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Shoreline FC 2013 Soccer Trip

Liverpool, England Thursday February 7th ? Sunday February 17th 2013

Day 1: Friday 8th February 2013

We landed at 7:30am, a day earlier than planned to beat the blizzard scheduled to hit Connecticut that day. Lucky we did, between 23" ? 30"

inches of snow fell in CT that day!! Another piece of good fortune was that we met Manchester United's & Mexico International forward; Javier Hernandez (nicknamed Chicharito) in Manchester airport. After a quick photo shoot and autograph signing,

we were off to our Ramada Hotel base in Southport, Liverpool.

With an extra day at our disposal, the boys voted on a major soccer shopping extravaganza!! We hit the stores with gusto. DW Sports &

Sports Direct took a battering!! Many pounds ($$) later, the boys returned with bulging shopping bags and broad smiles. We spent the afternoon at the Victoria Leisure Center and their 3-swimming pool facility. Tarzan would have been proud!!! After a great evening meal, the

boys retired early to bed. What a great start to the trip.

DAY 1: Friday 8th February 2013

Ramada Hotel, Southport Liverpool

Don Fraser Coaches, Shoreline FC's UK Coach Company

DAY 1: Friday 8th February 2013 continued

Shoreline FC meets Javier Hernandez (Chicharito)

The Shoreline boys outside English landmark Telephone Box

Day 2: Saturday 9th February 2013

After a good night's sleep the boys devoured a hearty English breakfast before setting off to Southport Park for a dynamic stretching and passing

session with their Shoreline coaches. Combined with a nutrition and hydration lecture, the boys were well prepared for the week ahead. After lunch, it was off to our first LIVE game; the Championship battle between Blackpool FC v Millwall FC. Upon arriving, we were presented with a SHES #26 shirt at reception for the Sandy Hook relief fund (thank you Blackpool FC for your kindness), the boys got a taste of a real hard fought encounter between two no nonsense teams. The playing surface was unforgiving, but both teams adapted well. Blackpool came out on top (much to the disappointment of one of the Shoreline FC coaches!) by entertaining the crowd to a stoppage time winner; the game ended 2-1.

Then it was back to the hotel for a good English curry dinner (which the boys devoured more than the adults!) and an evening of Match of the

Day highlights.

DAY 2: Saturday 9th February 2013

Shoreline at the Blackpool v Millwall game with the SHES #26 Shirt

Got to have a meat pie!!

Blackpool FC v Millwall FC in action

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