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Master Bedroom SECRET ITEM: (Click on the light switch the left side of the screen) Submit (Best if you want to appease wife)

Hallway Knock Enter (You will accidentally see her undressing, no effect)

Daughter's Bedroom Side with her (She will remember this) GALLERY SCENE: (DO NOT touch her leg and touch her face instead) Hug your daughter (Grants one relationship point)

Hallway Check on daughter (No effect -- optional) Look for wife (No effect -- optional) Head downstairs Follow your wife (Not doing so will miss an opportunity) GALLERY SCENE: (Compromise with her) Head downstairs

Kitchen GALLERY SCENE: (Make her coffee black and bitter) Cream & Sugar (She will like and remember this)

Table SECRET ITEM: (Click on her coffee cup immediately after sitting down) Ask about her day Outside Date (Branch 1 -- Outside date in morning + come home after for Stay-In Date. Best Choice for the most interaction with daughter) Stay-In Date (Branch 2 -- Spend morning winning wife over + later in day Stay-In Date with daughter. A balanced choice between both girls) Cancel (Branch 3 -- No date with daughter. Talk to Wife in the morning and run into daughter while looking for the son) Say nothing Talk about yourself Bring up earlier encounter Follow daughter to her bedroom

Daughter's Bedroom Sympathize (She will remember this)

Guest Bedroom Charm her (Grants one relationship point with Wife) Enjoy the ride (Branch 1, 2 and 3 run on what's essentially autopilot) Wife wakes you up (Grants one relationship point with Wife)

Arboretum GALLERY SCENE: (Choose the outside date) If chose outside date (Grants one relationship point with Daughter)

TV Room SECRET ITEM: (Click on the TV screen right when you enter the TV scene) Watching TV (Grants one relationship point with Daughter)

Son's Bedroom Check [X] (Check every room until you arrive at the staircase)

Mall Shop / Food Court / Cinema (Can be done in any preferred order)

Clothes Store SECRET ITEM: (Click on the mannequin's head just as you enter the store) Wavy dress (the wavy dress is correct and ends sequence, check others for variety)

Cinema Snackbar (You will recognize Isaac the next time you encounter him)

GALLERY SCENE: (Ask him about the injury that he received)

After Dinner Wife's bedroom (unlocks special scene with wife next installment) Guest bedroom (unlock special scene with daughter next installment + g rants one relationship point)

Guest Bedroom GALLERY SCENE: (Go to the daughter's bedroom and finish the exposition sequence) Search Kitchen (Other rooms give optional exposition)

Kitchen Check on the girls (Other options directly avoid peeping encounter, avoiding blackmail from Niece)

Bathroom Choose to take a shower (Grants one relationship point w/ Niece)

Daughter's Bedroom SECRET ITEM: (Click on the camera on the left side of the screen when it appears) Keep watching (Again, select leave if you want to avoid getting blackmailed by Niece)

Dinner Niece touches you under the table (Grants one relationship point w/ Niece)

Dream SECRET ITEM: (Click on the right side of the pink pillow as soon as the dream starts) Resist (No change to relationships, shows more of the segment)

Guest Bedroom Foyer

Foyer Agree with wife (Not agreeing with her will upset her)

Plane Seat with Wife (Will remember this) Ask about relationship Talk about daughter Hold her hand

GALLERY SCENE: (Choose to hold her hand) Kiss her Seat with Karen (Will remember this, invites you to touch her) Confront about yesterday Refuse (Submit if your goal is to have sex with your niece) Cover her leg (No change in relationship, choose either)

Sis-In-Law's House Be friendly Confront about Karen (Emotional debate, relationship isn't changed) Small talk (Gets physical with the Sis-In-Law, avoid if not wanted)


Your Bedroom SECRET ITEM: (Click the ball as you turn your head) Let her continue (Otherwise she will get very angry) Blame Dad GALLERY SCENE: (Comfort her) Comfort her (Grants one relationship point with Mother) Pick up your guitar (Play anything) Stop playing Put down guitar Check your phone Reply (Isaac will remember this) Blow him the fuck out Reply (Branch 4 -- Sneak out to party with cousin. By default, you will only sneak out alone and it will give you special scenes with your cousin) Ignore (Branch 5 -- Stay at home instead of going out. Activates dream sequence with Mom/Sis)

Hallway Check on Mom Enter (Knocking will nullify the spying scene)

Master Bedroom Stay & hide Sneak across room SECRET ITEM: (Click on ceiling fan bulb right when you see it)

Sneak out Confess truth (She will remember this)

Hallway Check on sister

Sister's Bedroom Talk about school Talk about Mom & Dad Invite her to the party (Branch 6 -- Sneaking out with your sister will give you special scenes with her. DO NOT invite her to access the Karen sex scene) Move in closer Compliment her (She will remember this) Leave room GALLERY SCENE: (Insist that she stays)

Hallway Head back to room

Party (Branch 4 & 5) Talk with Sis Socialize Approach hoodie girl Explore apartment Outside balcony Approach (She will remember this interaction) Leave & return (This gets the drugs the fastest, however she dies. You will never see her again) GALLERY SCENE: (Leave and return the balcony) Explore apartment Kitchen Enter corridor Approach girl Go upstairs (Karen sex scene only if Sis isn't with you) Sex sequence If no Sis, Cousin kiss (Grants one relationship point with Cousin) Be a man (Isaac will remember this, if with Sis this grants one relationship point with her) Submit (Isaac will remember this. Your next encounter with him will be influenced)

Dream (Branch 6)

SECRET ITEM: (Click the moon when you first see it)

Mom (Initiates dream sequence, grants one relationship point with Mother ) Sis (Initiates dream sequence, grants one relationship point with Sis) Someone else (Your future relationships with your family will be uninfluenced) GALLERY SCENE: (Finish the sequence)

Your Bedroom Explore house (Phone and guitar are optional segments) Kitchen (Other rooms show optional scenes and exposition)

Kitchen Approach Move behind her Embrace her Let go (Reaching higher will result in negative reaction)

Garage Compliment Bench / Squats (You can go through them in any order) SECRET SCENE: (Click on the weight plate on the left side of the screen when you watch her stretch)

Night Downstairs Refrain (Trying to kiss her will make her distrust you, canceling the bed sequence) GALLERY SCENE: (Don't take advantage of her, go back to sleep) Touch, kiss & go back to sleep don't effect points regardless

Your Bedroom Wake her up (Bare ass scene, same outcome) Get out of bed (Dick on ass scene, same outcome) SECRET ITEM: (Click on the lamp shade once visible on the left) GALLERY SCENE: (Leave for Cousin early) Leave into hall

Hallway Stay and peek Hide in master bedroom

Apartment Lift skirt (Has no repercussions, besides moral) Cousin touching you (Grants one relationship point with Cousin)

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