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Set 1

Word Problems: Decimals

Materials: Word Problems: Decimals cards ________________________________________________________________________

1. Choose a word problem card. Read the problem. 2. Reread and visualize the problem. What do you know? What do you

need to find out? 3. Plan how to solve the problem. Will you draw a picture? What

operation will you use? Write an equation with a symbol for the unknown to represent the problem. 4. Follow your plan to solve the problem. Show all work. Answer the question in a complete sentence. 5. Check your work. Does your answer make sense? If not, review and revise your plan. 6. Repeat with other word problems from the set.


Multiplying Decimals Word Problems

I purchased four cans of tomatoes. Each can holds 6.8 ounces. How many ounces of tomatoes did I buy?


Four members of a cross-country relay team each run 3.4km to complete his or her part of a race. How long is the race?


Mr. Smith is building a bench and needs 6 lengths of wood that each measure 1.4 meters. How many meters of wood does he need to purchase?


Lisa buys 6 packets of potato chips for a birthday party. If one packet of chips costs $2.68, how much money does Lisa spend?



Ben weighs 7.6kg. His older brother is 3 times as heavy. How much does his older brother weigh?


Sarah bought 12 meters of fabric to make a patchwork quilt. If the fabric was on sale for $6.29 per meter, how much did Sarah spend?


Tom buys 3 liters of yellow paint and 2 liters of blue paint. If the yellow paint is $12.95 a liter and the blue paint is $14.95 a liter, how much does Tom spend on paint?


Carlos needs to buy 6 pens and some colored pencils for school. He has $25.00 to spend. If the pens cost $3.50 each, how much does he have left to spend on colored pencils?



Lisa is training for a marathon. She runs 3.6km on weekdays after school and 5.3km on Saturday and Sunday. What is the total distance Lisa runs in one week?


A wooden toy truck costs 5 times as much as a plastic toy truck. If the plastic toy truck costs $3.89, what is the cost of the wooden toy truck?


Jen is paid $7.75 an hour to work in a toy

store on Monday afternoons and $9.95

an hour on Saturdays. If Jen works for

three hours on Monday and 5 hours on

Saturday, how much money will she earn?


Jack installed 34.2 meters of fencing on

Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday through

Friday he installed 40.3 meters of fencing. How

many meters of fencing did Jack install over the

five days?



Mrs. Burns jogs 3.4km every day during the month of September. How far does Mrs. Burns jog during September?


A large cheese pizza costs $11.99. A medium cheese pizza costs $8.99. How much do 5 large and 3 medium pizzas cost?


If the product of 156 x 22 is 3,432, what is the product of 156 x 2.2? Explain your thinking.


Roberto multiplied 5.1 x 36 and wrote 1,836 as his product. Is Roberto correct? Explain your thinking.



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