Performance development plan 2020

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1746250 Performance Development PlanSECTION A (to be completed by the supervisor)Part 1 - Employee IdentificationEmployee: Click or tap here to enter text. Date of Hire:Click or tap here to enter text.Title: Click or tap here to enter text.Dept: Click or tap here to enter text.Division: Click or tap here to enter text.Supervisor: Click or tap here to enter text.Title: Click or tap here to enter text.Evaluation Period Covered: July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020Part 2 - Major Job ResponsibilitiesList major job responsibilities, referring to Key Job Function/Duties of employee’s Position Description.Responsibilities to Evaluate:Click or tap here to enter text.Part 3 - Goals from Past Performance CycleList goals from past performance cycle. Refer to prior performance cycle form.Click or tap here to enter text.SECTION B (to be completed by the employee)Part 4 - Employee’s Self-AppraisalAfter receipt of completed Section A from supervisor, employee completes self-evaluation. Performance should be evaluated relative to “Major Job Responsibilities” (Part 2) and “Goals from Past Performance Cycle” (Part 3). Include reasons for any goals not met.Click or tap here to enter text.Section C (to be completed by the supervisor)Part 5 - Definition of TermsCarefully read and review each of these terms. They will be applied throughout the evaluation form.PerformanceDescriptionExemplaryMakes contributions marked by distinction and excellence, whichresult in a significant move forward in meeting University objectives. Exhibits strong leadership qualities in addition to personal initiative and insight. Performance far exceeds expectations.AccomplishedConsistently carries a full work load, fulfills job requirements in allareas, possesses a competence derived from experience and training, contributes to University goals, occasionally exceeds job expectations.Meets ExpectationsCarries an acceptable workload and fulfills job requirements at anexpected level.Needs ImprovementCarries an adequate workload and meets minimal expectations but needs improvement in some areas.UnacceptableFails to carry an adequate workload or fails to meet minimalexpectations.Part 6 - Competency AssessmentSupervisor evaluates each competency relative to “Major Job Responsibilities” (Part 2) and “Goals from Past Performance Cycle” (Part 3). Click on the gray area to enter one Performance (Exemplary, Accomplished, Meets Expectations, Needs Improvement, Unacceptable) along with a short descriptive to support the performance.Quality of Work: Displays accuracy, thoroughness, quality of end results; commits to continual improvement and problem prevention; uses judgment to identify and resolve issues.Please ChooseQuantity/Timeliness of Work: Accomplishes appropriate level of work; meets commitments on schedule.Please ChooseJob Knowledge: Effectively uses expertise in specialized field of work; exercises new information and skills; understands work responsibilities and job tasks; keeps current in field.Please ChooseInitiative: Works independently and anticipates and meets organizational needs; persists in seeking solutions to problems both within and beyond areas of direct responsibility.Please ChooseInnovation: Offers creative suggestions for improvement and develops new and unique approaches to work processes and products; uses technology to enhance efficient and effective job completion.Please ChooseCommunication Skills: Understands and communicates clearly in written and oral communication; keeps supervisor and others informed.Please ChooseAttitude/Effective Relations: Exhibits positive and professional attitude toward internal and external customers and associates; accepts change and new responsibilities willingly; builds external and internal bonds; respects diversity; adheres to and complies with University policies and procedures.Please Choose Leadership: Identifies new programs and opportunities; establishes goals, vision, direction and strong support among team members.Please ChooseTeambuilding: Shares and builds knowledge across team; coaches and mentors other team members.Please ChoosePart 7 - Professional Strengths and Significant AccomplishmentsDescribe, in narrative, the employee’s strengths and significant accomplishments over the last review cycle, particularly in those categories marked “Exemplary.”Click or tap here to enter text.Part 8 - Areas for DevelopmentDescribe, in narrative, the employee’s areas for development, particularly in those categories marked “Needs Improvement” or “Unacceptable.”Click or tap here to enter text.Part 9 - Overall Performance AssessmentSummarize appraisal, including the evaluation of major job responsibilities and achievement of performance cycle goals. Click gray area to type.Please ChooseSection D (to be completed by the employee)Part 10 - Employee’s CommentsClick or tap here to enter text.Section E (to be completed by the employee and the supervisortogether)Part 11 - Goals for Next Performance Cycle/Plans for ImprovementAfter discussion, supervisor and employee agree upon and list goals and improvement plans for the next assessment cycle.Click or tap here to enter text.Employee’s SignatureDate(Signature signifies receipt of appraisal only and does not necessarily indicate agreement.)Supervisor’s SignatureDateDivision Head (as required)DateSupervisor: Please provide a copy of the completed Performance Appraisal to the employee and send the original signed copy to Human Resources.

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