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This Annual R~gulatory Plan il'l bemg filed and published pursuant to section 120.74, Florida Statutes (2015). The Plan CO'Vers the period beginmng

October 1. 2015 and ending September 30, 2016 PART ONE

LAWS ENACTED OR A.MENDED Part One ofthe Plan addresses each law enacted or amended during the .'.?.015 Legislative Session which 1:-reates or modifies the duties or authority ofthe Board ofDenti8try and Part One alr>Cl addreiss the mandatory rulemaking necessary to unplement the law or laws enacted or am.ended. ?120 74(1)(a). Fla. Stat. (2015)

A. Laws Enacted or Amended During the 1elevant time penod, there were not any lawf> amended or enacted that impacted the authonty ofthe BoarJ ofDevttstry

B. Rulemaking To Implement Law


During the relevant time penod, there were not any laws amended or enacted that impacted the authorit} ofthe Board ~f Dentl31:1}. Therefore, the Board does not need to engage in rulemakmg for implementation purpose8.


Part Two of this plan addresf;es those laws \\ hich the Board of Dentif5try intends to unplement through rulemaking by July 1, 2016 that are otherwise not covered pursuant to Part One ofthis Plan. This Part does not mclude emergency rulemaking i>r any other rulemaking that may become nece8sary that wa& not evident to the Board at the time ofthe 8ubmi88ion ofthi8 plan. Additionally, the listi.ng of a law to be implemented does not mean the rule Yitll

Rulellilumber 64B5-2.014i, fla A.dmm. Code

6485-7.007, Fla A
Rule Title

La~ lmplemeated

Intent of Rlllemaldltg

License Requi1ements fot Dental H}giene Applic..mts fiom Unaccredited School!! or Colleges

?466.007(3Xb), Fla. St.it. (2015).

Sim!Jltfy. Update, Increase EfficienC), Reduce Regulatory Coat&

lunited Ll(,CilSC as Allo\\ ed in Section 456015. F.S

~456.015. Fla Stat Clarification: Simpl)'; Amend or



Descriptioa of Ckangn To Be Made la Rulemaking

C.omprchcn&i\'e 1~\'ie" ofi.ubsection (10) to detennme an}? neces~?y changes or repeal to i:he 1emed1al eJucatic;n requirem~ afteJ falling the ADEX Dental H)'g1ene fa.aminatlon on the first attempt

Re\1ew to deter.nine 1fthe rule ma) be repealed or amend~d to clarify the rule b)' defining. "retired 01 intends to retire."


64B5-9.0l l, Fla

Admm. Co~


Rddiograph)' I rc1llling fo1 Dtntll .~i11tants

Law Jmplemeated I

l?tellt of R?le Making

~466.017(7), .l"la. Svn (2015).

Cl.1\nfication, Simpl)'. Reduce Regulatory Co&f'>

Description ofClla?&es to be Made In Rulemakl?g.

Amend t'1e 1ule to update the termioolog)' used to include ach.mcements in technology 1elated to radiographs.

6485-13 0045. Fla M:mor Violat1onli Admm. Code.

?456 073(3), Fla Stat (2015)

Delcte ohliolete pro\Mons; Reduce Amend the rule to remo'e 1efcicnc..c to repealed rules

Regulatory Cosn

and comprehensh-ely !eViev. to detennine 1fother

64B5-13 005, Fla AJmm. C.ode

Dlsciplinary GUideh~ ?456.079, Fla. Stat. lncied&C f;fficlenc)' and



To make c.c:1tain and clarify that each statuto1)' \
Chapter 6485-14 Anesthe&ia

??166017,Fla. Stat Clarify, Simply. lipdate (2015).

Amend the entire c1lc1ptel to remove antlquatec1 terminology (i e coruic1ous sedation !should be

upda~ w moderate ~0.1)

6485-14 002


~466 017, na Stat. Clarify, Update (2015).

Amend the rule to adJ \'olattle gases, i e.. lievc.flurane, i!>oflurance. to su~ctior, (8).

6485-14.003. Fla Admm. Code

11aming, Education. Certification. and ? Requnements for lsst?ance ofPennit.c

?466 017, Fla, Stat (2015)

Clarify; Reduce Regulawry Costs

Comprehemn?e 1e\<1ev. to update ruk and to amend ,ub!>ectivm (2Xd) and (3.)(a)l, to claufy the reqmred ??ro1mal trammgaffihation.,

64B5-14 003?.

Itim:rate I Mobile An~thesia- Ph)sician Anesthe&iologi!.t

?466"017. Fla, Stat. (2015)

Clarify, Reduce Regulatory Cosb

Re...1e'\\ for needed update'! to the requir~d 1uspec.tions 01 "additional inspections.,


Rale Title

Law Implemented

Intent ofRule Making

Da.cription ofChanges to be Made in Rulemaking

6'85-14,1)034. Fla. Itinerate I Mobile -

Admi:n, Code.

General Anestl:ie'li.i

Permit Holders

~466.017, Fla. Stat.. (2015).

6485-14.009, Fla, Admin Code

Coru.cioua S;:dation Requirements? Operator)', Rewve?)' Room, I?qwpment. Medicmal Drugs. Emergenc;> Protocols. Rt:e0rds, and ContinUOl.i'i M:omtonng

~466 017, Fla. Sti.l (2015)

6485-14.010, Fla, Admin. Code

Pediatric. Conscious 8ecl.ttion Requirem~t'>. Operatocy, Recove1;> Room, f'.quipment. M:edicfoal Drugf>. Emergency P1otocol<1,


Continuous Momtoring

?466,017, Fla. Stat. (2015).

Rule Title 64B5 All

C'haptet 466, rta.

Stat (2015),

64B5-15.0000, Fla One Time Fee Admin, Code.

~56 025(5 ), Fla. . Stat l2015)

Clarify~ Reduce Regulatory Costs Updat'!


Updat;:: Inc~;: Lfficimcy Po!i~ible F.ule neede
RevieVI< for needed updater. to the required iruipectiorui or "additional mspection!>." ReviCVI- for needed updater. to include requiring End Tidal Carbon Diox?cl~ M.:lnitoring

Revte\11< for 1leeded updates to mclude 1equiri.1g End f1dal Carbm1 Dio'l.tde Monitoring

R;:vieVI< all rule& fot nec.esswy updates to form& and addition ofapplication fo1m'I. After careful w. iew ofptoject.ed budget, poss1bly create ruk to er.tablish cl one-time fee asse'lsment to ew5ur' the finanr,ial integiit) of the profe<;sion as requir~d by ?456.025, Ha Stat. (2015) .


Part Three of the Plan addre5!> whether thete i.s any desired update8 to the prior year's regulatory plan. ?120.74(c), Fla. Stat. (2015). There are not any desired updates to the prior year's annual regulatory plan

PART FOUR CERTIFICATION PURSUANT TO ?120.74(1)(d), Fla. Stat (2015)

The undersigned hereby certify that they have reviewed this Annual Regulatory Plan and that the Board of Dentistry regularly re"iews all of its rules to determine if the rules rema~n comistent with the Board"~ rulemaking authority and the laws being implemented. with the most comprehen8i"e enhanced review having been completed on the 30th day of June, 2015.


Electronic Signature William Kochenour, DDS Chair ofthe Board ofDentistry

September 23, 2015

Date Signed


Electronic Signature David D. Flynn, Esquire Assistant Attorney General Counsel to the Board ofDentistry

September 23, 2015

Date Signed

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