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Storage on AWS

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? Storage Primer ? Block Storage ? Shared File Systems ? Object Store ? On-Premises Storage Integration ? Structured Data Store


Storage Primer

Block vs File vs Object

Block Storage

Raw Storage Data organized as an array of unrelated blocks Host File System places data on disk e.g.: Microsoft NTFS, Unix ZFS

File Storage

Unrelated data blocks managed by a file (serving) system Native file system places data on disk

Object Storage

Stores Virtual containers that encapsulate the data, data attributes, metadata and Object IDs API Access to data Metadata Driven, Policy-based, etc

Structured storage - Databases

Relational Databases

Static Schema Highly structured table organization Rigid data format

Document Store

Dynamic Schema Key/Value Database Collection of complex documents Arbitrary, nested data format

Storage - Characteristics

Some of the ways we look at storage

Durability Availability Security

Measure of expected data loss

Measure of expected downtime

Security measures in place


Scalability Performance Integration

Amount per Upward storage unit, flexibility e.g. $ / GB

Performance metrics

Ability to interact with

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