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Welcome to Mary Kay and the Future Day Dream National Area!

I am thrilled that you have chosen to take a journey into the heart of human achievement! Angie Day

Welcome to Mary Kay Cosmetics and the DAY DREAM UNIT! I am so honored that you have chosen to be apart of this amazing company! You have chosen an opportunity of a lifetime! I want to get to know you on a personal level and the first steps is to tell you a little about myself...


I am a very proud mom of Leah and Steven who were respectively 10 years and 2 months old when I began my career. My husband David (in my opinion) is the best husband in the world, my biggest fan and best friend. I am a PROUD Grandmother of Skylar! She calls me Nangie!

I have been building my career with Mary Kay since July of 1990. My current title is Executive Senior Sales Director. Our area has 7 Offspring Directors; 5 first line Directors, 1 second line Director and 1 third line Director. I earned my first car (a Pontiac Grand Am), after being with the company only 1 year! I have since earned 2 Grand Prixs and 7 Pink Cadillac's!

I believe to achieve success you must set goals, short term and long term; and then follow through on a consistent basis. Consistency has been the key to my success.

Our unit has accomplished many goals in this business. We have been apart of the $300,000 Club once, $350,000 Club three times, $400,000 Club four times, $500,000 Club five times, $550,000 once and $650,000 Club three times. I am so proud of these accomplishments! Our unit is the #1 Unit in Arkansas and has obtained this honor three times previously. I have been a STAR Consultant for 63 quarters! My highest paycheck for 1 month, June 2009, was over $20,000 with sales and commissions!

I want you to know that, as a TOP Director, with a unit size of more than 200 I still have a very large and active customer base--which I still service personally! In June of 2000 I achieved the Director's Court of Personal Sales and Double Star winner!

Some of the prizes I have earned as a Top Sales Director are: (2) 5-carat DIAMOND RINGS, (7) $3,750 CASH prizes and an all expense paid trip to SPAIN, SWEDEN and ITALY for David and I!!!

My current goal is to become a National Area by December of 2010! Set your own goal and with training and assistance of Mary Kay you too can achieve the income, free cars, prizes and awards that you can dream of! This business will open so many doors for you and I will assist your journey along the way! I am looking forward to talking to you!

Believing in YOU,


Angie Day

Office #: 501.821.9300 Cell #: 501.680.6739 Intelliverse #: 866.757.1670

Address: 2 Witry Court, Little Rock, AR 72223 Email: aday530@ Website:

Unit Information Unit Name: Day Dream Area

Unit Number: D644 Area: Go-Give

Seminar: Sapphire Your Consultant #___________


Welcome to Mary Kay! As a new Beauty Consultant you can receive a "New Look" FREE from Mary Kay. A complete Color 101 set customized specifically for you by Mary Kay is waiting for YOU but you must act QUICKLY! The FREE set includes the following products:

Mary Kay Compact Three MK Signature Mineral Eye Colors MK Signature Mineral Cheek Color MK Signature Cr?me Lipstick MK Signature Lip Liner MK Signature Lip Gloss MK Signature Eye Liner MK Signature Ultimate Mascara Cheek Color Brush Two Eye Color Applicators

You have 15 days from the date your agreement was submitted to place your

first qualified order to receive your FREE COLOR 101 SET!!

You have until:


The total value of your FREE Product is $113.50

To receive your CUSTOMIZED, FREE Color 101 set, you MUST place a $600 wholesale order or greater within YOUR FIRST 15 DAYS as a new consultant! This FREE Color 101 Set is in addition to any other FREE product bonus that you receive when you place your first order. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Follow these simple directions: Log on to the Mary Kay InTouch Website at ww.. If it is within 15 days of submitting your agreement, you will then be directed to the Signature Look web page where you will complete an online questionnaire that includes a series of questions about your facial features. Once the questionnaire is completed, you will be given a choice to continue on through Smart Start or to online ordering.

Let's schedule placing your FIRST ORDER together--Call Angie today 501.821.9300!

Your customized "NEW LOOK" is just a step away! Remember to qualify, you MUST place a $600 wholesale order or greater within your first 15 days as a New Consultant!


Lets Get Ready for Flight...

Preparing yourself for your Mary Kay business is a lot like a pilot preparing for flight. They use many detailed CHECKLISTS. This is done in order to ensure a safe flight. Success in your Mary Kay Business is very similar. This packet has been designed to help you prepare for your take off, flight and landing. Checklists include:

Checklist #1...While You Are Waiting For Your Starter Kit To Arrive Checklist #2...Preparing Your Home Office Checklist #3...When Your Starter Kit Arrives Checklist #4...After Your Inventory Arrives Checklist #5...Before And After Your Business Debut Checklist #6...Before And Booking Your First Party Or Facial Checklist #7...After Your First Product Sale, Facial and/or Party Complete Checklist #1 in your first 5 days of business and earn your cool Mary Kay Jeweled Calculator!!! Enjoy the journey! Hugs,



New Consultant Checklist #1

While You Are Waiting For Your Starter Kit To Arrive...

Send a picture of yourself to Angie through email. This will be used in her unit correspondence.

Attend your weekly meeting. Share a training CD with a friend. Bring that friend to your weekly meeting for special recognition. Meeting Information: Every Monday night--6:30-8:30 pm--Training Center, 9776 Maumelle Blvd., Maumelle, AR. If you live out of the area, contact Angie so she can locate a local meeting for you to attend.

Purchase a 3 Section Spiral Notebook. Section 1--Master To-Do-List each week Section 2--Prospective customers, hostesses and team members Section 3--Notes from training and meetings

Create Your Contact List This is a list of 75+ people you know. (Who would you invite to a big wedding? 300 invitations is average number for church wedding.) Dont prejudge. You will invite these women to your debut and to be your first practice faces for your Power Start. Put their names in Section 2 of your Spiral Notebook.

Listen to your ,,Next Step CD and discuss your inventory options with Angie. Do your first order with guidance and wisdom of your Sales Director. Hundreds of dollars of free product are only available with YOUR FIRST ORDER. Start your business, in your agreement month, with inventory at Sapphire Level or above and earn a CZ Stud Pendant.

Check out the Mary Kay InTouch? Web site at to register for the following limited-time offers:

50% off a Mary Kay Personal Web Site with shopping 15 FREE Catalogs to send to potential customers. (This is very important. It is the beginning of your customer list.) Complete your Signature Look Questionnaire online prior to placing your first qualifying product order for additional FREE Products. FREE OFFER...over $600 in FREE Mary Kay Products available with your first inventory order. 50 FREE BUSINESS/INFORMATION CARDS...Order your FREE cards through MK Connections Web site. Then check out the Business Kit for only $39 (a $72 value). It includes 250 business cards, business card case, 1,000 product reorder labels, a self-inking name and address stamp, plus a name tag--all the essentials to get your business growing in style. MK Connections can be found from the InTouch Home Page under Ordering.

Establish primary forms of Mary Kay Communication Email Address...Training, informational messages including information on special events are sent to our unit members. Make sure Angie has your email address! Angies assistant, Laramay Adams, also sends emails for our unit so make sure her email is in your address book--Laramay@ Visit mk. or call 1.800.327.8898 to sign up for a fabulous voice messaging system that allows you to receive training messages and motivation from Top Directors. Email Angie with your assigned number to begin receiving training. Angies number is 866.757.1670 (Refer to Intelliverse in this packet.) Unit Conference Call...Angie has an unit conference call every Friday morning from 7:00-7:30am CST for every consultant in our unit in the U.S. Motivation, Education & Recognition! Angie will have a drawing for a special prize at the end of the month for all consultants who participated on the call. Mark this call on your appointment book--641-715-3300 Access Code 791593# Unit Website...Visit our unit website at for all the latest training, promotions, event information, recognition and photos. Angie will have a drawing for a special prize at the end of the month for all consultants who signed the guestbook that month!!

Make a reservation with Angie for your New Consultant Training and when you attend, earn your Mary Kay Date Book Cover.

Open Separate Bank Account. Go to a bank that offers FREE checking and debit card. You should keep your business and your personal finances separate. (Refer to Money Management in this packet.)


New Consultant Checklist #2

Preparing Your Home Office...

Create a separate workspace for your business. This could be a separate room or a corner of a room in your home. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. A neat and organized workspace contributes greatly to a happy and healthy business owner.

Desk Computer with Printer High Speed Internet if available in your area, otherwise use the fastest bandwidth available. Shelving for your inventory. (Book shelves, hutch, small linen closet with lots of shelves, etc.) Instead of file folders for your papers and brochures, tray a paper organizer on or near your desk. Cell or home phone with large minute or unlimited plans.

*Optional: Some consultants create a BRAIN BOOK that holds papers that they want to keep with them at all times. This would be a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors and pocket holders. This would also hold your spiral notebook.

New Consultant Checklist #3

When Your Starter Kit Arrives...

Order your initial inventory store if you havent already. Schedule your Business Debut. Check with Angie on size of inventory necessary for debut. Typically a

star order of $1,800+ wholesale will provide enough products to service those that attend and create some displays. Keep your Starter Kit Box. It will make a great presentation one day when you tell audiences all over the world "What you found inside your Starter Kit Box".


Double check Starter Kit contents list.

Put the dates of all Mary Kay training and Success Meetings in your Mary Kay Date Book for the next 3 months.

Read your ,,Start Earning Now Magazine and pack your Starter Kit Bag. (See page 7 in Start Earning Now Magazine to see how best to do that.) Set a goal to pamper 25 women with the Satin Hands treatment. (Refer to the General Information page for instructions and then complete the enclosed tracking sheet.)

Check out the Star Consultant Prize Brochure in your Applause Magazine. Your product orders this quarter will help you earn those gifts.

Watch the ,,Skin Care Class DVD and listen to the Starting Points CD

Read through all guides and brochures.

Try all the Products in the Roll-up Bag. (See list in the Beauty Book insert)

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