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Using iCloud to Backup

Backing up your iPad data is essential and the following settings are compulsory for all students. iCloud is an online service from Apple that syncs your data between devices and includes an online copy of your data. This guide will show you how to setup and use iCloud on your iPad. It is essential you backup your iPad by using these settings. Also Find My iPad allows the locking of your iPad if stolen and the possibility of tracking it down (subject to wireless access). See IT support if there are any questions or your backup does not appear to work or you need help.

How to turn on iCloud

1. Open Settings

2. Navigate to the iCloud menu from the settings list on the left. If you are not signed in to iCloud, please enter your Apple ID and password.

3. Once logged into iCloud, you will want to make sure that Find My iPad is turned on. Select Find My iPad.

4. Choose the button next to Find My iPad. 5. Select Allow. 6. Back in the iCloud menu, choose Backup.

7. Select the button next to iCloud Backup. 8. Choose OK.

9. Enter your Apple ID password to complete the process. Select OK when done. 10. Back in the iCloud menu, choose iCloud Drive 11. Choose Upgrade to iCloud Drive 12. Select Continue

13. Your iPad will now be upgraded to use iCloud Drive. This will take a few minutes.

14. Choose the buttons next to Keynote, Numbers and Pages. It should look like the picture below with all the buttons turned to green. Continue this with the other educational apps such as iMovie.

15. Scrolling down the settings list on the left, choose keynote.

16. Select the button next to Use iCloud. When it is green, the data in that app will be synced with iCloud. Continue with Pages, Numbers, iMovie etc.

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