Pdf read instructions carefully to ensure receiving full credit

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This summer project will be a combination of various activities that you select from the following options.

You must document each activity exactly as directed, compile all your documentation together, and turn it on the first day of school.

The project will count as a test grade. Your goal is to earn 100 points by combining the following activities however you

choose. The highest grade you can earn is a 100. On-line drills and games (listed below in italics) must account for at least 25 points and

may not account for more than 55 points. Any points above 55 from on-line activities will not count. You may get credit for ONE movie only. Points earned for additional movies won't count. False documentation of any sort will result in a zero for the entire project with no alternative assignment allowed. I will spot check with parents to confirm their signatures.

You may not repeat any specific activity from a previous summer. You may watch a DIFFERENT movie, read a DIFFERENT book, do on-line practices at a higher level, make a DIFFERENT traditional dish, etc. You may not repeat the pi?ata activity. You may pray for the same missionary, but you need to get in touch with him/her again to find out new prayer requests. If you would like to propose an activity I don't have on the list, you may ask me about it via e-mail. E-mail me with any questions.

READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY to ensure receiving full credit.

AP students: Look for a summer assignment in your e-mail. (I know it includes AP below, but check your

e-mail instead.)


Proyecto del verano


Brief description of activity On-line activities:

Appropriate documentation attached?

# of times you did this activity ?

Total # of points earned/total # points possible for this activity Ex: 9/10

(Min. possible = 25 pts; Max. possible = 55 pts)

I am attaching documentation that shows that I have earned a grade of ________ points. I understand that Profe. Woodfin may confirm documentation with my parents at any point during the semester. **Please explain briefly on the back which activity you enjoyed most and why. (Esp II - English; III & IV - Spanish)

Activity & directions

For students entering Spanish levels:


Possible points

How many times you can repeat this same activity

Watch a Rick II, III Steves video on YouTube about a destination in the Spanish-speakin g world that's at least 30 minutes long

Tell your parents 15 to be decided 1

the top 3 most by your parents


based on how

things you

well you can

learned (in


English) in the .

video. Get

parent signature,

date, and their

score out of 10


If you went on a trip this summer to a Spanishspeaking country, work with other travelers to prepare the bulletin board outside Profe's room with photos, captions, and artifacts from the trip


Place a small 0-15 depending 1

card on the

on quality

bulletin board

letting me know

who decorated


(Post on our Remind app to find others to work with or to find out if someone else has already done it. 2 students (max) can work together on this activity.

Complete review II activities (self-grading ones only) from the units you studied last year

Parent signature 15 min = 5 pts 6 & date

in our text via Schoology (Smrtbk, practice wkbk, etc.) Must score 80 or higher or must re-do activity.

Find out if your church has a missionary serving in a Spanishspeaking country. Get it touch with him/her to find out specific prayer requests. Pray for him/her every day for 7 separate days at least.

II, III - pray in English

IV, AP - pray in Span

Conjuguemos.co m - any review activities found on our Google Classroom page from last year or any tenses that you've learned.


Duolingo (app) II, III, IV

Parent signature & date along with the specific prayer requests, name of missionary, country, and organization (s)he works with

15 pts

1 for points; more just because it's a great thing to do

Parent signature 15 minutes = 5 6 for every 15 min pts w/ date

--BEFORE you enter the club (see below), you must test out of everything you possibly can. --If the placement test places you too low, then take the checkpoint tests to get you to a place that's

30 XP = 3 pts

Oakbrook technology policies apply to public comments. Any inappropriate comments will result in voiding all points.

10 (After earning 45 total points, you may continue for fun of competition.)


Find old sets or new sets (to get ahead) either on Google Classroom or search rswoodfin and select a level.

Check out a



children's book

from the library -

yes, the library -

& read it out


Set to child mode and to Spanish

Memorize the books of the


challenging but within your ability level. --Set your daily goal for 30 XP. --THEN join the Duolingo Club with this code: 54MRJ7

--I will be able to see your progress.

List of the sets 10 min = 3 pts 5 you practiced along with parent signature with date along with the names of the sets you practiced


1 book = 10




verifying that

you read it out


--title and author

of book

--list of 10 new

words that you

can figure out by

context and their



Parent signature 10 min = 5 pts 1 and date

Video yourself 20 pts


saying them.

New Testament in Spanish (Find a youtube song to help you.)

Read a missionary story in English that took place in a Spanishspeaking country from the series Christian Heroes Then & Now (WYAM Publishing) *You must choose a book you've never read before.


Find an electronic pen pal using an on-line pen pal site with your parent's permission and communicate with them at least 5 times in Spanish. *If you made a friend in a Span-spkg country on your own and want to keep in touch with him/her, that counts too!


Eat in a Mexican restaurant and communicate entirely in Spanish with the


E-mail it to me at the end of the summer. robin.woodfin@ oakbrookprep.or g

Type one short, 1 book = 1-20 1

well-organized points

paragraph in

depending on

English (II, III) or the quality of

Spanish (IV)

your paragraph

mentioning the and personal

title and author, reflection


what happened

and concluding

with a personal

reflection. (7-10


Bring printed proof of your communication.

25 depending on 1 - but more on the amount of your own communication

Parent signature 0-15 pts decided 1

& date along

by your parents

with name and for how

location of

effectively you



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