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How to Connect to the Target Analytics SFTP Site Using FileZilla

NOTE: These instructions direct you to download a free, secure FTP client called FileZilla. If you already use a secure client such as WinSCP or CuteFTP, you may use that instead, and refer to these instructions as a guideline for site login, but please note that we can only provide technical support for FileZilla.

Download the FileZilla setup file (latest version, for your operating system):


1) Once the download is complete, run the FileZilla setup file (double -click file icon where the file was saved). 2) You may accept all the default settings during the installation.

NOTE: These instructions were prepared for FileZilla Client 3.51.0.


NOTE: If FileZilla does not open automatically, you will need to double -click the FileZilla icon on your desktop or in your start menu.


Creating a Site Connection

1) In the Main Menu, click File Site Manager.

NOTE: Please do not use the quick connect bar. 3

2) Click New Site. 3) Type Target Analytics SFTP Site or another descriptive name for the new site.


4) Enter the following information into the appropriate fields in the General tab:

Host: Port: Protocol: Logon Type: User: Password:

files5. 22 SFTP - SSH File Transfer Normal [Username in email] [Password in email]

Please be sure to manually type the password into the password field as copying-andpasting the password from email can carry over a leading or trailing space character which will cause the login to fail.

Please email FTPSupport@ if you did not receive your SFTP Site access credentials.

5) Click Connect.

A pop-up may ask if you wish to accept a secure certificate. As long as the pop-up references `' it is safe to accept this certificate. If you do not wish to be prompted for this again, check Always Trust this Certificate in the lower left-hand corner.

Select Accept to accept the certificate.

6) If everything is in order, you should now be connected (please see example image of the main FileZilla window on Page 6). The left side of FileZilla shows local files and folders (on your computer / network), while the right side shows files and folders on the Target Analytics SFTP Site. You can upload and download files via drag-and-drop (just drag the file you wish to be transferred to the desired folder).

When uploading files please be sure to place them in the `Incoming' folder--files cannot be transferred into any other folder on the Target Analytics SFTP Site.

For more information regarding FileZilla, please visit:


Command Log

Your Computer / Network

Target Analytics SFTP Site

File Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to connect to the SFTP site?

A: Yes. Although we highly recommend using a secure FTP client like FileZilla to connect to the Target Analytics

SFTP site, you can connect to our SFTP site via web browser using the link below. Please note that your organization's network security may block SFTP site connections via web browser and files that exceed 1 GB cannot be uploaded to our SFTP site via web browser access (files larger than 1 GB will need to be uploaded via a secure FTP client like FileZilla).

Web Browser SFTP Site Access:


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