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Johnson Service Group, Inc. (JSG) is pleased to offer its contract employees a competitive benefits package. Please review this summary for more information on all of the benefits available to you as a JSG contract employee.

CENTURY HEALTHCARE (CHC) ? LIMITED FIXED INDEMNITY GROUP BENEFITS PLAN (specific plan information attached) Enrollment in the voluntary health benefits through Century Healthcare (CHC) must be made within thirty (30) days following an employee's hire date. Employees must enroll through CHC's telephonic enrollment center at (888) 232-9431, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST. For claims and customer service, please call (877) 685-2432. Note: Please be sure to provide the password "JOHNSON" when enrolling.

If an employee wishes to enroll in these benefits after 30 days of employment, he or she will be allowed to enter into plans during the annual Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment periods will be communicated to employees as they become available. For Qualifying Life Events (QLEs), such as child birth, divorce, loss of coverage through the spouse's employer, etc., changes to the employee's health insurance benefits can be made at the time of the event, as long as the change is requested within 30 days. **Upon successful completion of a twelve month measurement period (as defined by the Affordable Care Act), where the employee has worked at least 1,560 hours, an additional medical benefit option will be made available.**

The CHC limited fixed indemnity medical plans are not comprehensive major medical plans. They are a package of services and fixed indemnity benefits that pay benefits for specified medical services and are designed to help take care of the basic medical care needs of insured employees and their families. These plan options pay in addition to any other insurance in force and are not Medicare Supplement plans. All premiums for CHC benefits are deducted from paychecks on a weekly basis. Additional information, including prices, can be found in the Employee Toolbox on the JSG web site at .

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS TEAM (HST) ? PORTABLE BENEFITS ? MAJOR MEDICAL, INDEMNITY PLANS, DENTAL/VISION, ACCIDENT/CRITICAL ILLNESS All employees have the option of designing a portable health plan tailored to suit their individual specific healthcare needs. These medical benefit options can be accessed exclusively through the Healthcare Solutions Team (HST), JSG's partner in providing this benefit option. The Healthcare Solutions Team provides access to world class benefits from the nation's top-rated insurance carriers including United Healthcare, Manhattan Life, National General, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, and Aetna. Note: Availability varies by state.

Employees may select from several benefit options. The options are comprised of benefits that are more traditional in nature, benefits that include a Health Savings Account component, short term major medical benefits, benefits that address high risk individuals (for those individuals with most pre-existing conditions), and guaranteed acceptance plans.

There is no waiting period to enroll and upon acceptance coverage can begin. An employee pays 100% of the premium cost and may have the option to have premiums deducted from his or her weekly paycheck. These benefits are individually tailored to an employee's personal circumstances and remain with the individual upon termination from JSG employment.

For more information, please go to or contact the Healthcare Solutions Team directly at (866) 934-9013. There is also a link to this website in the Employee Toolbox located on the JSG website at .

Revised: 01/2019

AFLAC ACCIDENT ADVANTAGE Accident insurance can help an employee with the multiple costs of an unexpected accident. This plan pays a cash benefit to an employee for all types of off-the-job accidents. Coverage is available for employees, spouses, and dependent children. Benefits are eligible for One Day Pay, meaning claims filed by 3:00 PM EST are paid the next day. The plan also provides a wellness benefit that can be used for routine & preventive care. This 100% employee paid plan is offered through Aflac on a pre-tax basis and is portable after one month of participation should an employee leave JSG.

AFLAC CANCER CARE This plan offers protection in the event an employee or a family member is diagnosed with cancer. Even with major medical insurance, the financial obligation can be devastating to an employee's savings or future income in a cancer situation. The benefits in this policy pay cash directly to the employee for treatments such as an initial diagnosis, surgery, hospitalization, radiation and chemotherapy, experimental therapy and bone marrow transplant. Since 96% of all cancers are now treatable if diagnosed early, this plan also offers a benefit for cancer screening. Benefits are eligible for One Day Pay, meaning claims filed by 3:00 PM EST are paid the next day. The plan also has a specified disease rider covering 31 diseases. This rider pays directly to the employee for an initial diagnosis of one of the specified diseases and if the employee or a covered person is confined in a hospital for treatment of one of the specified diseases. Coverage is available for employees, spouses, and dependent children. This 100% employee paid plan is offered through Aflac on a pre-tax basis and is portable after one month of participation should an employee leave JSG.

AFLAC CRITICAL CARE This Specified Health Event Protection Plan provides coverage for sickness and injury, and provides specified health event coverage for critical illness. This plan offers protection should an employee or his/her spouse have a catastrophic event, such as a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, major third-degree burns, or coronary artery bypass surgery. Additional benefits include intensive care, hospital confinement, and heart surgery benefits. The plan is designed to protect an employee against the financial burden created by these types of events. Benefits are eligible for One Day Pay, meaning claims filed by 3:00 PM EST are paid the next day. This 100% employee paid plan is also offered through Aflac on a pre-tax basis and is portable after one month of participation should an employee leave JSG.

SECTION 125 PREMIUM ONLY PLAN All employees may take advantage of certain provisions permitted by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. Under this program, employees may choose to pay for company sponsored benefits with a portion of their pay before federal or Social Security taxes are withheld. When an employee selects this program, their premium payment will be deducted from their gross income.

401(K) RETIREMENT PLAN Johnson Service Group, Inc. offers a 401(K) investment option through Transamerica Retirement Solutions to aid employees in planning and meeting the financial needs of their retirement years.

Participation in the plan is voluntary and available to all contract employees age 21 or older. Contributions via JSG payroll can begin on or after the first of the month following thirty (30) days of service.

To have your information entered in the Transamerica database, please contact Johnson Service Group's Human Resources Department at (630) 655-3500 or at benefits@. Once your information has been entered into the Transamerica database, salary reduction contribution amounts may be changed, discontinued, and then resumed again at any time throughout the year. Also, participants may change the investment direction of their contributions at any time. Additional information is available on the JSG website at .

COMMUTER BENEFIT PROGRAM The Commuter Benefit Program is designed to help JSG contract employees save time and money when they use public transit for their commute to work ? whether it be by train, subway, bus, vanpool, etc. As part of the program, funds are deducted weekly from employees' paychecks on a pre-tax basis and moved to a commuter account. With funds loaded onto a commuter or parking card, employees can then use this card to pay for their daily commute to work. The program is available to all contract employees at any time during their employment with JSG. If interested, please reach out to JSG's Human Resources Department at (630) 655-3500 or at benefits@ for more details and to enroll in the program.

Revised: 01/2019


Please note that this plan only covers preventive services as required under the Affordable Care Act. To learn more visit

The preventive services will only be covered at 100% when utilizing in-network providers.

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All benefits except Accident Medical, AD&D, and Term Life are subject to Benefit Year Maximums as shown above. Benefit Year means the 12 consecutive months from the group's original effective date. Please note that this is just a summary of the benefits and to

know the full details of the policy the certificate of coverage needs to be reviewed once the policy is effective.

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