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What is the Finance major all about?

The Finance major focuses on learning how to make the best decisions about raising and using resources under risk. Finance addresses many questions regarding value: How much is a product worth? Is a stock worth investing in? Will expanding a business produce a sufficient return on investment? Deciding what to do with the opportunities and resources you have or can obtain today, balanced with your business needs for tomorrow---that's what Finance is all about.

Is Finance right for me?

If you have a fascination with decision-making, securities markets, financial institution management, or how companies make and manage money, then Finance is the right major for you.

How do I prepare for a career in Finance?

Preparation for a career in Finance begins with required courses such as principles of Finance, Securities Analysis, Financial Institutions, and Financial Markets. One or more specialized seminar courses are taken during the senior year in areas such as Advanced Corporate Finance, International Finance, Advanced Investments, or a seminar in Corporate Governance.

Where will the Finance road take me?

The study of finance is relevant to a wide range of occupations. Graduates with a finance major enjoy a high rate of employment in leadership positions at all levels of financial management for careers in business, industry, government, and public or private corporations. Finance majors typically embark on careers in corporate finance, risk management, investments, insurance, real estate, banking, or financial planning. Alfred Lerner Finance graduates hold positions with firms such as J.P. MorganChase, Campbell Soup, Johnson & Johnson/McNeil, and DuPont. You can even study financial economics in graduate school--and open the door to a huge new set of ideas and opportunities.

What opportunities are there for Finance Students at the UD?

Finance majors can also benefit from participation in the Blue Hen Investment Club (BHIC) and Financial Management Association (FMA). These organizations allow Finance students to apply coursework knowledge by making real investment decisions for the University Endowment fund. FMA members take faculty-sponsored trips to the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street. In addition, the Finance Department offers study abroad opportunities.

Finance Faculty

The Finance Department prides itself on the quality of its teaching and research. Faculty in the department have been recognized for excellence in teaching with department, college, and university-wide awards. A list of the faculty members and information on each can be found at . A summary of the department's recent research activity may be viewed at .

For more information, visit .

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