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Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Promoting family-centered mental health and wellness


Table of Contents

Executive Summary Strategic Initiatives

I. Service II. Awareness III. Stability IV. Partnerships


A. Mission and Vision B. SWOT Analysis C. Critical Issues D. Strategic Plan with Tactic Detail



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Executive Summary

With the publication of its new Strategic Plan,TriCity Family Services articulates its preferred future and charts its course leading to our vision of what we desire to be as an organization by the year 2015.

Dramatic changes are underway in the delivery of mental health services. Health care reform and exciting developments in brain science hold the promise of improved mental health care for millions of children and families in need. However, as the pressures of our struggling economy continue to contribute to an unprecedented need for affordable mental health care, providers like TCFS must continue to contend with funding cuts and significant delays in reimbursements for publicly-funded services. It is within this complex context of great need that we thoughtfully chart our course.

Our clear resolve is to not simply survive current conditions, but to emerge in 2015 as a stronger, more effective, and more vital organization. In this regard, it is significant to note that the planning process culminating in the creation of this document generated a new Vision Statement for the agency (page 14), one that accentuates our organization's skills and distinctive competencies:

providing family-centered services across the family life cycle; collaborating with other providers in the design and delivery of community-based services; creating and delivering innovative programs designed to prevent the occurrence of substance

abuse and mental health problems and promote individual and family wellness; contributing to healthy, productive work environments through our employee assistance services.


Executive Summary

Our success in realizing our enhanced vision will be measured by the extent to which we achieve the following four Strategic Initiatives (pages 6-13):


SERVICE: Enhancing, creating and delivering family-centered mental health programs

and services across the family life cycle to meet the current and growing needs of our


II. AWARENESS: Effectively telling our story to the community, conveying a message that increases the awareness of our mission and programs and demonstrates the impact of our services and the value of this organization to the community.

III. STABILITY: Achieving long-term financial stability by restoring cash reserves, increasing the depth and scope of the Agency's donor base, growing the Agency's endowment funds and implementing a new methodology for the continuous evaluation of program impact and sustainability.

III. PARTNERSHIPS: Continuing to develop long-term strategic partnerships with key local community partners for the purpose of optimizing the use of existing resources and improving access to care for local consumers of mental health services.


Executive Summary

The economic and social effects of the recession that dominated organizational life over the past three years, and continue to reverberate through the organization, have unquestionably shaped the development of our new Strategic Plan for 2012-2015. As reflected in the SWOT Analysis (pages 15-16), we have a deeper understanding of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities and the challenges that threaten our ability to fulfill our mission. In confronting the challenges placed before us, however, we have become stronger as an organization. This has been particularly evident in:

The continued growth in leadership, skill and commitment of the Agency's Board of Directors;

Increased service delivery despite diminished staffing capacity; The persevering support of The Friends of TriCity volunteer organization; New staff resources dedicated to expanding the Agency's fundraising, marketing and

volunteer development made possible by a legacy gift; and, Achieving re-accreditation attesting to the Agency's success in continuous quality


It is these Core Strengths that not only enable TriCity Family Services to plan confidently for the future, but to believe in our ability to execute our plans, achieve our goals and become the agency that we envision.

James R. Otepka Executive Director 5

Strategic Initiatives


The Agency will enhance, create and deliver family-centered mental health programs and services across the family life cycle to meet the current and growing needs of our community.

Goal 1: Through 6/30/15, the number of individuals receiving Counseling Services will increase annually by at least 10%.

2500 2000 1500 1000

500 0 FY'09

Individuals Served in Counseling









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