, an indication of a worn-out receptacle. Worn receptacles can cause overheating and fires and should be replaced. ? Have a qualified electrician diagnose and fix any switches, outlets or receptacles that aren't working. Electrical outlets and switches that aren't working properly can cause fires inside the walls of your house. ? Install safety covers to help protect children from elec-

trical shock. Any appliance or tool that gives even the slightest shock should be unplugged and checked by an electrician or repair shop. Light bulbs ? Make sure light bulbs are the correct wattage recommended by the light fixture manufacturer. If the wattage limit of a fixture is exceeded, heat produced inside the fixture can lead to fire inside the fixture, ceiling or wall. Air conditioner

Air-conditioning systems should be regularly inspected and maintained by a professional air-conditioning contractor. Maintenance should include: ? cleaning the evaporator coil ? lubricating fans and motors ? tightening or changing the belts ? checking electrical safeties ? checking the drain pan for leaks ? testing the capacitors ? checking the condensate drain ? testing the crankcase heater ? calibrating the thermostat ? visually checking the wiring for potential short circuits ? checking the condensation hose for blockage ? cleaning the outside condensing unit screen of leaves and listening for unusual noises Water heaters ? Check to make sure gas-fired water heaters are venting properly. Improper ventilation can cause carbon

monoxide and other combustibles to build up in the home. Light a match next to the vent and wave it out (don't blow it out). The smoke should be pulled up into the vent. If it isn't, a professional should inspect and repair the heater. ? Check around the base of the water heater for evidence of leaks. If the water heater is more than five years old, it should be checked monthly for any leakage or rusting at the bottom. If water leakage or rust is found, the water heater should be replaced. Clothes dryer ? Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer. Poor maintenance allows lint to build up in the exhaust duct and cause fire. General safety ? Replace all brittle, worn or damaged extension cords. Exposed wires may cause arcing, which will produce heat and can start a fire. Keep appliances and their power cords away from water or a heat source because this will damage the cord's insulation. ? Review fire escape plans with your family. ? Always have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher accessible. Make sure it is Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, listed or Factory Mutual, or FM approved, and check the gauges to make sure they are charged and ready to use. ? Inspect and clean dust from the covers of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

(Courtesy of Lackland Air Force Base Fire Department)

Tech. Sgt. Norman Williams III

561st Network Operation Squadron, Det. 2

Photo by David Terry

Duty Title: NCO in charge of network protection Hometown: Tyler, Texas Hobbies: Motorcycles, auto mechanics, woodworking, remote control planes and cars, basketball and computers Greatest Accomplishment: Owned my own custom motorcycle and car shop Personal Inspiration: My parents, who have sacrificed so much so I could be successful Personal Motto: You are only as successful as the people you associate with.

Pet Peeve: People who say they can't do something Goals: I would love to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company Commander's Comments: "Tech. Sgt. Norman Williams is a very dedicated and enthusiastic member of the unit. He has developed a vision and plan of action for his work center and executed it with great results. His positive attitude, focus on the mission and goal-oriented approach will have long-lasting positive impacts on his Airman, the detachment's mission and the Air Force's cyber security. I'm proud to have him as a member of the team."

Maj. Mickey Evans 561st Network Operatioin Squadron, Det. 2 commander




APRIL 1, 2011

JBSA partners with San Antonio-area schools

By Shannon Carabajal 502nd Air Base Wing OL-A Public Affairs

Photo by Robbin Cresswell Joint Base San Antonio senior leaders and school superintendents from three counties pose around a declaration signed by Dr. John Folks, Northside Independent School District superintendent, which pledges his support to the Destination Tomorrow's Leaders program, a partnership benefitting school children and making a positive impact on the community at the Gateway Club at Lackland Air Force Base on March 24.

Joint Base San Antonio senior leaders and school superintendents from three counties joined forces to create a partnership benefitting school children and making a positive impact on the community during a ceremony March 24 at the Gateway Club at Lackland Air Force Base.

Reaching more than 20,000 children across 23 local school districts, the multifaceted Destination Tomorrow's Leaders program ensures every student, regardless of home environment, has at least one positive role model. The largest components of DTL are the Adopt-AClassroom and mentoring programs.

The program aims to improve academic achievement, self-esteem and social competence while avoiding problem and high-risk behavior by providing a relationship with a caring adult friend working to help youth achieve their potential.

Superintendents from 10 San

Antonio-area school districts signed a declaration during the ceremony pledging their support to DTL. Keith Toney, a Fort Sam Houston school liaison officer, said bringing everybody together was an important milestone.

"Our local education agencies have a long history of supporting our military children. By signing this declaration, they are agreeing to (adopt) policies and practices inherent in the DTL program" which will lead to a more consistent and uniform mentoring program benefiting all children, Mr. Toney said.

"I am thrilled that this new partnership will allow our relationship with the military to grow even deeper and serve so many more students," said Dr. John Folks, superintendent of Northside Independent School District. He added that children in San Antonio face many challenges which can affect school performance.


JBSA takes part in disaster relief planning

By Brent Boller 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1, so Joint Base San Antonio leadership and staff met last week at the San Antonio Emergency Operations Center at Brooks City-Base to review the process for requesting military aid by state and local governments.

District Fire Chief Larry Trevino is the soon-tobe appointed emergency management coordinator for the City of San Antonio.

"It's good to see who we need to call," Trevino said as he addressed Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Byron Hepburn, 59th Medical Wing commander, and Brig. Gen. Leonard Patrick, 502nd Air Base Wing/Joint Base San Antonio commander.

Two natural disaster nightmare scenarios keep some Texas emergency planners up at night, according to Col. Sean Kavanagh, emergency preparedness liaison officer for Texas. One event is a category four or five hurricane affecting the Rio Grande Valley resulting in catastrophic flooding. Kavanagh said some one to two million people could be evacuated and head north to San Antonio.

Kavanagh said the other disaster would involve an earthquake along the New Madrid Fault which affects several southern and Midwestern states. Quakes along this fault line in the early 1800s rang church bells on the east coast and caused the Mississippi River to run backwards. A quake today in this now densely populated area would likely result in massive death and property damage.

San Antonio would almost certainly become an evacuation point in both scenarios and during any other natural or manmade disaster that threatened Texas or surrounding states. That's when Joint Base San Antonio installations could be asked by state and local authorities to provide major support in evacuee and aircraft sheltering, transportation, medical care and other needs. The Joint Base structure mandated by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure legislation streamlines the process for requesting military resources.

"Civil authorities now have one point of contact for requesting help, and that's the 502nd Air Base Wing," said General Leonard Patrick. "In the past they had to contact each base."

Photo by Brent Boller Brig. Gen. Leonard Patrick (right), 502nd Air Base Wing/Joint Base San Antonio commander, speaks at a briefing on Defense Support of Civil Authorities in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, as Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Byron Hepburn, 59th Medical Wing commander, looks on.

APRIL 1, 2011



Proclamation recognizes issues on Randolph

By Airman Alexis Siekert 502nd Air Base Wing OL-B Public Affairs

Randolph leadership this month is taking the opportunity to raise awareness of problems that affect mission readiness and members of the base community.

April is now recognized at Randolph as Month of the Military Child, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Alcohol Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, with the theme, "Hurts one. Affects all. It's everyone's duty."

Col. Scott Peel, 902nd Mission Support Group commander, met with organization representatives for the signing of the proclamation March 21, in front of the Taj Mahal.

The proclamation addresses these issues as ongoing psychosocial problems in our society which greatly affect the community. The Randolph Family Advocacy Program, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, Airman and Family Readiness Center and other integrated delivery system agencies will work collaboratively as the action arm of the community to implement and promote prevention and support programs to curb incidents of, and risk for, child maltreatment, alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

"This is part of something the Air Force is emphasizing as a whole," said Tech. Sgt. Brian Hornberger, 359th Medical Operations Squadron Mental Health flight chief. "We need to make responsible and proper risk-mitigating choices. Don't put yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"The proclamation signing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month dedicates the

month of April to officially recognize the problem of sexual assault within our Air Force, offering support and information to service members and their families on our programs here in hopes of preventing sexual assaults from occurring," said Jacqueline Shiflet, Randolph Air Force Base, sexual assault response coordinator.

All month long, events are planned to promote awareness and offer education. Starting today, information booths are open at the Rambler Fitness Center and Randolph Clinic.

In addition, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program presents Dr. Christopher Kilmartin, a comedian and professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington, for a mandatory briefing for all airmen to staff sergeants and first and second lieutenants at the base theater Tuesday at 10 a.m. However, all others are highly encouraged to attend, Ms. Shiflet said.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program will also be at Kids Day in the Park along with many other helping agencies San Antonio-wide.

The event, hosted by the San Antonio Association for the Education of Young Children, is a fun-filled day promoting happy, healthy families to reduce the number of children at risk for abuse or neglect. This year's event will again be held at San Pedro Springs Park April 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Members of the child care, arts, cultural, health and social service communities will provide free, fun, developmentally appropriate activities and events for young children and their families, said Mitzi Wood, family advocacy intervention specialist. There will be many new and exciting booths this year, with art projects, games and special activities, as

Photo by David Terry Col. Scott Peel (left), 902nd Mission Support Group commander, signs a proclamation March 21 declaring April Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Month of the Military Child and Alcohol Awareness Month with representatives of the organizations involved.

well as many performances and many other surprises.

Last year, more than 10,000 people attended.

"All of these programs are here to ensure people are mission ready," Ms. Wood said. "The emphasis of the Month of the Military Child and Child Abuse Prevention Month is to encourage parents to spend time with their kids. See what they are doing. Make that extra effort to build a relationship with your kids. This will increase trust."

Also in attendance at Kids Day in the Park will be representatives from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and

Treatment Program. "We are trying to stress responsible

drinking," Sergeant Hornberger said. "Plan accordingly before going out. Remember 0013: zero drinks if you're under the age of 21, zero drinks if have to drive driving, and no more than one drink per hour and three drinks per setting."

For more information on events happening this month or details, contact the base organizations featured.

"Create better lives for our military families. Make responsible choices to ensure the Air Force continues to thrive," he said.



APRIL 1, 2011


Strong families key to reducing child abuse cases

By Robert Goetz 502nd Air Base Wing OL-B Public Affairs

Randolph's Family Advocacy Program will reinforce its daily mission by participating in several special activities during National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

The events ? Kids Day in the Park, Randolph Youth Programs' Famaganza and the Randolph Field Independent School District's health and wellness fair ? all promote this year's Child Abuse Prevention Month theme, "Strengthening Families and Communities."

Kids Day in the Park celebrates and encourages early childhood development. A free event for the San Antonio community, it takes place April 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at San Pedro Springs Park, 1315 San Pedro Ave.

"This fun-filled day helps promote happy, healthy families, which reduces the number of children at risk for abuse or neglect," said Mitzi Wood, 359th Medical Operations Squadron Mental Health Flight family advocacy intervention specialist. "It's a huge event, and it gets bigger every year."

Ms. Wood, who serves as the event's volunteer coordinator, said last year's Kids Day in the Park drew more than 10,000 people. She said members of the child care, arts, cultural, health and social service communities provide fun, developmentally appropri-

ate activities and events for young children through 10 years of age and their families.

"There will be many new and exciting booths this year, with art projects, games and special activities as well as many performances and many other surprises," she said.

Youth Programs' Famaganza, planned for April 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., will focus on the theme "Growing Healthy Children Today."

Ms. Wood said the Mental Health Flight will have a booth at the event and provide informational items.

"We will talk about stress and wellness," she said. Family Advocacy will focus on anti-bullying efforts during Randolph Field Independent School District's health and wellness fair April 30 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in the Randolph Elementary School commons area. "We're excited because it's a collaborative effort involving the Randolph ISD, Youth Programs and Family Advocacy," Ms. Wood said. "There will be information booths and videos. We'll show parents how they can help their children cope with bullying." She said children who see abuse at home are more at risk for becoming perpetrators or victims of bullies. One way parents can help their children avoid bullying is by teaching them how to interact socially. Ms. Wood said child abuse prevention starts with five

protective factors ? conditions in families and communities that increase the health and well-being of children and families.

"One is the parents' connectiveness to their children, which should start when the child is born," she said. "They need to develop that bond. The father has to make sure he's hands-on as well. If there is a bond in the early years, and parents continue with positive regard for their children, respecting them and listening to them, they are more likely to have a good relationship with their children as they move into their teenage years."

Other protective factors are understanding children's development stages, parental resilience, creating a social network and connecting with resources, which for military parents include Military OneSource and Family Advocacy.

Ms. Wood said parental resilience is important because parents who successfully manage stress and anger and handle relationship issues are healthy role models for their children.

"If you're not managing stress well, your children won't know how to, either," she said.

For more information about the Family Advocacy Program and Child Abuse Prevention Month events, call Ms. Wood at 652-3828.

Randolph's newest promotion selectees

Courtesy photo Lt. Cols. (left to right) Matt Humes, Air Education and Training Command; Tom Schmidt, AETC; Debbie Landry, Air Force Personnel Center; Otto Habedank, AETC; and Mark Gaubert, AETC; gather at a promotee party March 24 at the Parr Club to celebrate their recent selection for promotion to Colonel. Also selected for promotion are Lt. Cols. James Forand, AFPC; Ronald Jobo, AFPC; Mark Doria, AETC; and Brian Dudas, AETC.

JBSA plays active role in Fiesta 2011

Joint Base San Antonio plays an active role in many events during the city's 120-year-old Fiesta celebration, including the Lackland Fiesta parade April 13 and the Fiesta in Blue musical extravaganza at Trinity University's Laurie Auditorium April 12-13.

The following Fiesta 2011 events are scheduled to be held on JBSA. For a complete list of Fiesta events, visit fiesta-. ? April 9 ? 10K Walk: Caminada de Fiesta, 7:30 a.m. to noon at the Army Medical Museum, Fort Sam Houston ? April 10 ? Fort Sam Houston Fiesta Ceremony and Fireworks Extravaganza from 1-9 p.m. at MacArthur Field, Fort Sam Houston ? April 11 ? Air Force at the Alamo from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Alamo Plaza ? April 12 and 13 ? Fiesta in Blue; an Air Force Musical Extravaganza from 7-9 p.m. at Laurie Auditorium, 715 Stadium Drive, Trinity University ? April 13 ? Lackland Fiesta Military Parade from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the Lackland Parade Grounds ? April 14 ? Navy Day at the Alamo from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Alamo Plaza ? April 14 ? Navy Fiesta Reception from 6-9:30 p.m at the Fort Sam Houston Golf Clubhouse, 2901 Harry Wurzbach Hwy. ? April 14 ? Marines at the Alamo from 4-5 p.m. at Alamo Plaza

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