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Typical CPT Codes for Mental Health Providers:

Codes for all Non-Prescribers: 90791 ? Initial Evaluation 90832 ? Psychotherapy (30 min.) 90834 ? Psychotherapy (45 min.) 90837 ? Psychotherapy (60 min.) 90839 ? Psychotherapy for crisis (1st 60 min.) (See full description below)** 90840 ? Add on code for additional 30 min. of psychotherapy for crisis (see below)** 90846 ? Family therapy without patient present 90847 ? Family therapy with patient present 90849 ? Multiple family group psychotherapy 90853 ? Group psychotherapy 90785 ? Add on code for "interactive complexity" (see full description below)* Codes for Psychologists only: 96101 ? Psych testing: per hour, interpreting & preparing report 96102 ? Psych Testing per hour, administered by tech 96103 ? Psych Testing, per hour, by computer, interpretation and report 96116 ? Neurobehavioral Status Exam per hour with interpretation and report 96118 ? Neuropsychological testing battery, per hour 96119 ? Neuropsychological testing, per hour, administered by a tech 96120 ? Neuropsychological testing battery per hour, by computer, interpretation & report 96150 ? Health and Behavioral Assessment (initial), each 15 minutes, 96151 ? Health and Behavioral Assessment (re-assessment), each 15 minutes, 96152 ? Health and Behavioral Intervention (individual), each 15 minutes, 96154 ? Health and Behavioral Intervention (with family & patient) each 15 minutes 96155 ? Health and Behavioral Intervention (with family/without patient) each 15 minutes

* Interactive Complexity 90785 must be used in addition to 90791, 90832, 90834, 90837 or 90853. (Please note: Most health plans/payers will not pay a substantial additional fee when providers report this code. On fee schedules it is often associated with approximately $5 fee.) 90785 is added due to specific communication factors present during the visit. Typical patients will have other significant persons present during the session ? such as guardians, interpreters, family members, child welfare agency representatives, or probation officers. 90785 can also be added because play equipment, interpreters, physical devices or other tools are needed to overcome barriers to therapeutic interactions with the patient who is either not fluent in the same language as the therapist or has not developed or has lost expressive or receptive language skills. 90785 can be added in an instance of maladaptive communication between participants, for instance, high anxiety and reactivity leading to repeated questions or disagreements which interfere with the delivery of care. 90785 can be added due to the patient's caregiver's emotions or behaviors interfering with the implementation of the treatment plan and delivery of care. If there is a sentinel event which requires communication with a 3rd party, such as child or adult protective services, and initiation of discussion of the event with the patient and other participants, the 90785 code can be added.

**Psychotherapy for Crisis is typically used when the presenting problem is life-threatening or complex and requires immediate attention to a patient in severe distress. The session must be at least 30 minutes. It should include an urgent assessment and history of the crisis state, a mental status exam and a disposition. Up to 74 minutes is coded 90839. Additional 30 minutes of psychotherapy for the same crisis are coded with 90840.

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